Interesting factors about authoring tools

Have you heard about the authoring tool? If yes, is it something that helps programmers and technical experts to create the contents easily. No, it is not. In simple words authoring tools are the tools that allow anyone with basic computer knowledge to create and deliver engaging pieces of learning to the end user. It makes content creation a breeze and helps you customize and update the courses yourself. Reputed content creation platforms provide you with a built-in analytics dashboard and advanced authoring tools.

Best way to put the ideas into practice

Do you need to improve the learning strategy of your organization? Are you not sure about where to start to put the ideas into practice? Then authoring tools come as the best solution for you. It gives complete control of the content you produce without the need of sky-high budget and deep technical ability. The good news is that now you are totally made free from purchasing and installing any of the tools. The best content authoring task is made so easy by reputed content creation platforms. These tools are available at affordable and fixed monthly and yearly plans and you are made free from any sort of upgradation or maintenance cost.

Simple course creation

There is no programming experience needed to use these tools. You will be provided with a collection of default interface skins and templates of everything you need to create the content. You can select the right skin and template and can import the information, audios, videos, presentation and more to make the content really interesting. Use your creativity along with simple to use tools. Now you don’t need technical skills and more time to develop the contents. Now the developers can build great content be it mobile apps, website, presentations, K-12 content, and elearning. Everything is made so simple by robust content development platforms and a wide selection of advanced tools.

Collaboration made easy

Developing the content with a team is made so simple and easy. The advanced tools help the teams of any size to engaged in effective collaboration irrespective of wherever in the world they are. All of the team members can work collectively from anywhere on a common online platform that assures maximum safety and privacy.


It is so easy to develop multilingual courses. You can make use language profiler to translate content into multiple languages as per the requirement of the end user. The developer can work on the project at anytime from anywhere. Necessary checks and edits can be made at any time.

Content for all devices

Stop creating multiple versions of course for multiple devices. The best online authoring platform helps you produce responsive content that easily fit with any of the devices and screen sizes. You will get control over the distribution of the course on the cloud, central app, website etc.

You have the opportunity to take a free trial to check the quality of the platform and tools to select the best one for your project. Make use of the best e-learning and development tools to enjoy the real thrill in elearning content development.

elemarketing Success

4 infallible tips that can pave the way for Telemarketing Success

For any growing business, telemarketing is extremely important because it is one of those effective strategies that can increase the sales of products and services without any huge investment of money. With time, securing desired results via telemarketing is no longer an easy task to accomplish. This is so because people often disconnect the call when they have no interest in products and services.

But sometimes telemarketers miss an opportunity to convert prospects into new customers because of some silly mistakes such as giving an impersonal introduction, over talking, etc. Such mistakes affect overall sales results.

Here, we are with 4 infallible tips that would certainly pave the way for telemarketing success:

1.   Stay confident

In the telemarketing world, it is believed that sales growth purely depends on the confidence level of telemarketers. This is so because if telesales agents sound agitated during the interaction, they are less likely to convince prospects to buy products and services. Consequently, this leads to undesirable sales results.

On the flip side, if telemarketers explain the merits of products and services by using a confident tone, there are high chances that potential customers may get impressed and take a purchase decision. This would automatically ameliorate the sales conversion rate.

All in all, it is imperative for telemarketers to stay confident while interacting with potential customers as that’s the only way to secure better sales results.

2.   Don’t indulge in an argument with gatekeepers

During the business hours, outbound telemarketing companies face the hassle of poor answer rate. At this point in time, increasing sales conversion rate seems like a daunting task.

But the factor that drives telemarketers up the wall is confronting gatekeepers after making a successful contact. It is so because the latter don’t let the former speak with decision makers.

In the worst scenarios, telemarketers get indulged into an argument with gatekeepers, which as a negative consequence, decreases the odds of having a word with decision makers. At last, there is a decline in the sales graph.

Therefore, it is crucial for telemarketers to understand that gatekeepers (assistant or receptionist) are just following the given instructions that say do not transfer any marketing-related call. Thus, telemarketers should communicate with gatekeepers politely.

