What is OWC SSD

solid state drive. Choose the OWC SSD, whether it is for content creation, editing, or mission-critical data storage, to boost the best speed, efficiency, and performance of their ideal workflow. Strictly tested in the laboratory, OWC SSDs provide reliability and performance unbreakably. Other World Computing (OWC) is an American company. It is an online store for Mac computer hardware and MacSales.com that was founded in 1988.

Types of OWC SSD

Mercury Aura SSDs Accelsior SSDs
Extreme Pro 6G Aura Pro X2 Accelsior 4M2
Electra 6G Aura N Accelsior S
Electra 3G Aura P12 Accelsior M
M.2 Aura  

 OWC SSD Review

OWC merc-electra-pro 6g_gall4 Like not using an (SSD) solid state drive for the first time anywhere: ignition speed, reliability of data is not reliable, no part ringing, so stay quiet and run quietly. But just because SSDs are robust does not mean that they get complicated to use. With our instructional videos, SSD is a simple plug-and-play installation and they are one of the fastest and easiest ways to help you get the best performance of your computer, new or old instantly. This is actually the answer to this question: If you don’t like the speed of your machine and haven’t upgraded to an SSD, what are you waiting for?

Super-fast startup and application launch

SSD “first time” I like this. I can’t believe I waited so long. On my Mac 4.1, there is a boot drive as a pro set and easy installation. Start everything from very fast boot applications. It is like a new computer.

Works well, run fast!

When I installed it on my Mac, I found that my Mac speed had a difference and I enjoyed working too much and was digesting why I didn’t use it for so long. Let me tell you that It is awesome I cannot talk more about this drive; you should stop it and buy and use it.

Don’t wait so much

After the original hard drive online I started acting, so I decided to try my 240GB MacBook Pro 2011 Mercury Extreme Pro 6G SSD. Wow! Boot time I can click on them, 16. Gone 90 seconds to the application will open quickly. Changes can buy your upgrade that will improve your performance. My only issue is I would now like to buy one for my Mac Mini.

I read all the reviews about SSD upgrade speed. Well, it is almost ridiculous that my MacBook is too fast now. It screamed; my Mac felt twice as fast. To avoid the problem …. with all of Mac … I have always bought the major products, services, and support from OWC.

Great and exceed expectations

I hope that at least upgrading Mac Pro to my 2008 will be a task that is difficult and expensive to replace my computer for years and I would say that hope before I install it, it Was too much. The only regret is that I did not upgrade a year ago, but now I think I have good luck.

OWC Customer Support


OWC believe the best possible technology experience for their customers. Their USA based customer support team is available to assist customers with every aspect of their experience, so inquiries, established to guide and troubleshoot recognized. Here is OWC to help you the most from your Mac or PC.

Best Ram For iMac

Which RAM is best for iMac

We all use Computers in some or other ways to perform our daily tasks and when we talk about computers there is one name that provides the best quality devices and services – Apple. Apple makes some of the best daily drivers and gadgets. iMac is also one of the best products of Apple that most of us use to perform our different work. But like every electronic device there comes a time when your laptop, Desktop, or iMac starts to slow down. To give a new life to your aging iMac or Computer there are two very common upgrades that you can do to add some more life to your device and make them snappy. Either you can replace your hard drive with Solid State Storage (SSD) or you can add more RAM to get faster user experience. I will explain here which Ram is best for your IMac

Random Access Memory (RAM) helps your iMac or Computer to Run Smoothly and without sufficient memory in your device you might experience significant slowdowns, crashes, hangs and a lot more things. Having some good amount of RAM is very necessary otherwise you iMac will struggle to keep up with today’s memory-intensive soft wares, applications, and System Services. If you don’t know about RAM than to give an idea there are two types of memory in iMac or Modern Day computers or Mobiles. One is for storing different things like Operating System, Photos, Videos, and Files all that and another is RAM which is the working memory of your device that performs any task or runs any application. And Without enough of that, you cannot open multiple tabs, you cannot run multiple applications or play videos games properly and many more problems.

Where to buy iMac RAM?

Just like all the Apple products upgrading or adding new hardware into your Apple device is quite expensive if you buy it from their website and it’s even more expensive if you take your iMac device to Apple Service Centre. But in recent times things have changed a lot and prices of some computer hardware products are decreased due to the introduction of new companies who are providing the same Products with the same quality at lesser prices. In this article, I have mentioned some of the places where you can find the best deals on All Apple products especially the RAM. You can buy it from anywhere and upgrade your iMac yourself easily without spending extra bucks.

