3 Best Free VPN Service For Windows 10 In 2024

Best VPN Services for Window 10

Wanna get the free VPN service for Windows 10? We got the list of top 3 Free VPNs for Windows in 2024.

These VPNs are the Best VPN Providers, you can find online. They give you some amazing security and online protection.

In this article, we are going to discuss their key features and what features are included in the free version. You will the relevant information and details about these free VPNs. Check out these amazing free VPNs in 2024 for Windows 10.

Aviara Phantom VPN

Aviara VPN is one of the Best VPN Services for Windows 10 you can get out in the market with fantastic free features. This is the right VPN if you are looking for online security and many more for free. The functions and features are amazing. Let’s check them out-

Free VPN For Various Devices and Software

You can enjoy this VPN on various devices and software. For example, you can use it for free for Windows, Macs, Android, And iOS, etc. You are not limited to one device for a system with this VPN. You have a choice here.

What Free Version Got?

You get 500 MB/month, a secure IP address, and bank-grade encryption with this free VPN. Do everything online without any fear of hackers and malicious codes.

Good Security

It secures your online activities and masks your IP address so that nobody can track your IP and exploit it.

No Logs

This VPN has a no-log policy and what this does is that Aviara VPN doesn’t know which website you open online.

Surf Anonymously

You can stream and surf online without worrying about threats. You can change your IP address with this VPN.

DNS Leak Prevention

This is a very good feature of this VPN to make your experience with VPN more amazing.

Data Encryption

This feature is about keeping your private communications and data protected from all types of cyber threats.

Overall Performance

Overall free performance of this VPN is very good. However, it only gives 500 MB/month and for unlimited you have to buy the pro plan with comes some extra features like Killswitch and customer support.

Hotspot Sheild

Hotspot Sheild is a very good free VPN for your Windows. And also it is one of the fastest VPN in the world as per Ookla’s speed test. This VPN has 3200 servers in 80 plus countries all around the world. You can use this VPN and don’t have to be worried about security and privacy. It is good for both of them. Hotspot Sheild is the best free VPN service for windows 10.

Now let’s check out some of its cool features.

Military Grade encryption

This feature is what secures and protects your PC from harmful malware and phishing sites. Your PC’s security is the first most important thing you need to take care of.

Whenever you connect to a public Wifi, your private information could be leaked. That is why this feature fights all the harmful threats to your Windows.

Link up to 5 devices

All you have to do is create an account to access this feature. Then you can connect up to 5 devices to this VPN. You can connect your Moblie Phone, Tablet, TV, etc.

Global Internet Access

This VPN offers over 3200 servers that are spread across 80+ countries and in 35+ cities in the world. This feature makes this VPN more efficient and useful.


With this VPN you don’t have to be worried about privacy issues. As Hotspot Shield protects your privacy from others and at the same time it doesn’t keep any browsing history of yours.

Unlimited Bandwidth

This feature comes with a premium plan. You can get unlimited bandwidth and you don’t have any restrictions or limitations. Stream as much as you want with this feature.

How to Download it for Free?

It is very simple to download this VPN. All you have to do is go to the official site of Hotspot Shield click the button download for WIndows. On this page, you will get two buttons, one for Premium and the other for downloading it for free. Click on the download it for free and there you go. Install it in your windows PC and Connect to the Hotspot shield then select your location and you’re done.

TunnelBear ( Free VPN Service For Windows 10)

TunnelBear gives your amazing speed, better security, and the most fantastic part is that it also has a free plan. You get some amazing features in its free plan also. This is a very good free deal if you want some basic VPN protection and security. Now let’s check out its key features.

Impressive Speed

When it comes to speed, this VPN is very impressive. TunnelBear’s global server is optimized in such a way that you do not get stuck and experience any buffering while streaming and surfing.

Better Security

The security is also very good. It secures your personal data and passwords from online theft. When you connect your device to public wifi, you become vulnerable to hacking and cyber theft. Hackers use public wifi to steal your personal data. But with TunnelBear you are secure and safe from online theft.

Powerful Encryption

This VPN’s encryptions are outstanding for providing the best security possible. It uses a powerful AES 256 bit by default.

Secures Your Online Privacy

Your online privacy is a must in today’s digital world. There are a lot of people and things lurking online in order to get the best of you. Your one mistake can put your online privacy at risk. With this VPN your online stuff is fully secured.

Halts IP based Tracking

Your PC’s IP address can be tracked by Ad services. That is why you get a new IP address with TunnelBear VPN to protect your PC from this hack.

What Free version Got?

In TunnelBear’s Free version you get 500 MB of secure browsing. For unlimited browsing, you have to get premium plans which are also not that expensive. Tunnelbear is one of the best free VPN services for windows 10.

Final Thoughts

So these are the  3 best free VPN services for windows 10 you can get out there. They have some amazing features keeping in mind that they are free.

And also, of course, they are not as good as paid but for simple and limited use these are the best VPNs for Windows and PCs. And some of them you can use on any device android, mac, iOs, etc.

Overall you can download any of these free VPNs for basic security. If you want more advanced features then you can get the premium or pro version of them. And the price isn’t as high as other VPNs you will get online.