For better results, telemarketers should use phrases like ‘May I leave a message,’ ‘Could you please tell when I should make a call again,’ etc. with gatekeepers as this may increase the probability to get a chance to speak with decision makers.

3.   Be prepared for negative responses

As far as telemarketing is concerned, desired results cannot be achieved every time because there is a high possibility that potential customers may refuse to buy after having a good conversation with telemarketers.

But sometimes telemarketers take negative responses personally and start using a rude tone with potential customers during the interaction. This leads to quarrels, which, in turn, increases negative WOM.

Therefore, it is highly advisable for telemarketers to speak with potential customers politely, even after getting a negative response. The positive consequence of doing this is that potential customers may refer someone else from their friend zone who can show interest in products or services. Hence, this would help to achieve sales targets.

4.   Practice brings perfection

Do you know why telemarketers usually face the hassle of call hang-ups? No? Well, the major reason behind this is that carelessness which telemarketers do while using scripts during the interaction with potential customers.

Whenever telemarketers use scripts carelessly, they start sounding like a robot during the call, and this gives prospects negative vibes. As a negative consequence, potential customers put the phone down.

Of course, we aren’t saying that telemarketers shouldn’t use scripts while conversing with potential customers. All we want to say is telemarketers should use scripts with proper caution. To leave no stone unturned, scripts should be rehearsed in the free time as practice brings perfection.

Apart from that, it is paramount for outbound telemarketing companies to make telemarketers understand the disadvantages of scripts during the training sessions as this would reduce the chances of blunders.

networking trend

Enterprise networking trends that will dominate in the year 2019

This post will throw some light on the latest networking trends that will gain an immense traction in the foreseen time. Since the technical developments are taking impressive curves hence in order to combat with such a scenario, upgrading the network infrastructure have become quite important.

Digital strategies are on the road of propelling the enterprises to boost up their overall network infrastructure.  Processing further, most of the organizations say, that network has become an utmost priority in the current scenario for deploying the applications and software and thus are taking an impressive shape today’s industrial landscape.

According to a report as stated by 2018, the companies are continuously focusing on adding the extra bandwidth, wireless networking, device security and cloud capabilities to their network areas. They are continuously working to get in touch with all the modernized techniques associated with the network expandability for meeting the dynamic user requirements.

With every passing day, the technology is fetching a skyrocketing pace. For dealing with such massive rampant of technologies, organizations are getting on the verge for tying the laces in order to grab a seat amongst the competitors.

Implementing the above scenario, is undeniably a toil task, however, if one succeeds in making it, for sure he or she should be prepared to get ready for facing the security-related issues. Around 59% of people say that security breaches are the biggest threat to their growing network systems. The latest example that shocked the market was Equifax breach, well it affected around 150 million dollars of the company, thus it is imperative to make network infrastructure safe and reliable.

So here find out the networking trends that will make their buzz in the upcoming year

Increase your expenditure

According to a recent poll survey, the businesses say that around 55 % of them are completely into the ideation of investing into the network infrastructures.  The remaining that are dealing in IoT, cloud and other technologies are driving into going wireless and expandable networking. Well, for sure investing in the networking domain will gain a massive upsurge in the upcoming times undeniably.

Security will become a priority

Till now, the security is one that is actually governing all the IT sectors and departments. Processing further, maintaining and implementing top security infrastructures is one of the most important networking challenges that is required to combat with.

With the rising cyber-attacks, virtualization and wireless technologies, security gained a major attention and therefore, there is absolutely no room left for the people, that why they are not required to shift across the perimeters of implementing the latest and safeguarding security principles. The next challenge in this context for the entrepreneurs is to cut down the cost while making their systems safe.

Toil isn’t?

Augment the bandwidth capabilities

Well, obviously the need for the bandwidth increases when multiple workstations work with each other on a simultaneous basis.  Now, since all the plentiful of servers are interconnected with one another, the organization will focus on encouraging more and more bandwidth capabilities in order to make the processes and execution faster.

According to a recent study, it has been forecasted that the organization is the US will provide a passage to around 2.65 exabytes by the 2021 and the figures for the same have been already been increased from the year 2016.