 Buying Advice for Choosing the Perfect RAM for your iMac

 The thing you must keep in mind that always buy RAM from big companies or Manufacturers as they provide a high-quality product with a lifetime guarantee and there is also no point in investing in any local brand product that might fail just after some time of use. The second point which is the most important in choosing RAM of iMac and all other devices is to check the compatibility of RAM with your system and other hardware.

There are many different types of RAM available in the market but there are two factors to consider which make sure compatibility with your system and its resources – Speed and size of RAM. For size, you can check your system configuration and find out how much you can upgrade. You can also ask the company or do a quick search online to find out how much your system can take. For speed, you can check out the type of memory your system have such as (2666MHz DDR4 SDRAM). Only compatible RAM will work properly with your device so make sure you get the perfect combination for yourself

Where to Buy Best RAM for iMac at Best Price?

There are not many but a few websites or places from where you can get the best deal for yourself. Most of them are mentioned below:

  • Crucial :


Crucial is one of the most genuine and top-rated websites for all Mac products. You can visit Crucial.com and find out all the mac products, RAM, Motherboards, SSD at most competitive prices.

  • OWC:


The Second place you can visit for RAM is OWC. They deal with all apple products and deliver them in most parts of the world. They also provide refurbished or Second hand Apple gadgets at a really good price.



Is OWC a good brand

Is OWC a good brand

Know how OWC is a good brand?

Definitely Yes, Everybody to know, about OWC, It’s a popular American hardware company. That was founded in 1988 and this company’s founder’s name is Larry O’Connor, Founder, and CEO. OWC  updates the Kit and accessories for iMac, Mapro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro in the hardware computing market. OWC is real, a reputable, and reliable hardware company which provide their customers RAM and drivers at a reasonable price. Here you can get a decent price also if you want to sell some new products that come with computers. OWC (other world computing) is the first choice for every customer and its customer and delivery service is excellent. You can also get very good exchange offers here on every product. Every company is known for her work and if here we talk about OWC work than, They don’t make a simple product there every product is beautifully designed.

Learn More About OWC (Other World Computing)

A company makes its products in such a way that every computer and mobile life can expand. Every problem of the customer be solved, and they did not have to be disturbed again and again. Many people purchase RAM and Macbook on other websites and get caught up in their false promises and their customer service is not also good. OWC headquarters 2650 Bridge Ln, Woodstock, Illinois, 60098, United StatesBut OWC is the most truly accessible place and worldwide famous hardware company. OWC is a very large hardware company in the computer industry and is also a member of the Apple Developer Program. Everybody knows Other World Computing customers and products both features and performance is too good. If you still do any other company’s products, change it in your lifestyle and become modern and advance.


Why OWC Deserve For Trust

In its 30-year career, Other World Computing has produced lots of items including computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc. Today, crores of people have connected to OWC. Business is a game of faith and honesty, which survive on the amount of faith. And maybe OWC has also left no stone unturned in providing these two things to his customers. But everywhere you will find your competitors, there are has also many competitors in this computing hardware industry such as Technology, Inc., Small Dog Electronics Inc., Sonnet Technologies Inc., Mamall & Tates. Which is giving this time competition to OWC.

If you too belong to this industry, then use products from other world computing companies and increase the performance of your computer, mobile, tablets, or laptop. If you phase some issues after purchase OWC items then you can get your money back within 30 days and 2 to 5 years warranty on every item.  If you want to save more money then you can use more many types of coupons vouchers websites. Where you can save your maximum money. OWC’s externals link-macesales.com and OWC.com here you can check every product’s reviews and details. You can easily find the OWC’s products on any online e-commerce website.

Best Free VPN Service For Windows 10

3 Best Free VPN Service For Windows 10 In 2020


Wanna get the free VPN service for Windows 10? We got the list of top 3 Free VPNs for Windows in 2020. 

These VPNs are the best VPN providers, you can find online. They give you some amazing security and online protection. 

In this article, we are going to discuss their key features and what features are included in the free version. You will the relevant information and details about these free VPNs. Check out these amazing free VPNs in 2020 for Windows 10.  

free VPn providers for windows 10

Aviara Phantom VPN

Aviara VPN is one of the best free VPN services for windows 10 you can get out in the market with fantastic free features. This is the right VPN if you are looking for online security and many more for free. The functions and features are amazing. Let’s check them out-

Free VPN For Various Devices and Software

You can enjoy this VPN on various devices and software. For example, you can use it for free for Windows, Macs, Android, And iOS, etc. You are not limited to one device for a system with this VPN. You have a choice here. 

What Free Version Got?

