Get To Know How VPN Works

How VPN Works? – Security & Privacy OF Online Data

Many of you are using the VPN and some of you might be looking to use the VPN. You may have seen some of your known ones might be using the VPN. There are many different reasons for using this software and that depends from user to user. But have ever wondered how VPN works to provide you the best security over the internet?

Well, with this article we will see what exactly a VPN does for your online protection against the data hackers and snoopers that always look for the hunt.

Let’s move on…

How VPN Works Technically?

Before you jump to the working of the VPN let me tell you what is a VPN in a very simple term.

A VPN is short for Virtual Private Network, a software application that encrypts your online data so to protect it from cybercriminals. With the help of a virtual private network, you can change your virtual location to different countries of the world.

What Does A VPN Do?

VPN encrypts all your online data

VPN is a software program that builds an encrypted tunnel between your network and the internet. This means that all your data will be pass-through this tunnel in the encrypted tunnel. As your data will be transformed in an unreadable code you can browse the internet by hiding your data even from your ISP.

Beyond encrypting your data, a VPN also hides your real IP address by connecting you to the other server of some different location. So basically, VPN acts as a medium between your device and another device that can be located somewhere else in the world. By this, you can browse the internet anonymously and get access to geo-blocked content. And that’s how a VPN works to provide you the online security and privacy.

Who Should Use VPN?

Anyone who is using the internet can use VPN, however, you can use this application to,

  • Get the security of your online confidential data.
  • Browse the internet anonymously and privately.
  • Surf the internet and web content of some geo-restricted area.
  • Hide the online activity even from the ISP.
  • Avoids data throttling as VPN can increase internet speed.
  • Stream the content on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, iPlayer, and other channels.
  • Maintains your security when you are connected with the public network.

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How To Choose a VPN?

Tips to choose a VPN

If you are new to the VPN industry then are many points to consider while buying a VPN. So, to help you we are sharing with you some tips that help in choosing a VPN.

  1. Number of Servers – Always go with a VPN that has the number of servers available. VPN to change location on different platforms lets you to unblocks the different content.
  2. Security & Privacy – A VPN with the top security features with encryption and good VPN protocols protects you from online threats. Moreover, a VPN with the no-logs policy maintains your privacy as the VPN company won’t interfere with any of your online data.
  3. Performance & Speed – Speed is one of the most common factors to consider while choosing a VPN. A good VPN provides a better speed with great performance.
  4. Additional Features – Beyond the basic features a VPN with advanced features provides you the more and better security. Like VPN with adblocker can blocks unnecessary and inappropriate ads. Another important feature that how many devices it can be connected with.
  5. User-Friendly – Always prefer to use the VPN application with an easy-to-use interface that a beginner can also use.
  6. Customer Support – VPN companies offer different ways of customer support. If you getting live support options then it’s great for you, however, if not then look whether you are getting an email option.
  7. Money-Back Guarantee – Most VPN-providing companies offer a monthly money-back guarantee policy. So, go with the one where you are getting the security of your money.

These are some of those points that you can consider while choosing the VPN. You can also read some reviews if you would like to before purchasing it. Like you can look at Hola VPN review 2021 that will provide you a clear idea of the VPN.

How VPN Works – Final Thought

Getting a VPN is a great way to get security on the internet. It helps in hiding your online data from data hackers, snoopers, and even from your internet services provider.

No matter which type of device you are using, a good VPN app supports all the major types of devices.

You must choose a VPN by considering some of the main points that we have discussed with you above.

I hope by reading this article you got to know how exactly does a VPN works technically.

VPN – General FAQs

Can a VPN protect you from hackers?

A good VPN creates a powerful encrypted tunnel between you and the websites you visit. This means if a hacker is on the website that you are going to visit it won’t see your online activity. VPN even hides your online activity from your ISP like your browsing history, downloads, and anything on your internet.

Is VPN illegal?

VPN is fully legal and you can use it for your use to surf the web. Using the VPN is not illegal until you do something that is unlawful. However, if you are living in a country where the use of the VPN is ban then it is illegal.

Should you leave your VPN on all the time?

Yes, you can leave your VPN on all the time and it won’t affect you in any way. By leaving the virtual private network on all the time you are being protected from hackers and snoopers.

Why free VPNs are bad?

There are so many reasons that prove why free VPN is dangerous. One of the top reasons to avoid using a free VPN is the security & privacy of your online data. So, if you really love your online security then you should think twice before using the free one.

