AWS Direct Connect vs VPN 2024

AWS Direct Connect vs VPN

AWS Direct Connect provides higher security and is the first choice for companies that require higher security standards. VPN raises more security problems because traffic is sent through the public internet service instead of a private special network.

With AWS Direct Connect vs VPN, you can combine special network connection AWS with VPN Amazon VPC. AWS Direct Connect public VIF sets a special connection between your network to public AWS resources, such as Amazon virtual private gateway IPSec endpoint.

AWS Direct Connect 

It is a networking service that gives an alternative to using the public network to connect with AWS. By using AWS Direct Connect we can transfer the data that has been transferred previously over the public network (Wi-Fi) that is delivered from a private network connection between our facilities and AWS. In many circumstances, the private network connection can lower the cost, provide a much more consistent network experience and also increase the bandwidth.

Advantages of Using AWS Direct Connect 

It consists of lessened bandwidth costs, as all the information exchange over the dedication association will charge at a reduced AWS Direct Connect data transfer rate as opposed to public network data transfer rates. This exchange of information to and from AWS decreases our bandwidth commitment to our internet service provider specifically. 

It provides a dedicated connection and much consistent network performance when contrasted with the internet which can be broadly different.

AWS Direct Connect is an administrator of the system and works with a great part of AWS administrations such as S3 EC2 and VPC.


VPN (virtual private network) is the easier and more effective way for users to protect the internet traffic and keeps online activities private. If we are connected to a secure VPN server then our internet traffic travels through an encrypted tunnel that cannot be seen by anybody which includes hackers, cyber scoops, government officials, and our internet service provider too. 

Advantages of Using VPN

It helps in hiding our private information. Cybercriminals have many methods to intercept sensitive data we enter on websites. By using that data or information they try to impersonate us and also gain access to bank accounts, ATM card information, and many more. But by using a VPN we can enjoy security at a high level like 256-bit encryption. Which makes all our communications online look like garbled text or characters to anyone who is an expert to find a way to intercept them.

Its main purpose is to secure our network. Without having any knowledge a website can track our online activities and after this, they analyze the data they collect or use it to target us with loads of ads. If we are using VPN then it can stop people, web browsers, and software to access our connection. It helps in keeping the data or online information to remain safe and secure.

VPN prevents data throttling, whenever we have consumed a specific amount of data availability and our internet service provider then decides to slow our services down. But if we have a VPN, we will find very soon the benefits of VPN avoiding the data cap because not even our internet service provider can see how much data we are using there. It may be very helpful, especially for those employees who have to use these data plans on their devices while obtaining the internet when on the road.

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Difference Between AWS Direct Connect vs VPN 

Firstly look at the top differences between AWS Direct Connect and VPN :

In AWS Direct Connect one or many networks can be made in this and the cloud services can be utilized to maximum effects whereas in VPN the network connections are limited.

In the case of AWS direct connect customers can access the environment easily as the connection is done by a fiber-optic network whereas in VPN the AWS environment is not easy to access as it is an encrypted connection.

The AWS Direct Connect performance started from 1 GB and is expandable up to 40 GB which is based on the link aggregated connection, whereas in the VPN the performance can be calculated to 4 GB which means it’s below AWS Direct Connect.

 In AWS direct connect the whole AWS region is covered with connection whereas on the basis of connectivity there can be two VPN tunnels only in VPN based cloud.

On the basis of cost, the cost of AWS Direct connect is very high in comparison to the VPN. There is also an option for VPN per connection hour pricing which is not available with AWS Direct Connect.

On the basis of security purposes, the security concerns are maximum in VPN as its network is connected with a public network whereas the AWS Direct Connect offers much security and prefers by a business that requires much security to work.

On the basis of network performances, VPN is poor in network-related activities as compared to AWS Direct Connect.

Do I Need a VPN Over Direct Connect?

VPN over the Direct Connect connection with our VPC is likely faster and much more secure than a VPN over the internet.

Therefore, an AWS VPN CONNECTION over a Direct Connect connection will provide consistent levels of encryption algorithms that protect and secure our data.

Is Direct Connect a VPN?

In replacement for a VPN, AWS Direct Connect can be used over the public internet, connecting the customer networks with AWS. Direct Connect is known for providing a more definitive for excellent performance, but if you compare it with VPN then yes it is more expensive. As AWS Direct Connect can combine to AWS VPN and use so that both advantages can link together, limits can alleviate with the usage of other services. Lower network costs, improved security, and increased efficiency are the advantages of using a VPN. 

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Several different networking solutions we can use with Amazon Web Services. AWS Direct Connection is a networking service that uses a private network and diversion of the internet and offers security when transferring data from local infrastructure to AVC. VPN uses an encrypted network within a public network, and it is also a cheaper option. In this, the security purpose for business data may be compromised as data becomes publicly available. In conclusion, both options have their advantages and disadvantages.