What Report Shows How Traffic Arrives On a Website 2024?

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As we all know if we create a website then we will have multiple traffic sources through which we can generate traffic to a website. For all those who are running a site eager to know which report shows How traffic arrived on a website.

The answer is with Google Analytics, PPC Campaign, Social Media, and Search engine you can analyse the traffic report of a website.

There are many reports in google analytics for better understanding. In this article, we will learn how we can analyse how traffic arrived on a website.

We will go through the following topics:

  1. How traffic arrived at the website.
  2. Easy step to identify traffic using reports.
  3. Visual representation of data.
  4. Easy step to get more traffic.

With the help of these reports, you are able to understand your customer behaviour.

How Did Traffic Arrive on a Website?

Understanding how traffic arrived on a website is very simple. If you read an example, then it becomes easier.

Take an example: 

One of your friends suggested to you a great shopping website and told you that their 50 % off sale is live on the website. You quickly pull out your phone/device and open the browser and you start typing that website name and open the first link from the search result and start buying products from that website. Right? That’s how traffic arrived on the website.

In the Above case, Google analytics gathers and prepares the 5 different reports. These reports are: 

  • Mobile Report – From which devices (like desktop, phone and tablet) traffic arrived at the website.
  • Device Report –  From which phone models (like apple, Samsung, google pixel etc) traffic arrived at the website.
  • Os Report – From which OS (like iOS, Android etc traffic arrived at the website.
  • Browser Report – From which browser (like google chrome, safari, firefox etc) traffic arrived at the website.
  • Channel Report – From which channel (like organic search, paid search, referrals, display etc) traffic arrived at the website.

Now, each report tells you from which source traffic is arriving on a website. Ahead of this, we will tell you how you can access these reports in Google Analytics.

Easy Step To Identify Traffic Using Reports

With the help of Google Analytics, you can easily examine the traffic of your website. This one is the best tool for all the website creators to know about where the website gains traffic.

With the easy steps, you can easily find the report that shows how traffic arrived on a website. Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Log in to your Google Analytics Account:

On the homepage of Google Analytics, you can see general information about your website. You will find the following information on the Google Analytics first page:-

  • Users: How many users have you had till now? Under users number, you can see the percentage of growth in users.
  • Revenue: How much revenue have you earned till now? Under revenue numbers, you can see the percentage of growth in revenue.
  • Conversion rate: It means how many users are actually buying your goods or services. Under the Conversion rate number, you can see the percentage of growth in the Conversion rate.
  • Session: This is the time frame where users interact with your website. 

Step 2: Go to Acquisition > All traffic>,  

To get detailed reports, From the left sidebar analytics users only need to click on acquisition than open all traffic. Now you can see the different types of reports:

Channels – This report shows you from which channel traffic is coming. Like

  • Organic Search: Users arriving on websites from search engines.
  • Direct Search: Users who bookmarked the website or type the website’s direct URL in the browser.
  • Paid Search: In this section, you can examine those users who are arriving on a website through paid promotion links. Such as Campaigns, Ads, etc.
  • Referrals: When users click on a website link from another website it’s called referral traffic. Another website refers to your website.
  • Display: If a user reaches a website through display ads you have run on multiple platforms such as websites, blogs, news articles, banner ads etc.

Step 3: Acquisition > All traffic > Search Console

To know about the results of the organic search in a particular country you can use this step. You just need to click on the Acquisition > All Traffic > Search Console. Through this, you can easily examine from which country traffic arrived on a website.

  • Countries – You can see from which countries your website appears in search results. 

Step 4:   Go to Behaviour > Site Content > All pages

To analyse the traffic on a specific page you can use this step. From the left sidebar go to Behaviour> Site Content> All Pages. Through this, you can easily know how the traffic arrived on a website specific page.

The rest of the reports are:

  • Landing Pages: This shows you from which page users entered on the website.E:g /home
  • Exit Report: This report shows how many users exit from that particular page. E:g /home.

Visual Representation Of Data

Visual Representation helps to understand in depth how users interact with websites. 

To see these reports from the left panel navigate to Behaviour > Site Content > Behaviour Flow > 

When you follow this step then you can easily examine the graphics of the website traffic. This will show you how to interact with websites when they land on a specific page. Through this, you can also know about how the users move from page to page. Visual Representation also shows the drop percentage of a specific page where most users exit. With this analysis, you can improve your site content and reduce the drop off percentage. 

Easy Step to Get More Traffic on a Website

Driving traffic toward a website is not easy and not very tough. If you do the smart work then you can easily drive traffic toward a website. You can follow the below-mentioned tips and tricks to drive traffic on a website.


Advertisement is a strong method to bring the public towards your business. Because people don’t know what business, products and services you are providing. This method helps the customer to know about the behaviour of your work. The following platforms will help you to create advertisements for your business at a budget cost: 

  • Google ads
  • Display ads
  • Microsoft’s ads
  • Amazon eCommerce Platform
  • Google AdMob ads

Promote On Social Media

Around 4.48+ billion users are active on social media daily. Social media is a great platform to connect with the public. If any of the website owners create a social media account and update it on a regular basis then there must be a chance of growing traffic on the website.

Platform and ads services are: 

  • Instagram/ads
  • Facebook/ads
  • Linkedin/ads
  • Snapchat/ads
  • Youtube/ads
  • Pinterest/ads
  • Twitter/ads 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is one of the best activities to drive traffic to a website. On a specific keyword, you can rank your website webpage and through which you will gain clicks. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This technique helps multiple website owners to optimise their site to rank on any of the search engines to gain traffic.

If you want to rank at the top then you should have the best hosting service such as servermania.


Blogging is another way to get the attention of the public. Post regular blogs regarding your product and services. If you are creating posts according to the interest and requirements of the users then there must be a probability of increasing traffic on a website.

Influencer Marketing

Nowadays influence marketing creates a vast scope. Instagram and Youtube are one of the biggest influence marketing platforms around the world. Tiktok is also one of the popular platforms for influencer marketing but after the ban of Tik Tok, the popularity of TikTok is less compared to Youtube & Instagram. You can also read a Comparison of Tiktok vs Youtube to find which is the best to earn money.

Host Sale or Giveaway/Contest

Everyone likes a sale or giveaway. Host such a promotional offer from time to time to increase traffic and conversion rate.

I hope this article will help you to understand google analytics reports. So, that you can improve your website content and drive more traffic.

Google Analytics is great tool prepare reports for website. But you should know “how to secure your website from hackers” so that no one can hack the site.