MacBook Pro 16 Inch Review 2024

Macbook Pro 16 Inch Review

Here you will get familiar with the most popular version of the Macbook. Read Apple Macbook Pro 16 Inch Review to get familiar with this.

Apple’s MacBook-Pro laptop was not seeing anything new for a long time. With the new Pro, this Capable company has tried to remove this complaint. Apple Macbook Pro 16 Inch 2024 is not just a laptop it is the most powerful apple product to date. Apple has manufactured a Macbook pro that upgrades almost every feature of their iconic workstation.

Apple Macbook pro is a MacOS based product with 16 Inch 2560×1600 with the largest Retina Display in the Mac notebook lineup. The Macbook Pro 2024 produces 500 nits of brightness for superb highlights, bright whites, and a sharper screen with redesigned keyboard. The new laptop’s 500-nit retina display attracts the eye a lot. Playing multimedia content or editing images on it gives a great experience. Its screen size is 16 inches. While the previous Pro had 15.4 inches. The new Apple MacBook pro looks slightly longer and wider. Apple has also increased its weight to 1.95 kg.

Redesigned Keyboard and upgraded processor

Other major improvements include the new Magic Keyboard. If you ask a pro user about the new redesigned keyboard, the answer will be mostly the same that they all are fully happy with it. Apple uses a scissor switch-based mechanism system in this new MacBook Pro lineup. This means that the distance between the two buttons is in millimeters. It does not look like a 15.4-inch old variant. Apple has given four USB-C ports in it. However, there is no card slot. This specification may disappoint their customers. The new Pro is equipped with six and eight-core with i7 and i9 processors. It can boost their speed up to 4.5 GHz. It has a more powerful AMD Radeon Pro 5500 GPU, which can be extended up to 8 TB. All these specifications together make it a very powerful laptop. It can handle even the heaviest tasks with great ease.

Best Speaker Ever in a powerful laptop

The New Macbook Pro laptop comes with a six-speaker system, three speakers on the left, and three speakers on the right vents positioned on the keyboard. The new six-speaker set offers better sound than any other laptop because these six speakers are equipped with Dolby Atmos sound. It is the actual capability of these speakers that will more impress you. If you are watching movies, web series, or playing some games of the day because the sound emanating from these speakers is the top class. It’s interesting. The MacBook Pro has really a good soundstage but they don’t give you the good bass that you got to your regular standalone portable speaker, it does not give you a shabby sound at all. The Apple brand gives a headphone jack with Macbook Pro.

Amazing Battery life

Apple claims that the new Pro gives up to 11 hours of battery life and we can say on the basis of our review that the company’s claim is absolutely true. If you are working on the laptop the whole day, so, you’ll need to charge it in the evening. This is for mixed usage. If you do video editing and some other heavy software, then you have to charge a little earlier. If you are doing only browsing and emails, report typing, and content writing so you will be able to manage every other day. Apple gives you with it a large power 96w charging adapter. It is more capable of charging MacBook Pro 16 inches. It has 3 USB ports and it comes with support thunderbolt 3.

Value for money?

If you can pay around 2 lakhs for a laptop, it is perfect for you. The good thing is that the Apple MacBook Pro 16 Inches price Rs 1, 99,990. Apple presented two variants of Apple Macbook Pro – of the Macbook Pro 16 inches Rs 1,99,990 and get some discounts and software here. And the second variant costs Rs 2,339,990 and it comes with a 2.3 GHz 8-core, Intel i9, turbo boosts up to 4.8 GH, with 16M shared L3 cache, 1TB SSD, and 4GB Graphics card AMD Radeon Pro 5500M. The rates of all Apple products are always very high, but this is the first time that Apple has launched a product at such a reasonable price with such a good configuration.

It is a very worthy product for photographers, web designers, and those people who are using some editing software. It is really an affordable product according to its configuration display quality keyboard design and their brand value. If anyone is looking to upgrade their 15 inches Macbook pro with a 16 inches laptop for a long time, it has become the most ideal laptop for you. You can also save a lot of money on your favorite Macbook Pro by shopping it on OWC Cyber Monday Sale.

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Conclusion- Macbook Pro 16 Inch Review

MacBook Pro 16 inches is really a value for money product. It comes at a very reasonable price according to their specification, display quality, keyboard design, and their brand value. Its bold configure change is its retina display quality and keyboard design.  It has Dolby atmos six speakers which gives you better sound quality compared to other laptop speakers. If you are already using Apple’s product, then it is a very useful product for you.