You get 500 MB/month, secure IP address, and bank-grade encryption with this free VPN. Do everything online without any fear of hackers and malicious codes. 

Good Security

It secures your online activities and masks your IP address so that nobody can track your IP and exploit it. 

No Logs

This VPN has a no-log policy and what this does is that Aviara VPN doesn’t know which website you open online. 

Surf Anonymously 

You can stream and surf online without worrying about threats. You can change your IP address with this VPN. 

DNS Leak Prevention

This is a very good feature of this VPN to make your experience with VPN more amazing. 

Data Encryption

This feature is about keeping your private communications and data protected from all types of cyber threats. 

Overall Performance

Overall free performance of this VPN is very good. However, it only gives 500 MB/month and for unlimited you have to buy the pro plan with comes some extra features like Killswitch and customer support. 

top 3 vpns in 2020


Hotspot Sheild

Hotspot Sheild is a very good free VPN for your Windows. And also it is one of the fastest VPN in the world as per Ookla’s speed test. This VPN has 3200 servers in 80 plus countries all around the world. You can use this VPN and don’t have to be worried about security and privacy. It is good for both of them. Hotspot Sheild is the best free VPN service for windows 10. 

Now let’s check out some of its cool features. 

Military Grade encryption 

This feature is what secures and protects your PC from harmful malware and phishing sites. Your PC’s security is the first most important thing you need to take care of. 

Whenever you connect to a public Wifi, your private information could be leaked. That is why this feature fights all the harmful threats to your Windows. 

Link up to 5 devices

All you have to do is create an account to access this feature. Then you can connect up to 5 devices to this VPN. You can connect your Moblie Phone, Tablet, TV, etc. 

Global Internet Access

This VPN offers over 3200 servers that are spread across 80+ countries and in 35+ cities in the world. This feature makes this VPN more efficient and useful. 


With this VPN you don’t have to be worried about privacy issues. As Hotspot Shield protects your privacy from others and at the same time it doesn’t keep any browsing history of yours. 

Unlimited Bandwidth

This feature comes with the premium plan. You can get unlimited bandwidth and you don’t have any restriction or limitation. Stream as much as you want with this feature. 

How to Download it for Free?

It is very simple to download this VPN. All you have to do is go to the official site of Hotspot Shield click the button download for WIndows. On this page, you will get two buttons, one for Premium and the other for downloading it for free. Click on the download it for free and there you go. Install it in your windows PC and Connect to Hotspot shield then select your location and you’re done

best free VPN in 2020

TunnelBear ( Free VPN Service For Windows 10)

TunnelBear gives your amazing speed, better security, and the most fantastic part that it also has a free plan. You get some amazing features in its free plan also. This is a very good free deal if you want some basic VPN protection and security. Now let’ check out its key features-

Impressive Speed

When it comes to speed, this VPN is very impressive. TunnelBear’s global server is optimized in such a way that you do not get stuck and experience any buffering while streaming and surfing. 

Better Security

The security is also very good. It secures your personal data and passwords from online theft. When you connect your device to public wifi, you become vulnerable to hacking and cyber theft. Hackers use public wifi to steal your personal data. But with TunnelBear your secure and safe from online theft. 

Powerful Encryption

This VPN’s encryptions are outstanding for providing the best security possible. It uses a powerful AES 256 bit by default. 

Secures Your Online Privacy

Your online privacy is a must in today’s digital world. There are a lot of people and things lurking online in order to get the best of you. Your one mistake can put your online privacy into risk. With this VPN your online stuff is fully secured. 

Halts IP based Tracking

Your PC’s IP address can be tracked by Ad services. That is why you get a new IP address with TunnelBear VPN to protect your PC from this hack.  

What Free version Got?

In TunnelBear’s Free version you get 500 MB of secure browsing. For unlimited browsing, you have to get the premium plans which are also not that expensive. Tunnelbear is one of the best free VPN service for windows 10. 

Final Thoughts 

So these are the  3 best free VPN service for windows 10 you can get out there. They have some amazing features keeping in mind that they are free. 

And also, of course, they are not as good as paid but for simple and limited use these are the best VPNs for Windows and PCs. And some of them you can use on any device android, mac, iOs, etc. 

Overall you can download any of these free VPNs for basic security. If you want more advanced features then you can get the premium or pro version of them. And the price isn’t as high as other VPNs you will get online. 


