Bitdefender Family Pack Vs Total Security

Bitdefender Family Pack Vs Total Seurity

Bitdefender Family Pack Vs Total Seurity

Bitdefender was created as basic anti-virus software, today, it has turned out to be a big software giant, with products related to all types of computer security needs. It is a company based in Romania that provides you a wide range of products, to make computer safe-keeping easy for you. Some of its famous products include the following- 

  • Bitdefender Total Security
  • Bitdefender Box
  • Bitdefender VPN
  • Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection
  • Bitdefender GravityZone portfolio (for businesses) 
  • Bitdefender Family Pack

In this article, we will make a comparison among two of its most famous and widely used products- Bitdefender Family Pack vs Total Security.

What Is Bitdefender Total Security?

Total Security package provides its customers with protection for their devices. It has a threat detection feature that stops malware from entering the device. 

It provides the best protection without hindering the performance of the computer. It also includes a VPN service that provides you privacy and security of data while using the internet. 

All the benefits of a VPN such as unblocking Geo-barriers and restricted sites, the safety of the data on your computer. 

Total Security also includes in its package, parental controls, using which you can decide what your child watches on the internet. Using this your kids can be protected from the wrath of explicit content or anything suspicious on the internet. 

What Is Bitdefender Family Pack?

The family pack of Bitdefender is the ultimate protection package for the complete family’s online solutions. Using this pack, you can protect up to 15 devices simultaneously. 

You can protect your devices from online threats and also your kids using the parental control features of the Bitdefender Family Pack. 

It also has multi-layered ransomware protection, that protects the documents and other files on your device such as images, videos, music files, etc. from attack by ransomware. 

It also provides a VPN service to its users for online protection from threats occurring through the internet. 

Bitdefender Family Pack Vs Total Security Which Is Better? 

The main difference between Bitdefender’s Total Security and Family Pack is that the number of devices that Total Security can work with at one time is 10, whereas the number of devices that family pack can work with at a time is 15. 

The feature where Bitdefender Total Security exceeds is that it has an optimizer inbuilt, that helps improve the speed and performance of your device with a single click. The family pack lacks this feature. 

Total Security has in itself an Anti-theft feature, which protects the files and documents on your device as well as your online accounts from loss by theft or any other reason. The Family Pack does not acquire this feature.

When we talk about the protection of the device, Total Security is way better than Family Pack. Whether we talk about Android, iOS, or Mac Operating systems, Total Security has a built-in feature that provides extra security to all the devices. 

This is not the case in the Family pack and thus, it is not that effective as a protection software when compared to Total Security. 

Some other features that Bitdefender Total Security and Family pack have are:

Web protection (protection from malware or phishing that occurs online);

Aaron (protection for the SmartWatch that is connected to Total Security);

App lock (stops unauthorized access); Battery saver;

On-Demand scan (a scan whenever you feel doubtful about your PC’s security) and

On-install Scan (that automatically scans a newly installed application to make sure it doesn’t bring any unwanted content with itself).

Now we shall note the features that are available both in Total Security as well as Family Pack:

  • Threat detection and Threat defense- It detects and protects your computer or device from any kind of threats online or offline. 
  • Prevention from web attack- It protects your device from the attack through the web in the form of viruses, Trojans, malware, etc.
  •  Protection from Cyber Threat- Cybercrimes are very dangerous nowadays and may lead to loss of data online and other such problems. Both Total Security As well as Family Pack give you protection from Cyber threats.
  • Multi-layered Ransomware protection- Both of them provide multi-layered protection from ransomware. 
  • Autopilot- This feature automatically detects and recommends to you the best security provisions that might be required for your system according to its needs and usage.
  • Battery mode- This mode automatically increases the battery life of your device by reducing brightness or removing all background applications. 
  • VPN services – Its VPN is provided to the users of both Total Securities as well as Family Pack.
  • Secure online banking– The risks of online banking pose a great threat to the finances of people. Family Pack, as well as Total Security, protect from frauds of Online banking to their customers. 
  • Password manager- Today, it is very difficult to keep track of all the passwords of your cards, accounts, etc. Both Total security and family pack have features that do this work for you.
  • Parental control- Using both of these products, you can take care of your child’s activities as well as ensure his protection from online threats. 
  • Automatic Upgrades- Timely updation of the software occurs so that no feature is missed out and a better experience is given to the users. 
  • Online support- Whenever you have a query regarding any of these software’s, you can easily get a solution to your problem through its online support facility. 

Bitdefender Family Pack Vs Total Security Final Verdict 

Thus we can see that the Family Pack and Total Security pack of Bitdefender have a lot of features in common. However, in some places, Total Security goes way beyond Family pack and is a better option. However, depending on your needs and likings, you can easily decide what’s best for you!

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