 SDN (Software defined marketing)

Apart from all the new trends, this one is really eyeing catchy. Although, it acquired huge attention since it was defined but the adoption rate gained a traction somewhat afterward.  Reports state that around 20% of the people are doing a research over SDN, 10% are involved in evaluating it and the remaining one has either deployed it into their system or as carrying the trial test.

Software-defined marketing also called as network functions virtualization is on verge of getting more and more popular with every passing day. People are on the way of intriguing it and soon we will able to figure it out on the system software.

White box switches

The aforementioned switched are popular amongst the web and large-scale companies such as Facebook. Meanwhile, the users are still in dilemma to use it or not. Though these switches opened the doors for open networking but still, the users in the niche are limited.

If we talk about the latest figures, around 65% of the users are thinking of using it in the open source system and networking systems and 35% of them are on the grounds of adding into their infrastructure. Well, the trend will fetch momentum or not is still a question, thus analyzing its benefits, results and implementation ratio comes as a great rescue in this scenario.

WAN technology

It is liable to flourish in the upcoming time in order to handle heavy apps like IoT, Big data, Beacons etc. There are still more advancements that will be taking place in the coming times, thus it’s is best to recognize that what your systems are looking for and then carry an extensive research on adding the required networking strategy and benefits.

Wrap Up:

With the rising industrialization, the use of technologies is evolving with every passing day. In such an ecosystem, where your network requires an extension above of the trends for sure is fetching an immense momentum.

At DarkBears, our networking developers are ready to help you in order to deal with any of the network issues that arise within the organization.

Hire networking developers from our team and witness an amazing speed and security in your networks. Being one of the top mobile and app development companies, we understand your concern behind going digital and are ready to help you in just the right way as required.

Social Media For Promoting Videos

Why is it Important To Use Social Media For Promoting Videos?

Social media is just like a daily cup of tea for people. Not only have they become one of the most used time pass sources, but they have helped people reach new heights in terms of their fame, business expansion, financial matters, knowledge sharing but have also welcomed the growth of new talents and potentials which were otherwise hidden from the eyes of the world. In order to truly satisfy your customers and make their life easier, you need to offer the customer service that is more personalized and effective and that is only possible by social media which has nowadays made it possible by providing real-time experience to the users.  Being cost-effective is important as it helps you attain a greater return on investment and hold a bigger budget for other marketing and business payments which is possible in social sites. Facebook linker youtube has evolved as one of the forehand tools since YouTube and Facebook are the two giants in the virtual world and liking them makes the task easier for man.

We can make our own videos about information, hack tips, education, entertainment, expressing talent or maybe any other topic and post it online so that the numbers of viewers increase and people come to know about the various things existing in the world. To publicize the videos, we need to have a public forum to post them and Facebook is indeed the best choice for it. The best website to link the YouTube videos with Facebook is which allows the user to just paste his video URL and provide a brief description of the video. This blinker application is pretty easy to use since it does not need complicated information. Only with the description of the video and the thumbnail which has a very eye-catching image, the user can use his skill and showcase them on the social sites.

It is thus important to use social media for promoting videos since people are more active in the virtual world rather than the real world. Videos can travel around the world like a wildfire and spread the content at the earliest which is not possible to manually circulate. Many people having very unique talents do not get the opportunity to showcase them or make them known to the world whereas social media provides scope to the maker to become famous and also well off financially. Views are very important for a video to gain positions since higher the views, more the popularity and more is the financial gain in business ventures, it profits the merchants since they are able to circulate their business information and increase their marketing strategy. By using social media to increase the views, the maker not only gains monetary benefits but also acquires social fame and position which they desire and also deserve. The medium of entertainment is changed in a better way which will benefit everyone in long run.

galaxy S5 unlocing

Will my galaxy S5 get corrupted after unlocking?

Have you considered unlocking your phone, so as to have a greater flexibility of choice while choosing your phone’s network carrier? A lot of us have been there. Phones that come locked with a network provider often have certain disadvantages – plans for calling or data are sometimes higher, bad network in your area etc. In such cases, you can decide to unlock your phone which will enable you to m,mport your phone to any network of your choice. There are a lot of methods to unlock a phone. But 3 ways, have found more prominence than others, because of their success rate, safety and results.