Can my ISP track me if I use VPN?

By using the VPN, you can browse the web anonymously and privately. It even hides your online activity from your internet service provider. So, if you are using the VPN for Netflix while traveling then also your ISP can’t detect you.

How VPN works in mobile?

Virtual Private Network provides you complete security and privacy over the internet no matter which type of devices you are using. Whether you want to use a VPN for iPhone or Android, your online data will be converted in encrypted form. You will enjoy the same features of VPN in your smartphone as on the computer.

Why Free VPN is Dangerous

Why Free VPN Is Dangerous?

With the increasing rate of cyber-attacks, day-by-day people are becoming more conscious of their online security. This results in tremendous growth in the VPN industry. A free VPN sounds great and for some, it can often be like a golden ticket.

You will get dozens of options of free VPN if you look out but are they really good in keeping your online data secure. With this article we will discuss why free VPN is dangerous and why should you avoid using it.

Are Free VPN Any Good?

Using VPN is one of the great ways to secure your online data from data hackers and cyber-criminals. VPN encrypts your data so to make it difficult for data hackers and cyber-criminals to look into your data.

Talking about the free VPN then there’s a catch, a free VPN is not as good in protecting your online data. Moreover, the VPN which is free does not provide you enough security features and has many restrictions.

5 Reasons Why Free VPN Is Dangerous

Stop using free VPN

With the increasing rate of data thieves and cyberattacks, it’s good to rely on VPN software that really protects you from prying eyes.

There are some of the disadvantages of using the free Virtual Private Network. Below are some of the reasons for avoiding the free VPN for your online security and privacy.

  1. Monitor & Sell Your Online Data

The free VPN with the least security and privacy policy can log into your online data. You may have seen that the best VPN has a no-logs policy but not with the free ones.

By collecting your personal information these they can sell your data to a 3rd party for some good reason.

  1. Least Security

VPN that is free provides you the minimum amount of security and can’t even protect your online traffic. So, it better to use a good VPN that assures your online security against cyber-criminals.

  1. Limited Amount Of Data

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of using a free plan of a VPN that you only get to use the VPN for a limited time. As you cross your daily data limit you can’t use it anymore & have to till your account is restored.

  1. Internet & Connection Issues

You will face many troubles by using the free VPN like it can slow down your internet speed. More than that your connection will be interrupted as the free VPN can be disconnected occasionally.

  1. A lot Of Annoying Ads

There will be a time when you may get fed up with the dozens of advertisements with the free VPN. Free VPN providers bombard with annoying ads.

So, the better approach is to use a VPN that is paid and you can easily afford it. With the RusVPN Promo Code, you can make the plans of this paid VPN more affordable.


If you are a user who’s just looking a VPN for occasionally and for general use then it’s OK to go with a free VPN. As we have seen the dark side of a free virtual private network you now probably can’t rely on it for your online security.

Maybe some of you might want to know how does a VPN really protect you from the cyber-attacks that are paid and not the free one.

The free VPN can also be limited in unblocking the content on some of the streaming channels. So if you want to enjoy the full benefits of VPN then we would recommend you to invest in a VPN that is best for you and live on your expectations.

However, you know how important is your online data and the value of it. So it’s better to get a VPN that good enough in protecting you from the prying eyes and data hackers.

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Is NordVPN Good?

NordVPN Features

Yes, NordVPN is good to use. It offers an amazing feature that is easy to use for all the buyers. In this, you will get the best features like:-

  • Secure internet
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  • Worldwide Access
  • VPN servers anywhere
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Is NordVPN Free?

NordVPN is not usually free. All the plans are premium for the users. You have to subscribe to a plan of NordVPN if you want to use its services. Test its service for a month by its 30 days money-back guarantee.  You can use its premium services for a month without any kind of risk.

Does NordVPN work for streaming?

Yes, with the help of NordVPN you can easily stream multiple streaming platforms. But The biggest perk is that a user can easily stream Netflix with it. Through this, you will get the best servers that will help you to connect to any country. Connect with the desired server and browse over the internet safely.

How many buyers can save on NordVPN Black Friday Offers?

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How to apply the NordVPN Black Friday Deal?

