Is Bitdefender a good anti-virus software? – A Complete Review!

Is Bitdefender A Good Antivirus Software

Is Bitdefender A Good Antivirus Software

Bitdefender is one of the most famous names in the antivirus industry and serving its service for a very long time. But is Bitdefender a good antivirus software? 

The question of safety arises when you have to risk your important data. Through this Bitdefender review, we will find whether is it safe or not?

Introduction Bitdefender Antivirus Software

Bitdefender was founded on November 6, 2001, 19 years ago. It was launched by Florin Talpes. The company is headquartered in Bucharest, Romania. 

Device Compatibility Of Bitdefender Antivirus Software

This antivirus software is compatible with all windows operating systems and Mac. Moreover, this software can run on 5 devices simultaneously. 

Is Bitdefender A Good Antivirus Software? 

The task of protecting your PC and other devices from the wrath of external harms such as Trojans, viruses, malware, etc. has been made easier with the help of Bitdefender. It is an amazing software that is proven to give the best results in detecting malware on your computer and removing it. 

It is a great name that comes with a large number of plans and packages to give you complete PC solutions for online as well as offline safety of the PC.

Bitdefender comes with a variety of products today, such as its Total security package, Bitdefender VPN, Bitdefender Digital Identity protection, etc., but still, the most traditional and popular of its products is the anti-virus protection software provided by Bitdefender. 

It comes with firewall protection as well. It is compatible with Windows, Android, Mac OS, and iOS. The cost of Bitdefender anti-virus software starts from Rs. 1619 approx. for a year. 

What Are The Features Provided By Bitdefender Antivirus Software? 

Now we will read about the tasks that Bitdefender accomplishes for your computer. 

Various types of virus scans

The anti-virus software provided by Bitdefender is not at all bulky and provides its users the facility to run deep as well as quick scans. These scans help you detect any kind of malware present on your PC in any form, and thus you can consequently remove it from your system. 

With the help of Bitdefender, you need not do anything except giving your permission, and the other sets of tasks will be carried out by Bitdefender itself. 

Types of scans that Bitdefender anti-virus runs are: 

  • Quick scan– It is a lightweight scan that searches for areas such as the core system files and temporary files that often store viruses in them. It does not take much time and detects any amount of virus present in the PC. 
  • Custom scan– This scan allows you to scan any particular area or part of the PC where you believe viruses can be stored. 
  • System Scan– This is a thorough scan of the complete system in depth so that any hidden malware or virus in any corner of the PC can be identified. 
  • Vulnerability scan– This scan occurs in vulnerable areas of the PC such as application settings and software updates that can be prone to leak of data or other such risks to your privacy. 

Anti-Phishing technology

This is a web protection technology of Bitdefender, that blocks any site that you are surfing over the internet if it turns out to be blacklisted. 

Its anti-phishing technology works on all browsers and sometimes is more effective than the browser’s protection itself. It also protects you from websites, that may transfer malware into your PC in the form of downloads. 

Removal of unwanted files

The unwanted files that fill up the space on your PC can also be removed with the help of Bitdefender. 

These files may be the result of downloads from the internet or some software installation that might bring unnecessary files with it. 

These files may be corrupt or might pose danger to your PC. Bitdefender removes many types of unwanted files from your PC such as

  • Junk files
  • Browser history
  • Cache and cookies
  • Temporary files
  • Broken registry items
  • Recycle bin files. 

Real-time protection

Bitdefender comes with a facility that provides you protection in real-time. For example, if you are accessing some application or file and Bitdefender finds it to be defective or corrupt, it will detect it and try to give a solution for the same. Some of the potential threats that it detects are- 

  • Unwanted applications– sometimes some applications come with other many freeware apps and files within them, which are detected by Bitdefender.
  • Boot sectors– The issues in your PC that can affect the boot sectors are also identified by it. 
  • Keyloggers– There might be malware stored on your computer that can capture keystrokes. These are also ridden away by Bitdefender. 
  • New and modified files– Sometimes, new files or recently modified files can also come with hidden threats, which are cured by it. 
  • Networks– The networks existing on your PC might bring malware or viruses with them. These are taken care of by Bitdefender. 

Other features of Bitdefender that enhance its anti-virus stance are mentioned below- 

  • Firewall- Irrespective of the type of network that your PC is connected to, the Firewall of Bitdefender makes sure that any kind of virus or threats cannot enter your PC through the mode of online or offline networks. 
  • Ransomware protection– Ransomware is a type of virus that encrypts your files and resides in them. Bitdefender has a quick response to any ransomware that tries to affect any file and thus is automatically creates a backup of that file so that it can be used in case the original file is corrupted by the virus. 
  • Wi-Fi protection– whenever your PC is connected to Wi-Fi, it may lead to the coming of new malware in your PC, which can corrupt your files or steal them, especially in the case of Free or Public Wi-Fi. In this case, Bitdefender protects from such kinds of threats that can come from the Wi-Fi you use. 

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Final Verdict For Is Bitdefender A Good Antivirus Software? 

Thus, we can see that Bitdefender is a really good software for the protection of your PC from its most dreadful enemy- viruses. 

Moreover, Bitdefender ensures the optimization of your PC by working in the background and removing unnecessary apps running in the background or unwanted files present on your PC, to make sure that your PC runs at its best state. 

Although, there are still some lacking requirements in the system tuneup tool of Bitdefender, which if improved, can make Bitdefender a better option. Yet overall, it is great anti-virus software, with many other features that can provide you complete PC solutions.