The first way to unlocking your samsung galaxy s5 is by contacting your network carrier. If you have spent some time in the network, do not have any pending bills, you have an option to request your network carrier to unlock your phone. This does not always work as network providers do not have an obligation to unlock your phone. Therefore, it might not always work out for everybody. To find out more about the unlock process, keep reading. These methods are relevant for all variants of Samsung Galaxy phones that come locked

The next way to unlock your phone is through software unlocking. This method requires an user to download a piece of software from a website or a third-party application. On downloading the software one can install it on their phone and unlock it. The success rate of this process is estimated to be 10-20%. In other words, unlikely! This method used to work well for older phones that did not have as many security features as today’s phones do.

The last and the most effective way to unlock your phone is through IMEI unlocking. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier. Every phone comes with a unique IMEI number which can be found on the backside of the phone, or behind the battery. One can also find the IMEI number by dialling #06# on their phone’s keypad. This method of unlocking places your phone in a global database and lets you access any network you wish. A number of third-party websites offer such services.

Be astute while making a choice as a range of options are available and their services differ. Some providers take about 2 days while others take about 7-10 days to unlock your phone. Some providers do not provide assistance in the form of customer care, thereby dulling your experience, please read through their offer before going through the process. That being said, you can easily judge the credibility of a website by researching on it. Most of them are completely safe and secure. On deciding, go to their website and make the payment for unlocking. Your phone will be unlocked in 2-10 days. The unlock code will be mailed to your email address. You can run the code on your phone and unlock it. Restart your phone and the samsung unlocked phone can be used with any network carrier you like.

Technology Business Management

2018 Top Technology Business Management Software

In the late 60s, because of the rapid development of computer technology, its capabilities were no longer required by individual high-tech industries. Active attempts were made to optimize the automation and informatization of the business, new management concepts were created and existing ones were improved up to a great extent. This resulted in the creation of business management software.

Business Management Software facilities the automation of industrial companies, which helps them to calculate the actual cost of production accurately, reduce costs in the production process, and increase the overall productivity. There are lots of options in the market when it comes to choosing a Business Software. So, have a look at the top Technology Business Management Software 2018 which is detailed here below:

  1. DevHub

In fact, DevHub is an easy-to-use cloud-based content management system. It helps media companies, product designers and managers, marketers to easily take care of all aspects of their digital products. It offers a website builder tool, which allows web designers/developers to create regional sites, franchise pages, location pages, landing pages, e-commerce sites, responsive company websites with great comfort and manage them without appointing any big team.

It offers dashboard functionalities and real-time analytics features, making it easier for webmasters to track the website performance easily. It comes with a REST API, which facilitates integration with third-party applications. You can connect the analytics dashboard and automate different business operations comfortably.

DevHub supports the localization of marketing campaigns in multiple languages and web page development. All types of business organizations can use this tool to streamline different business operations, perform works comfortably, and boost the profit margins up to a great extent.

  1. VBO Tickets

It is actually an event and ticketing platform, which allows you to offer your patrons to customers in a personalized manner. Using this easy-to-use online ticketing platforms, you can easily control different activities related to your business, such as patrons, events and proceeds. It serves different industries. So, you can use it to ensure the huge participation of people in your events and make it successful.


SMARTASSISTANT provides a SaaS platform to all. With its help, you can easily create and handle conversational, digital sales assistants for websites, mobile devices, voice-enabled devices, chatbots, etc. It makes use of analytics report, machine learning, and AI to help buyers make the right buying decisions. It also helps company owners to recommend good products to customers and increase sales up to a great extent.

  1. SparkResto

At a time when working class people, students, business professionals prefer dining in famous hotels and restaurants, managing the demands of customers becomes a problematic task for restaurant and hotel business owners. SparkResto is an easy solution to solve all your problems related to hotel business operations.