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NordVPN Plans

NordVPN Prices

The buyer will get the 3 different options. So can choose the relevant one as per your need:-

  • 2 Year Plans:- $2.86/mo*
  • 1 Year Plans:- $3.79/mo*
  • 1 Month Plan:- $9.20/mo*

In this, you will get all the features you only have to select a plan according to the duration.

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Different Types Of Cyber-Attacks Explained

Nowadays, cybercriminals are putting more sophistication and effort into hacking sites and stealing data than they ever have before. This is because we now conduct so much of our lives online and data has become one of the most valuable resources in the world. Understandably, this can be very concerning for both individuals and for businesses who want to keep their sensitive information safe.

And the best way to be able to protect yourself from a cyber-attack is to be able to recognise the most common scams out there and understand what these mean. While you may have heard some of the more common phrases like ‘phishing’ or ‘malware’ there are lots of cyber buzzwords you may not be aware of. In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at the different types of cyber-attacks out there, so you can better prepare yourself and keep yourself safe online.


Phishing is one of the most common and familiar cyber-attacks out there and can be used in a number of ways. In fact, most of us have experienced this type of scam at one time or another. Phishing is when a hacker tries to trick you into clicking on a malicious link or downloading dangerous software. They may also use phishing tactics to try and trick you into sharing your personal information with them, so they can use this to hack into your accounts or create fake accounts using your credentials.

Cybercriminals can target their victims in a number of ways using phishing techniques. The most common is phishing emails, but as people become more reliant on their smartphones, they may also use text message or voicemail. In most cases, the hackers pretend to be a legitimate source like a shop, bank or governing body and ask the receiver to reply or call back and reveal their personal details.


When using ransomware, hackers install malicious software on your devices which then blocks access to your files and information. The cybercriminal will then threaten to either publish or delete your data unless a ransom is paid to them. For example, if they’re able to hack your smartphone they may have access to all your photos, videos, apps and information stored within, something which you don’t want shared or erased. That said, there is no guarantee they will restore access once the ransom has been paid so it is often better to try and track/block the hackers than to adhere to their demands.

DDoS Attacks

A Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is when a cybercriminal attempts to tamper with website traffic in order to overwhelm the system and crash the site. This is usually done in the hopes of achieving one of two things. They may be trying to get revenge on an organisation by bringing down their website or they may be using this as a distraction while they break into other parts of the system and cause trouble elsewhere.


A virus is a piece of malicious code or programming, designed to infect your devices. This then stops your computer operating the way it should and can crash your systems. It is also designed to spread from one computer to another much like a real virus would spread. This is done without the user’s knowledge and can spread in a number of ways, these include infected websites, infected email attachments, damaged plugins or devices (like USBs) or infected adverts. With each person that downloads or clicks on these infected sources, the virus spreads to another device.


A drive-by cyber-attack is when a hacker targets their victims through there internet browser. As soon as the user visits an infected website, malware will be installed on their device. It happens so quickly that it’s like a drive-by. This can also happen on legitimate sites if these have been compromised by hackers. They either use these sites to infect devices directly, or they can use these legitimate sites to redirect users to an infected site where malware is then installed.

MITM (Man in the Middle)

By acting as the man in the middle (MITM), cybercriminals are able to alter communications between two users. The users are not aware that they are interacting with a cybercriminal instead of each other, this allows the hacker to pretend to be both victims and that way they can manipulate the conversations and gain access to both their personal data.

Zero-day attack

When a new software vulnerability is discovered and exposed, either on an outdated program or a new software that has just been released, cybercriminals are straight on the case trying to exploit this. By jumping on a new vulnerability right away, hackers have the potential to bring down entire systems, they just need to get to it before the developers find a fix.

In fact, that’s why zero-day attacks have been given this name because they give developers zero-days to fix the problem once it has been identified. They must find a fix as quickly as possible if they hope to beat the hackers and save their software. Problem is, we live in an age where people share everything online, so while someone may innocently be warning users about the vulnerability in the system, they’re also alerting hackers to a hole in the software which they then exploit.

SQL injection

A Structured Query Language (SQL) injection can only be used on a server that uses SQL. The injection occurs when malicious code is inserted into an SQL database or server. This can be done by something as simple as putting this malicious code into a website’s search box, which is what makes it one of the most common types of cyber-attack.

Once the dangerous code has been injected it can be used to access, modify or delete data stored within the site. It could even shut down the entire database or send commands to the operating system. That said, this type of cyber-attack is usually only successful if a vulnerability already exists within the software that the criminals are targeting.