Job Opportunities after SAP BASIS Certificate

SAP BASIS Certificate

SAP BASIS (Business Application Systems Integrated Solutions) is a middleware program which bridges the gap between products and systems applications in data processing and other modules. The SAP BASIS provides a platform to the customers and the module specific applications. It connects the SAP computational architecture with the operating systems and other networks and modules like finance, accounting, quality management, etc.

SAP BASIS comprises GUI (Graphical User Interface), RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) and many other important components which are necessary for system administration. This technology is essential for supporting memory management, system administration and SAP applications. SAP has a data dictionary of its own and the SAP-based applications can also be developed in the future if required.

If you have knowledge of Information Technology or have a Bachelor or Master’s Degree in Computer Applications, a certificate course in SAP BASIS will be very advantageous for you. Even if you don’t have in-depth knowledge about computer applications, but you have basic computational skills you can also join a course on SAP BASIS.

After the course gets over, you need to have a thorough idea about system administration tools working across various platforms from Windows to Linux. This course will help you master DBA skills and with an SAP BASIS certificate, you can get jobs in allied fields as well. If you join anywhere as an SAP BASIS consultant, developer or administrator, you are likely to earn 3-5 lacs per annum with added perks.

e working in reputed companies and your job will be to keep a check on all the components of the SAP administration. You need to attend to all the processes from installation, configuration and until the maintenance is done. You should put up your best management skills and also need to have a concrete idea regarding database creation.

If you get the job of an SAP system administration, you will get the pay package of approximately 32-33 thousand per month. Along with the salary package, you are likely to get very high bonuses as you fulfil your targets. As an SAP BASIS administrator, you need to execute user administration, manage and authorize all the databases that are present in your organisation.

The entire field of SAP BASIS works with people who are thorough professionals and expert in working on the SAP system. They know how to troubleshoot any technical error on the SAP system and they also have vast knowledge starting from installation, configuration, and migration, patching and updating all the applications present in the system. They thoroughly administer all the regular operations of the client’s SAP system as well as keep a check on the overall landscape of the system.

Therefore, you can see how beneficial and fruitful it is to have a certified course on SAP BASIS. You can successfully become an SAP-certified consultant with a good salary package as well as earn any other job in the related fields of computer science. So, hurry up and join the course now!