Code To Check If Your Phone Is Hacked Android 2024

Code To Check If Your Phone Is Hacked In Android 2022

When introduced phones were just a medium for making calls, but as they improved with time new features kept on being added. As a result, phones ended up playing an important part in our lives, even a dominant one if we’re talking about how much some people use their phones in 2024.

Outgoing calls and texts from your cellphones that we don’t realize are a clear indication that your cellphone has been hacked and someone remotely controls it for evil purposes.

Your first step should always be to check if your phone is hacked. With all the other developments made, it is now possible to check if your phone is hacked. There are a number and code to check if your phone is hacked in android 2024.

How To Use The Code To Check If Your Phone Is Hacked In Android 2024

You’re just simply typing this code number into your phone/keypad calls exactly as shows and press the call key. They usually start and end with * or a # with numbers in the middle. They are designed so you won’t hit them accidentally. But, if you want more privacy and to discover how to unhack my phone, you should have some software.

Knowing Your IMEI Code (*#06#)

While it doesn’t tell you if someone is hacking or tapping your phone, dialing *#06# tells you your phone’s IMEI code. International mobile equipment identity code is something that every mobile phone has. Not just an identity code for phones, but your IMEI code is something that you should definitely know. IMEI code can be used to identify your device & if it gets stolen your IMEI code can stop it from accessing the network & doing anything harmful.

What you need to do is know what your IMEI code is & when something bad happens, like your phone getting stolen or getting hacked you should contact your network provider & have your phone blocked from being used.  

If Anyone Is Catching Your Unanswered Calls (*#61#)

It is possible for your calls to get transferred whenever you don’t answer them. Known as conditional call forwarding, it is when scammers & hackers can redirect our incoming calls to another number. It is a cybercrime that most people aren’t even aware of when it happens. Through this hackers can even forward your messages to another number. With the possibility of your privacy & data being stolen, you should first dial *#61# & see if someone is forwarding your incoming calls. If you see your calls being forwarded then you should dial ##62# to remove these settings or just contact your nearest police station. You can check this code to check if your phone is hacked, and it will help to make a setting to protect from Hacking.

Who Catches Your Data When You’re Unavailable (*#62#)

Another cybercrime is getting someone’s data when they are unavailable. Dailing *#62#, you can check if someone is receiving your calls & messages whenever your phone is switched off or you are unavailable. If you find any number then you should dial ##62# to remove this number & protect your privacy or contact law enforcement.

Catches Your Calls & Data When You Are Busy Or Reject The Call(*#67#)

You being on a call or rejecting a call is an opportunity for hackers & scammers to steal your data. Dailing *#67# informs you of any number which receives your call whenever you are busy or reject a call. You can dial ##67# to remove any access a number has for receiving your calls & then later inform the police about the cybercrime.  

All Of Your Information Regarding Conditional Call Forwarding (*#004#)

All Of Your Information Regarding Conditional Call Forwarding (*#004#)

You can dial this code to know all of your device’s settings regarding conditional call forwarding. Conditional call forwarding covers a wide range of options, hackers can steal your data whenever you’re busy, reject a call, are not available, or don’t want to receive a call.

If you find a number that is stealing your data then dial the code ##004# to reseat any call conditioning settings & make sure to take any legal action against any hacker who’s stealing your data.

Check If Your Calls Are Diverted (*#21#)

Check If Your Calls Are Diverted (*#21#)

Known as unconditional call forwarding, this is an advanced cybercrime where hackers take a step further to forward all of your calls & messages to another number without even letting your phone receive them. This cyber-attack doesn’t let your phone receive any calls whether you’re available or not & takes away your phone’s access. 

This cyber-attack is a little harder to notice without any indication. If you think your Android device is the target of an unconditional call forwarding then you should dial the code *#21# to see what your android’s setting is. If you can any of your notifications being diverted to another number then you should dial code ##21# to remove any access a hacker has taken for receiving your calls & messages. 

This is a serious cyber offense, if you were to find your android device being targeted through unconditional call forwarding then make sure to report this cybercrime to the police.

Erasing Any Data That Have Been Forwarded To Any Hacker(##002#)

Erasing Any Data That Have Been Forwarded To Any Hacker(##002#)

If any of your data (call, messages, or data) have been stolen by any spying hacker then your first priority should be to delete that data. You can dial code ##002# & erase any data that has been stolen from you.

These codes are the first step in knowing how secure your device is. In 2024 when our data is valued even in the black market, we have a certain responsibility to protect our privacy when we use our phones. If you want to protect your device from any hacker then you should invest your money in a VPN or anti-virus. But you still need to know these codes as they can help you a lot in hard times & even prevent it from coming. Each one of these codes has a different function, you can select & dial the codes written above to check if there is someone tapping your movements.

How To Check If Your Phone Is Hacked Or Not: Keep Your Android Device Secure 

Hackers are very creative when the audience is so big.

Being alert and careful can prevent you from dealing with potential security violations in the first place. Here are some things you can do (or search) to keep yourself safe:

  • Only get apps from trusted sources.
  • Stay updated & always install the latest software updates
  • Disables and unhack the installation if the unknown sources options are in the settings.
  • Use fingerprints, eye scanning, passwords, or PIN for lock screen security.

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We appreciate that you have read our blog, it takes a lot of time and effort to provide the right information to the users. I also hope to use the code to check if your phone is hacked In Android & have also taken steps to prevent your cellphone from hacking. 

After you use the code to release your phone, it means that your phone will not hack in the future. So, be sure to make your phone safe. The security of your phone is in your hand. 

Code To Check If Your Phone Is Hacked In Android- FAQ

Can someone hack into your phone by calling you?

o, not directly. A hacker can protect you, pretend to be someone, who is official, and so get access to your personal details. Armed with that information, they can start hacking your account.

What is the code to see if your phone is hacked?

You can dial *#21# and find out if your phone has been hacked this way.