change WiFi name of a Network router

How to change WiFi name of a Network router

Usually, wireless routers come with a name also known as SSID (Service Set Identifier) to recognize themselves on a local network. Manufacturers set a default name for their devices and almost all of them have the same name. So, hackers can easily get their hands on your device. That’s why it is very important to change the name from the default one before setting up a new extender like Netgear n300Extender setup . Here, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide to customize WiFi name for your equipment. Read on.

Before getting started, let’s have a look at main reasons why you should do so.

  • It solidifies the security of your home network. Despite the fact that the name choice doesn’t boost protection automatically, using a custom name can prevent cyber terrorists from attacking your network because it signifies that access point is being more carefully administered as compared to others which use common defaults. In conventional residential vicinity with dozens of home network targets to choose from, hijackers are more expected to attack the weakest ones.
  • To avert having the same credentials as that of neighbors’
  • To personalize a home network. The SSID can be seen by everyone nearby who check for available WiFi signals from their smartphone or other devices.

It may possible that the instruction manual of each router includes different instructions to change SSID depending upon the make and model number. However, it remains same for all major router manufacturers.

Here are the steps to get the job done:

  1. Log in to home router

Open a web browser and type your device’s local address in the URL bar to log in to mywifiext  A new web page will appear in front of you. Here, you will need to type the currently active username as well as password.

One can find out the local address of their device by checking the documentation or official website of manufacturer. In case you enter wrong login details, an error message will be shown.

Quick Tip: Users can also check the default gateway to find out the address. If you own a Windows computer, open the run box by pressing Win + R key combination and then launch a command prompt window by writing cmd. After that, type ipconfig and check the IP address linked with your machine’s default gateway.

  1. Go to the basic settings page

You are now on the admin page i.e. which manages configuration of your home WiFi network. The language and menu placement of each router vary from one another, so it’s recommended to either check documentation or keep browsing options until you find the right page.

  1. Choose and enter a new network name

Next, you have to choose a suitable SSID and enter it. For those who are too new to the term, a network name is case sensitive and contains a maximum length of 32 alphanumeric characters. Extra care should be taken to avoid picking up phrases and words that are nasty to local community. Once done, click on save button to let your changes take place.

  1. Re-authenticate to WiFi

As soon as you save the modifications in the control panel, they will take effect right away. Now, you will require to upgrade the connection for all your smart gadgets that used the previous network name and password.

And there you are! That’s how one can easily change WiFi name of a network router. Depending on the router’s model you are using, you may actually have multiple WiFi networks to change. For instance, some have a different 2.4GHz and 5GHz network or even has a separate guest network.

Bing Ads cheaper CPC’s

Does Bing Ads has less Competition and cheaper CPC’s.

Online ads are a perfect way to promote your business and boost traffic on your website. At today’s time there are various platforms for displaying ads as Google, twitter, face book, yahoo, bing. The good news is that Bing advertising more cheaply than other search engine advertising. And using of bing ads coupon makes it more cheaper that every advertise firm to get. Bing which is sponsered by Microsoft has included three search engines- Bing, Yahoo and AOL. When we advertise on Bing our ad, will be displayed other two platforms also. When we are talking about to PPC advertising, it is common to think Bing ads vs. Google adwords. Google undoubtedly has majority of search market but Bing advertise should not be forget. Both platforms are same in concept, both have pay per click advertising platform built to help business to reach targeted audience, increase revenue and drive traffic. There are various points to check between them to compare which is better to use but most importantly on top is- Which is less expensive?

Expenditure- Bing ads vs. Google ads

In home service industry, the average position is about to 35% higher In Bing. Ads would show at better position on Bing as comparison to Google ads because of having less competition. We have seen cost per click is slightly lower in Bing. According to WordStream, the average CPC is 33.5% cheaper on Bing on compare to Google. For small business who are doing PPC for first time and have not more budget, Bing would be perfect platform for him. A Bing ad gives your ad a better position, resulting in high click through rates (CTR) and conversions. This makes Bing ads most suitable option for small to mid- sized business.

When Bing is lacks in volume, it makes up for in performance. You could get the Bing ads by spending only 20% to 30% of one Google adwords campaign.

 For example if one particular digital marketing agency spent at one ad $2000 on Google Adwords, Bing ads will provide you it only in $400-$700.

Because Bing has less competition to advertisers bidding so clicks are cheaper, advertiser can get more for their expenditure. Bing ad CPC can give you more sales at a lower CPC. Competition is lower on Bing, so it is easy to get more traffic at low cost, with result of better ROI.