Benefits of OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD

Benefits of OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD 2020

OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD is specially designed for Mac users. It is very beneficial for Mac devices. If your Mac device is slow but you do not want to replace or change it then you can go with Aura Pro X2 SSD. This SSD will help you to upgrade your PC faster. If there is a problem in your storage then there is no reason to replace your Mac. Aura Pro X2 SSD is not the first thing to upgrade your Mac device but it was the one that attempts a good job. With a number of benefits of OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD, it is affordable too. You can also buy it with OWC Coupon Code that will help you to get a huge discount on the purchase of this most popular SSD for your Mac device.

Top 4 Benefits of OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD

Benefits of OWC Aura Pro X2 SSD 2020

There are numerous benefits of OWC Aura Pro X2 2020. If you will get this SSD for your Mac device then you will not need to replace your Mac.  Some of the advantages are given below:

  • High Capacity
  • Compatibility
  • Easy Install
  • Free Shipping & Money Back Guarantee

High Capacity

If you need a huge storage for your Mac device then Aura Pro X2 is the right choice for your Mac device. It is available in various capacities up to 2 TB storage limit. You can also upgrade your Mac Flash Storage Up to 16 times to the capacity of the original drive. It is one of the high storage capacity SSD. It is the best option for Mac users if they want high storage.


Aura Pro X2 is compatible for 4 types of Mac which scores high in compatibility. It is compatible for Mac book Pro with Retina Display, MacBook Air, Mac Pro cylindrical design,  Mac mini. If you want to upgrade these Mac devices then you can get Aura Pro X2.

Easy Install

It is very easy to Install this amazing SSD with high storage. Aura Pro is very easy to upgrade which you can install it by yourself. OWC also offers video tutorial for the Installation of this SSD to your Mac device. Still, if you face any difficulty then you can directly contact to the US support team they will help you out in the Aura Pro X2 Installation process. Everything that needs for installation will come in the box except the screwdrivers that need to open your Mac device.

Free Shipping & Money Back Guarantee

At OWC you will get Free Shipping and also 30 days money-back guarantee. You do not need to spend extra money by ordering it online. If you will face any issue then you can get your money back within 30 days. The company also provides 24/7 Customer Support so that if you will face any issue then you can directly contact the OWC’s expert team. They will help you to solve your queries regarding Aura Pro X2 SSD. You will also get 5 Year Warranty on the part. You do not need to think to buy this excellent SSD for your Mac.


As we have read the benefits of Aura Pro X2 SSD. The SSD provides excellent benefits. You do not need to change your Mac product. Now purchase this cost-effective SSD for your device with Macsales Coupon Code and enjoy the high storage feature in your older Mac device.

Kaspersky Cyber monday

News: Kaspersky Cyber Monday Deals

Cyber Monday sales start after Black Friday. This year Cyber Monday will start on 2nd December 2019. This is the biggest shopping season that has come for the United States. On Cyber Monday, Online stores are selling their products at a huge discount. This is the most awaited shopping season in the United States. Kaspersky Cyber Monday deals bring you the biggest special offers.


Kaspersky wants, you make secure your device with the exclusive deals up to 60-70% discount on your favorites Kaspersky products on this Cyber Monday deals. Kaspersky offers you an amazing antivirus solution.

Benefits of Kaspersky cyber Monday sale

Kaspersky brings you different offers with different products. You can get more benefits on cyber Monday sale like:

  • Kaspersky Company gives you benefits with exciting offers on cyber Monday sales. They give you pro-active, anti-malware protection, Cloud-based solution at a special discounted rate.
  • Kaspersky Cyber Monday sale, you will get 30 days money-back guarantee which is the most popular condition. Every Store will not provide this condition.
  • Select any Kaspersky products as you need for your need at a huge discount. This is beneficial for you, when you purchase any Kaspersky products with offers, so you can get also an extra discount also.

Special Discount on Kaspersky Products

Kaspersky Cyber Monday deals are available on all Kaspersky products. You can buy the products as you need and get special discounts.

  • Get Up to 15% off on Kaspersky Endpoint Security
  • Get Up to 30% off on Kaspersky Local Security
  • Get up to 40% off on Kaspersky Internet Security
  • Get up to 50% off on Kaspersky Antivirus
  • Get up to 60% off on Kaspersky Total Security
  • SPECIAL SALE – Get Up to 60% off on popular Kaspersky products

Hurry Up! Use the discount coupon and get the extra discount during purchasing Kaspersky any products.

Kaspersky Black Friday deals 2019

News: Kaspersky Black Friday deals 2019

This Black Friday save your money and secure your data from viruses and hackers. Kaspersky Black Friday deals bring you, up to 60% discount on Kaspersky all products. Kaspersky gives you amazing deals on all products.

