How SSL is Important To Your Website, How To Get Cheap SSL

How To Get Cheap SSL

SSL certificate is always necessary for a business website, especially for Google prioritized website with SSL certificate for better search engine ranking. SSL works as a backbone of our secure internet connection. It secured the sensitive information when it is travelling across the world wide network. It provides security, privacy and data integrity for both our website and user’s personal information. If you have any types of eCommerce Web Hosting Website then its requirement  For secured your online store website, purchase SSL with your sites hosting. After purchasing SSL certificate, you need to request website’s domain name and web hosting service for which there are various web hosting service provider company in market as Godaddy, Bluehost, Inmotion etc, that can provide you a better deal for it.

What is SSL?

SSL stands for “Secure Socket Layer”, It is an encryption Technology which create secure connection between a web server and user’s web browser. SSL appears as a green padlock next to the URL along with the green https at the start of a URL. SSL does not secure the websites in actual it secures the users information which he has taken to website. SSL encrypts the data which shared between computer and servers.

Necessity of SSL


When you are selling product- If someone are using credit card or debit card payment directly on your website, there we need SSL to encrypt to your customers credit card information. You have not need of SSL on your entire website; you should use it only on store. If you are using PayPal to accept payments, you don’t need SSL because customers are not paying you directly.  Research said 75% of customers cancel the order due to not have trust on website. Furthermore, 64% shoppers make payment, having the trust mark or SSL certificate on website.

When you offered a membership- If you are running a website which is offering membership, you can use SSL. Because member will give you his information as emailed, password, name etc, which will uses on your website. You need to take the risk of being responsible to secure your customers personal information.

When user submit sensitive informationIf user are submitting some personal information like photos, documents and certificates etc by filling form, you should definitely consider SSL to keep safe  that information.

From where I can purchase SSL

There is various hosting company which provide hosting service with SSL certificate. You can choose many plans according to your need and budget. There are many product featured SSL as Standard SSL, EV SSL, Multi domain SSL, Wildcard SSL which have different features in different packages according to time period and amount. On Godaddy and Bluehost you could take extra benefits of various deal, you can consider one of them for best deal to make.

The result I found SSL certificate are a crucial part your website when you handle sensitive customers information as password, documents and credit card details. SSL certificate not only encrypt visitors information and keep safe it but also helps in increasing rank of website in Google. Without SSL your site will run the risk of disappearing on Google’s search result and would appeared as an unsafe option for visitors.