According to the search of Search Engine Journal, if you are advertising in US market Bing powers one of every three searches in the US with market share of 22.8%. Bing’s market share is growing faster than Google.

Bing has less competition, various unique features, and most appropriate part is less expensive than Google Adwords does not offer yet. Furthermore, if you have a less PPC budget, Bing would be a better option. Bing ads are the best way to expand the reach of your paid search ads. If you are targeting audience of Bing, Yahoo, AOL, it would be a good move towards Bing which will give time and efforts to your ad. Bing Ad has been an effective marketing channel boasting higher position, CTR, and lower CPC. These factors are more considering if you are going to work in the Advertising world. Bing always ready to win this completion of required factors but more in a budget.

features of VoIP

3 killer features of VoIP to help senior business entrepreneurs in 2018.

VoIP is an advanced way of business communication in this competitive era. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is an approach and blend ofa group of technologies of advances for the conveyance of audio and video sessions over Internet Protocol (IP) systems, for example, the Internet.

VoIP service providers have affected the commercial sector especially IT sector globally. There are many amazing features that VoIP service providers offer to help small businesses but in this article, we will discuss senior entrepreneurs and how VoIP technology can help them in establishing their own brand easily.

Who are senior Entrepreneurs

Senior entrepreneurs are those individuals who invest their money for commercial purposes even after the age of 50-60. These individuals whom most societies consider as retired businessmen can share their precious knowledge and investing ideas to make this world a better place. Nowadays it has been found that most of these senior people are interested in setting up their own business.

Today we are in the year 2018, where millennials are regarded as the future of this world. But we can’t ignore the contributions of senior entrepreneurs like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Ratan Tata and many more in giving this world a new direction.

In 2018 many retired businessmen/women are trying to invest their money in IT sector due to the vast uses of internet and smartphones. If you are a senior entrepreneur and want to set up a small business like a small call center, we are going to tell you three best features of VoIP technology which can help you in building a hassle-free and organized brand.

VoIP for a Stable Entrepreneurship

Voice over internet protocol has many features to woo an entrepreneur whether it’s a millennial or an old lady. There are some features that even can help you communicate with your customers or employees in case of any natural disasters. VoIP is a scalable technology and can be personalized as per the needs of a business. VoIP phone system is one of the finest technological achievements for senior entrepreneurs who want to manage their employees remotely. Be that as it may, we have three killer features which mean best features for senior entrepreneurs mentioned below. Check it now!

Do not disturb

Senior entrepreneurs are actually the retired business individuals, so whatever they do they just do it as an extra thing. If you want to set-up your small business with a quality VoIP service provider as a senior entrepreneur this feature of VoIP will help you lot in analyzing things without being disturbed.

Young business owners may handle the frazzled calls of their employees but it is quite difficult for senior individuals to attend all these calls. They need some rest, so with this feature, they can easily stop incoming calls to their VoIP phone system temporarily.

During conferences, lunch or gathering with family and friends, the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature of VoIP will help senior citizens relax their mind and body. The best thing about this feature is that it only directs the unwanted calls to other destinations like voicemail without ignoring them.


Conferencing is a quite familiar term in corporate sectors and small enterprises. This is a part of VoIP technology which can help senior entrepreneurs in setting up a conference on their existing systems.

As VoIP complements most applications and hardware, there will be no problem for you to manage and customize your conferencing needs. Senior entrepreneurs cannot go face to face with all their agents, managers or clients because of many reasons like aging issue, health issues,and other family issues.

They can arrange online meetings with this feature easily without facing problems. Every Entrepreneur knows that it can get messy and wrong if things are not managed well in online conferences. VoIP can help you with simple conferencing tactics that are easy to manage and afford for any kind of business.

Find me/follow me call routing

This feature is one of the most amazing features of VoIP to help those old individuals who want to use VoIP technology for setting up their businesses. If you are a senior entrepreneur and staying far from your family, you will appreciate this feature.

Find me/follow me call routing helps you make a list of those numbers which stay with you in office, pocket or other places. For example, in your absence, your office phone rings twice but on the third ring your cell phone starts to ring and then if you can’t pick it up, your wife’s phone starts to ring. If the list is exhausted, the caller will be directed to your voicemail.

Simply this is a cool feature that will help senior entrepreneurs to stay relaxed, away from stress and feel confident while doing business.


In this article, we tried to discuss three killer features of VoIP for senior entrepreneurs in 2018. We wish this may help you in setting up your business. In case you feel anything to suggest, we welcome your views on this article.