Lingoda Marathon Rules 2024

Lingoda marathon rules

As we know Lingoda is one of the famous online language learning platforms. Where you can learn native languages easily through experienced native teachers. You have to obey their Lingoda marathon rules to complete this challenge successfully. Lingoda takes full responsibility to make you fluent. But did you know the rules you have to follow while taking this Lingoda marathon challenge? That’s why we mention all the rules below. So you can learn your favorite language easily.

What Are The Lingoda Marathon Rules 2024?

Many people say Lingoda is a tough challenge to complete, but I don’t think this marathon challenge is tough. If you take it seriously and obey all of their rules, then you can pass this challenge easily. Here is the rule you have to keep in mind to complete this challenge.

1. Duration 

The first rule to keep in mind is the duration of your course. You have to choose and pay for a suitable plan for yourself. The real challenge begins after class allotments. 

There are 3 types of marathon plans

Quarter Marathon – 3 months 

Half Marathon – 6 months 

Full Marathon – 12 months

2. Number of classes

This is the most important and challenging Lingoda Marathon rules for all. Consistency or regularity is the most important factor when you want to learn something quickly. That’s why during this time period candidates must have to attend at least 90% of the classes to qualify for the refund.

Type of planTotal classes Must attend
Quarter Marathon4540
Half Marathon9080
Full Marathon 180160

3. Attend full classes

During this Lingoda Marathon challenge candidates must have to attend the full class from start to finish. Also, you cannot be late or leave early. If the class is canceled by the teacher or cannot happen due to the teacher’s fault then the class count as an attended class. Also, you don’t have to retake or cancel the class.

4. Refund

The amount of the refund depends on the candidate who chooses the plan as well as its successful completion. Once the marathon is completed the candidate will be informed within 45 days of completing with results, they will inform the candidate about if they are eligible for the refund or not.

These are the Lingoda Marathon rules through which you can complete your Lingoda Marathon challenge successfully. Also, you can read their term and condition before applying for the marathon challenge.

How Many Languages You Can Learn From Lingoda?

Languages to learn from Lingoda

Through Lingoda you can learn many native languages easily and fluently. They teach you 5 major languages at different Lingoda marathon price. Which helps you to enhance your communication skills. Also, the teachers are very amazing and experienced which means you are in the right hands. So you can learn your favorite language without any worries.

5 languages which you can learn from Lingoda

  • German 
  • French 
  • Spanish 
  • General English  
  • Business English 

Also Lingoda is trying to add more language courses so more people can connect with them and learn with them, for reviews of Lingoda you can check Lingoda review.

What Time Are The Lingoda Classes?

There is not any fixed time for your class,  they are available 24/7 so you can schedule your class according to your schedule whenever you are free. They also provide one on one classes so you can schedule what type of class is best for you.

Does Lingoda Offer A Free Trial?

Yes, Lingoda gives you a 7-day free trial through which you can check their services. After trial, if you’re comfortable with the classes then you can purchase their Marathon course plan and start learning with them. Also, you can get discounts through Lingoda sprint promo code to save money.

FAQs Related To Lingoda Marathon Rules ?

Here are some top queries to clear your doubts. 

How long does the Lingoda class last?

The duration of the class can be 1 hour 30 minutes or more.

How many levels are there in Lingoda marathon rules?

Six, Lingoda follows CERF so it has 6 levels A1 to C2

Do you get your money back with Lingoda?

Yes, if you complete the 90-day Lingoda sprint successfully. Then they will refund you the entire cost of the course.