With its use, you can allow your customers to place orders online and get the ordered food on the scheduled time. It also helps in cash management, bill generation, report generation, KOT generation, etc. All data of customers is saved on its cloud servers. So, you can access this easy-to-use business management software 24*7 from any place. Its mobile version allows you to operate business activities from different mobile devices and get the real-time updates in the form of Emails and SMS.

  1. Salonist

Salonist is a Best Hair Salon Management Software for all Spa and Salon business owners and offers the 24/7 online booking system, POS and client records management along with allowing users to book and modify appointments in the calendar.  Its Several payment gateways, POS, and customized reporting helps to manage finances and balance sheets without the help of an expert cashier.

  1. ConnectWise Manage

ConnectWise Manage offers a business management and process automation app to IT companies. It easily covers all areas of business and can be used to perform different works, such as inventory management, procurement, billing and invoicing, asset tracking, technician dispatching, monitoring and billing, cloud application management, customer relationship management, time tracking, help desk and ticket management, project management, etc. You can also use to automate different business activities & increase your productivity up to a great extent.

Final Words

There are lots of business management software on the market with different features and functionalities. All of them are aimed at streamlining different business processes and making it easier for entrepreneurs to operate daily business activities easily and comfortably. These are the top Technology Business Management Software 2018. Go through them and select anyone as you deem suitable for meeting your specific business needs.

Wedding Photographer

The Basics of Becoming a Wedding Photographer

The wedding photography industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the recent years. What was earlier one man with a camera asking people to stand in a line with the bride and the groom has now become a game of romance and how well you can show it, creativity and how well you can apply it and technical skill and how well you can use it.

One very good thing about wedding photography is that you can keep it as your hobby or make it a career option. No matter which option you choose you has to get into the whole procedure of developing and strengthening your photography skills. You need to build a proper portfolio with your own quirks that can help you get an edge over professional wedding photographers. Once you’ve done up your portfolio, you can start your business.

Let’s start with the basics:

  1. Getting a good camera:    Even though everything is mostly in the hands of the photographer, a good camera plays a very important part for wedding photography. The better the camera, the better the wedding photos. This is one thing taught at most photography courses. You can start your wedding photography career with any camera brand out there but make sure you get an expert opinion and read a lot of reviews. You might just think that you can buy whatever camera and go and shoot weddings, but it’s not that simple. Some clients are familiar with cameras and some want you to carry good cameras at their wedding because a lot of people wouldn’t want you to take a small SLR and roam around the premises. You need to make a well-calculated investment before you get into the business. Cameras are not only important to shoot but are important advertising tools as well. If you are really looking to maximize how many customers you garner, get yourself a big hood for the lens and a flash as well. The more stuff you have, the more people will look at you as a  person who knows his job and therefore you’ll be booking more weddings. All you have to do is play tricks on the mind of a potential customer.

2. Budgeting: If you don’t want to spend a bucketload of money on your camera and still want a good wedding camera, then you can get cameras for professional wedding photography within a few hundred dollars and they even come with the proper lens.

3. Strategizing: Go to the weddings of your own friends and family and volunteer to click photos along with the professional photographers. You can follow them and start clicking pictures of what they’re taking. This way once you get an idea of what you have to do, you might end up getting some real pictures which you can add to your portfolio and you will also get the benefit of the lighting used by the photographer and his team. It is always advised that you take up some photography and videography courses that will help you understand what you have to do in greater detail.

Top 10 Free E-commerce Tools

Top 10 Free E-commerce Tools to Boost Sales

Sales figures are one of the main components of the success of E-commerce websites. So, all small and big E-commerce brands try to increase the volume of sales by all possible means. To achieve your goals for E-commerce sales, an excellent E-commerce website, aggressive SEO, and unique quality products, etc, are not sufficient. You need to use a few useful E-commerce tools to automate different business activities and increase your sales easily. Therefore, we have picked up some free E-commerce tools that will help you to increase the sale of your products. Let’s have a look at that.

  1. Google AdWords

Google Adwords is an advertising network that can work wonders for your e-commerce business if used properly. It allows you to place your ads on Google search results, YouTube website pages or partners. After that your ad starts to appear in top search results of Google, allowing you to get more business opportunities. Depending on your needs, you can customize the ads to attract more customers.

