How To Secure Your Website From Hackers?

How To Secure Your Website From Hackers?

As a website owner, you never want to lose your sites cause you have put a lot of time and effort into making them good. Secure your websites from hackers don’t leave the front door of your site open, that means putting safeguards in place to keep hackers, bugs, and other internet nasties at bay. Otherwise, your data may be compromised, your website may crash, and you may even lose money.

Nowadays WordPress websites are the most popular, cause of their plugins and websites builder which make website building at ease. So, Let me introduce the tips and many ways How To Secure Your Website From Hackers?

Easy way to secure your websites in WordPress

Easy way to secure your websites in WordPress

Here I have told the most common, and dangerous loopholes that are present in WordPress, that hackers use for hacking your websites.

We will cover every step that you need to make your WordPress website safe and secure, Let’s discuss:

Security Plugin

There is the easiest way to keep your site protected, and enchanted it from security plugins that can actively prevent the site from any hacking attempts popular WordPress security plugin 

  1. Bulletproof Security
  2. Sucuri
  3. iThemes Security
  4. Wordfence
  5. fail2Ban

Furthermore, any website can benefit from SiteLock. SiteLock goes beyond simply plugging security gaps in websites by providing daily monitoring for malware detection, vulnerability identification, active virus scanning, and more. 

SiteLock is an investment worth securing your websites from hackers considering if your business relies on its website.

Install SSL and use HTTPS

Secure Sockets Layer also known as SSL, is a certificate that encrypts all of your site data, and information in such a way even if a hacker gets data from your website, they will never be able to understand what is it, 

Even SSL is considered important for google search engines, Because they want visitors to have a great and safe web experience, search engines are taking website security more

seriously than ever. If you don’t have an SSL certificate, a search engine may rank your website lower in search results, emphasizing your dedication to gives site data an extra level secure from hackers.

Examine admin users thoroughly

If you think hackers will only install viruses to your site and go away well that the not always happen Hackers are smart now they make ghost accounts and stay on your website and can attack your site whenever they like to.

Reviewing your WordPress users on regular basis and removing unwanted users, old users can resolve this issue.

Make Sure Password are Strong

You should also make sure that everyone who has access to your website has equally strong passwords. Set expectations with everyone who has access. A single weak password among your team might render your website vulnerable to a data breach, so set expectations with everyone who has access.

Put some effort while creating the password to make it long, and use mixed special characters, small letters numbers in it.

Always keep website platform and software up to date

Always keep your content management system, plugins, apps, and any scripts you’ve installed up to date to prevent your website from being hacked.

On a WordPress-based website, you can quickly verify if you’re up to date by entering it into your WordPress dashboard. Look for the update icon next to your site’s name in the top left corner. To access your WordPress Updates, click the number.

Backup regularly

Let’s assume in the worst case if your website still gets hacked, and you lost everything cause you never had its backup.

Always take a regular backup so that even in the above scenario, you can easily restore your website. Choose a dependable backup plugin, as manual backups are difficult to do successfully without a lot of experience.

How To Secure A PHP Website From Hackers?

You can’t be safe from cybercrime unless you have a well-designed protection mechanism in place.

HTML code and JavaScript can make a website look great, but they can’t make it safe. Many prominent websites made from WordPress, use PHP scripting.

The following are some security options to secure your website from hackers PHP-based websites:


A HyperText Transfer Protocol- Strict Transport Security (HTTP-STS) certificate is recommended for PHP websites. HTTP-STS secures a website by blocking all vulnerable HTTP requests and doing so for the entire site.

  • PHP Extension

When saving PHP code files, a proper address is used. What does the first name without the last name mean? As a result, you’ll need to add an a.PHP extension. If you use a.PHP extension, no one will be able to visit your website. As a result, add an a.PHP extension to the website to make it more secure.

  • Regular Updates

You should always keep updated with your PHP software, if you don’t update your website can be vulnerable to hackers.

  • Root the Documents

The PHP application should always be rooted via var, www, or HTML. By rooting the website, you can use it safely in any browser. If you built the website with Laravel, Symfony, or another platform that uses API frameworks, you must point it to the public folder. You can use var, www, HTTP, or public folder to hide all sensitive files.

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Keep These Safety Precautions In Your Mind

You can always put more software and tech to Secure Your Website from Hackers, but still, you should not forget that 96% of cybersecurity breaches happened due to human error.

Protect your site stay on your guard and be suspicious if someone asks for information regarding your email text phone no.

It can sound simple still scams are happening websites are getting hacked, 

Here are five things you can do to ensure that your website does not invite unwanted visitors.

  • Beware of public or open network
  • Never click on links that are spam you think it is suspicious
  • Be careful when giving someone access to your websites always give it to a trusted person
  • Only professionals verified should have access to your site for fixing any technical issue.

I hope you will get the idea it seems common sense, still, phishing emails are growing, so it is better to stay on alert.


How do I make my website secure?

It can easily solve through SSL Certificate, web application firewall, website monitoring service, secure site hosting, website backup and so on which we explained in the above article.

How can I secure my website for free?

To secure your website from hackers in HTML install an SSL certificate which is essential for your website.

Can you get hacked on a secure website?

Yes, it is possible to get even hacked after securing your website fully cause there is always some loophole remaining for hackers, and they easily take advantage of it.