  1. Photoshop

Always keep in mind that modern E-commerce marketing and sales are inextricably linked with visual content. Before purchasing the desired product, online shoppers view it from different angles in images. So, E-commerce brands can use this tool to create high-quality images easily and quickly and attract more visitors.

  1. Hootsuite

In today’s business world, you can’t ignore the business potential of different social media websites. Hootsuite allows you to build a solid presence of your E-commerce brand on different social media channels, build a larger customer base, and sell your products in bulk every day.

  1. MailChimp

All E-commerce business operators are aware of the huge importance of Email marketing for online shopping centers. It helps them to advertise their new products to a large number of customers through personalized newsletters and encourage customers to buy more products and complete the abandoned carts as soon as possible. MailChimp gives a great push to your Email marketing campaigns and helps to achieve ambitious business targets.

  1. Google Analytics

It doesn’t matter how well you are performing in E-commerce SEO and business, there always remain many areas for further improvement. Google Analytics shows the performance of your E-commerce website on all key parameters and lets you know your strong and weak points. Based on the output, you can make changes in E-commerce business marketing, sell more products to a large number of online shoppers all over the globe, and increase the profit margins by leaps and bounds.

  1. KISSmetrics

It is an important tool for all E-commerce website owners. It offers powerful data that can be used to identify opportunities and move the business to a new level within a few days/weeks/months after a successful launch. It lets you know where the best customers come from, who they are, and how to convert more visitors into premium customers. This tool easily shows revenue figures by the source of traffic, visitor profiles, and provides reports with a sales funnel that let you understand what prevents people from placing an order.

  1. Zopim

We all know that frequent communication is needed to build a healthy and long-lasting relationship between E-commerce brand and customers and ensure the sale of more products. Just use communicate with website visitors in real time, customize the display of the chat, set up active chats with customers, answer the questions of interested customers and get important metrics and reports.

  1. YotPo

It is an excellent customer feedback management tool. With its proper use, you can eliminate objections and use happy customers to generate future sales. It allows you to integrate customer reviews into your online store to let users read feedback before making transactions. Its Widgets are completely customizable and very easy to install on online stores. Always keep in mind that YotPo automatically sends reminders to customers once they make transactions. So, you can get convincing feedback from happy customers and boost your business easily.

  1. HelloSign

It is a good tool to obtain a legally binding electronic signature. It can be integrated easily other web applications that are widely used in E-commerce business operations, such as Gmail, Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, Evernote, and OneDrive. When your E-commerce business grows, you hire a number of contractors. You can use this tool to get all the necessary signatures, required to generate E-commerce sales.

  1. Wiser

With the help of this tool, you can keep a close on the prices of your competitors. You may also dynamically optimize your own prices, access useful reports and powerful analytical features to take your E-commerce in all directions and make more sales every day.

Final Words

In the E-commerce business, sustainability and growth are possible if you use tools that can help you expand your business. There are some free E-commerce tools using which you can take your business to the next level and make more sales every day.

Author Bio: Morris Edwards is an web developer & Marketing expert, employed with Awebstar Technologies Pte Ltd– which is the best Ecommerce Website Design Company in Singapore. He helps in designing web pages for all type of business websites. He is always grinding away on something web design related.  Follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus to get his new articles and updates instantly.

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Best Reseller Hosting Provider for Web Designers

Having an online presence has become crucial for all businesses. This is because people prefer to buy online and receive the product at their doorstep instead of them taking the efforts of going to the market. Due to this, the web designers and developers are also in great demand as businesses need to develop websites that appear professional and are easy to navigate.

But after the web designers design the website, it is required to be hosted on server so that it’s viewable to all. Hence, even web hosting is gaining a good demand today. It becomes an additional task for the web designers to find the best hosting provider for hosting their client websites as all entrepreneurs aren’t much aware about it. What if you as a web designer start your web hosting business? That’s a great idea! This will help you to earn extra income too.

The first question would be – which hosting plan to select for starting a web hosting business. A reseller hosting plan helps you to start your web hosting business. Also, for your information there are two types of reseller hosting services – Linux reseller hosting and Windows reseller hosting. Now that you know which plan to select, it is important to find the best reseller hosting provider. To make your work easier, below is the review of the best reseller hosting provider for web designers.

MilesWeb – The Best Reseller Host of India

About MilesWeb

Founded in 2012, MilesWeb has been helping the ever growing businesses with its budget-friendly services. Their team of Linux and Windows system administrators is well experienced and works 24/7 to offer world-class services to their customers. Being expert in cPanel and Plesk control panels, they also have a detailed knowledge of virtualization technologies and have established a track record in server migration. They see to it that all complex issues on servers are resolved without affecting the website’s uptime.

They are aware that the best customer experience can be offered only by focusing on customers’ perspective. So, they have designed their products and services by considering customer satisfaction.

MilesWeb’s Unlimited Reseller Hosting:

You can start your own web hosting business without making huge investments and worrying about the infrastructure management. With its unlimited reseller hosting service, MilesWeb offers excellent value-for-money and they offer services in India, US and UK. You get the benefits such as Free Domain Reseller Account, Free WHMCS, Free Migration, White Label Reselling, Payment Gateway and Custom Branding. After buying the unlimited reseller hosting plan, you can create the packages of your own for reselling at the prices determined by you along with maintaining your profitability. You can sign up and get quick access to your reseller hosting panel. They offer both Linux and Windows Reseller Hosting.

Unlimited Linux Reseller Hosting:

With unlimited Linux reseller hosting plans, you get free WHMCS, unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SSL certificates, cPanel/WHM, Softaculous, free domain reseller account, unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited email accounts. The plans start from Pluto at Rs.640/mo with which you can host 25 domains, Mars at Rs.980/mo with 100 domains hosting capability and Jupiter at Rs.950/mo with 200 domains hosting capability. Currently, they are offering 20% discount on their unlimited Linux reseller hosting plans and the above prices are including the discount.

Unlimited Windows Reseller Hosting:

With unlimited Windows reseller hosting plans, you get free WHMCS, unlimited SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited SSL certificates, Plesk control panel, Softaculous, free domain reseller account, unlimited MySQL & MSSQL databases and unlimited email accounts. The plans start from Pluto at Rs.768/mo with which you can host 25 domains, Mars at Rs.1176/mo with 100 domains hosting capability and Jupiter at Rs.1140/mo with 200 domains hosting capability. Currently, they are offering 20% discount on their unlimited Windows reseller hosting plans and the above prices are including the discount.

Features of Unlimited Reseller Hosting Plans:


Free WHMCS                     

With WHMCS web hosting business automation tool, you can easily manage your clients, billing and support portal.


Free Domain Reseller A/C

You can become a domain reseller and sell over 400 extensions along with the TLDs. You don’t need to pay extra for your domain reseller account setup as it’s completely free.

Free Payment Gateway

You can give payment gateway options on your website with the free payment gateway included in your reseller package.  With this you can accept payments through credit card, debit card and net banking.

100% White Labeled

You can use your own brand name for your web hosting business with the white label feature that allows you to brand your control panel, use custom DNS, use anonymous server names and more.

SSD Powered Hosting

You get SSD drives that help in improving your website performance in comparison to traditional HDDs. Additionally, with the SSD disks your web pages load faster without letting your visitors to wait.

Free SSL Certificate

Security is the significant factor for any online business today. MilesWeb offers free SSL certificate to all the websites hosted on their servers.

Free Website Migration

If you aren’t happy with your existing host, MilesWeb helps you to migrate your website to their servers without any extra cost.

Datacenter Choice

MilesWeb offers you datacenter choice in India, UK and US so that you can prefer the datacenter location as per your target audience.

Malware Scan & Removal

Your website is auto-scanned on daily basis with the malware scan and removal feature. If any threat is detected, the MilesWeb’s technical team fixes it for you.



Efficient Control Panel

You can manage your client accounts, unlimited websites, emails and much more with the WHM control panel.

cPanel/Plesk Control Panel

cPanel/Plesk easily manages files, emails, databases, domain(s) and much more with several other features that help you to handle every facet of your website from a web-based interface. You don’t need to have the skills to operate both of them; even a beginner can easily manage everything. The only difference between the two is that you get cPanel with Linux reseller hosting and Plesk with Windows reseller hosting.

One Click Installer

You can install WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and more than 400 such apps via the one-click installer Softaculous.

Free Website Builder

To make website building easy, MilesWeb offers free website builder that helps your clients to build their website without programming or coding.

Email Service

You can setup a business email id with unlimited email accounts which helps you to send and receive emails from your domain. This webmail also supports POP3 / IMAP email accounts that help you to access emails from any place.

Programming Languages

You will get support for all the latest programming languages such as Apache handler, PHP, SSI, Fast CGI, Perl, CGI, Ruby on Rails, Python and HTML with its latest versions. Also, the programming modules such as Curl, CPAN, GD Library and ImageMagick are supported.

Resell Hosting Add-ons

MilesWeb also allows you to cross-sell hosting addons such as SSL certificate, Dedicated IP, SpamExperts, Backup, Dedicated Hosting, VPS Hosting, Domain Registration, Whois ID Protection, etc. to increase your profit margin.

Website Backup and Restore

You might be aware that even if a single file is missing or get corrupt, it might take your complete website down. You can’t easily find that file and so to avoid such a situation, MilesWeb recommends you to buy their website backup and restore service at Rs.99/mo to protect your website data. It maintains all your website data including folders, files, databases and email backups on the cloud. Since this is an optional feature, you can add or remove this feature on the sign-up page.

At last after going through the complete review of MilesWeb hosting, you might have become aware that MilesWeb really gives you an opportunity to be your own boss. Their reseller hosting plans are very reasonable as compared to other hosting providers and also include all the features required by any reseller . Why go somewhere else? Sign up for MilesWeb reseller hosting service and start your own web hosting business.

SAP BASIS Certificate

Job Opportunities after SAP BASIS Certificate

SAP BASIS (Business Application Systems Integrated Solutions) is a middleware program which bridges the gap between products and systems applications in data processing and other modules. The SAP BASIS provides a platform to the customers and the module specific applications. It connects the SAP computational architecture with the operating systems and other networks and modules like finance, accounting, quality management, etc.

SAP BASIS comprises GUI (Graphical User Interface), RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) and many other important components which are necessary for system administration. This technology is essential for supporting memory management, system administration and SAP applications. SAP has a data dictionary of its own and the SAP-based applications can also be developed in the future if required.

If you have knowledge of Information Technology or have a Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Computer Applications, a certificate course in SAP BASIS will be very advantageous for you. Even if you don’t have in-depth knowledge about computer applications, but you have basic computational skills you can also join a course on SAP BASIS.

After the course gets over, you need to have a thorough idea about system administration tools working across various platforms from Windows to Linux. This course will help you master DBA skills and with an SAP BASIS certificate, you can get jobs in allied fields as well. If you join anywhere as an SAP BASIS consultant, developer or administrator, you are likely to earn 3-5 lacs per annum with added perks.

e working in reputed companies and your job will be to keep a check on all the components of the SAP administration. You need to attend to all the processes from installation, configuration and until the maintenance is done. You should put up your best management skills and also need to have a concrete idea regarding database creation.

If you get the job of an SAP system administration, you will get the pay package of approximately 32-33 thousand per month. Along with the salary package, you are likely to get very high bonuses as you fulfil your targets. As an SAP BASIS administrator, you need to execute user administration, manage and authorize all the databases that are present in your organisation.

The entire field of SAP BASIS works with people who are thorough professionals and expert in working on the SAP system. They know how to troubleshoot any technical error on the SAP system and they also have vast knowledge starting from installation, configuration, and migration, patching and updating all the applications present in the system. They thoroughly administer all the regular operations of the client’s SAP system as well as keep a check on the overall landscape of the system.

Therefore, you can see how beneficial and fruitful it is to have a certified course on SAP BASIS. You can successfully become an SAP-certified consultant with a good salary package as well as earn any other job in the related fields of computer science. So, hurry up and join the course now!