All products less you purchasing price with discount coupons. Discount is available on all Kaspersky products and you can connect 3 devices minimum as per the deal. You can purchase all these products with deals:

Kaspersky Black Friday deals

  1. Kaspersky Antivirus

Kaspersky Anti-Virus provides security to protect malware, detection, and other viruses program. You can save up to 60% while purchasing with Black deals.

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security

When you are surfing the internet with a web browser so, it helps to protect from internet spyware, securely bank payments and hackers. Kaspersky Black Friday deals give your price affordable on this product.

  1. Kaspersky Total Security

Kaspersky Total security is used for commercials because they protect with all types of viruses, spyware and internet protection with more advanced features like webcam security, Anti-Ransome, password managers, parental control protects your kids from internet activities, VPN (Virtual Private Network). You will get to this product within your budget with an all-in-one license. You can save more money on this Kaspersky black Friday deals

Kaspersky support:

Kaspersky provides you support with 24*7 and get technical support and enterprise support for your business are available. Customer supports for all products.

How to secure Computer from Virus

How to Secure Your Computer from Virus | 5 Important Tips

Your computer contains a lot of useful data that includes your private pictures, your login credential, bank details, and much more stuff. But when you make use of the internet on your computer or use an external drive then there’s a high possibility that your computer gets attacked by viruses and other malicious programs. You must know all the possible ways to secure your computer from viruses that are built by hackers.

When you install unprotected & hoax programs that contain viruses then you are inviting viruses to your computer (directly or indirectly). That’s why you must check the threatening level and program ownership.

Underestimating viruses and hacking programs can lead you into big troubles and that’s why I’m going to tell you some best ways that help you to protect your computer from malware, virus, Trojan and other scripts.

The Effect of Virus on your PC:-

  • It can be lost your necessary data.
  • Hanging or slow your computer system performance.
  • Crashed your Operating System.
  • Showing crashes or error messages, repeatedly.

That’s why you have to secure your computer from virus.

Let’s begins to secure your computer from virus

secure computer from virus

1. Up-to-date Operating System (OS) & Other Programs

you should update your OS & other system programs (like software, drivers) because:

  1. Automatically OS and Other systems are creating bugs and this minor update is most important to fix the bug and prevent the virus. That’s why your PC gives you a hanging problem & slow performance.
  2. Updated OS and system software can improve your PC performance. This updating reduces the problems in your system.
  3. Due to Unused Softwares are creating bug which is changed into the virus and slow down the PC performance.

2. Install, Scan and Up-To-Date Antivirus

Antivirus is necessary to protect your Computer because:

  1. First of all, Install recommended free antivirus on your PC, you need to computer operator’s suggestions because many antiviruses are available in the market. But, I recommend, you should use Avast, Kaspersky, panda and more. You may choose according to the features & price. If you get more features in any antivirus, you’ll have to pay more money.
  2. You should scan manually with antivirus inserted every external device like USB, External Hard Drives and various types of storage device and you must enable the automatic scan.
  3. You need to more care about update your Antivirus because it fixes the creating bugs also.

3. Network & Browser Security

Network security is everything when you surfing the internet because:

  1. You must use a secure network because a secure network helps to suffer the internet and use the Anti-spyware plugin to make secure your browser from spying.
  2. You should not open a fake and trolling website who offers you a gift because it can be harmful to your PC.
  3. The firewall has a more useful feature of the Operating System. They are available for windows and macOS. A firewall is designed to block unauthorized access with computers and networks. If you are using Google chrome. So, you must install the All in One WP Security & Firewall, this plugin helps you protect from hackers.

4. Protect your Emails & Prevent from Spam Mails

You should install the antivirus first. Your PC antivirus helps you identify the virus that comes from email. Before open emails must scan through antivirus.

  1. If you enable the email previews that you can make sure, what email you should not open. This will help you in huge protection.
  2. Never reply to fraud email, these emails attract you through offers & deals invitation. These email harm to your PC from virus.
  3. You should not submit your email address on an unsecured website. Unsecure website sends you fake emails that are unprotected.

5. Backup your Data

Unfortunately, if you use public Wi-Fi, so windows corrupt due to public networks and lost your database through cyber-attack.

You should back up the important data with an external hard drive, online storage service or cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox. They help you to protect your important files from the virus. Your data will never be lost unless.

Hire A Virtual Receptionist

How A Virtual Receptionist Optimizes Brand Reputation

To have a virtual receptionist is an essential part of a business. This makes the difference between achieving goals and failing to achieve them. Regardless of the size of your business or trade, customers always expect exceptional customer service. Juggling various tasks makes delivering this hard for in-house staff. Luckily, a virtual reception has all the time devoted to optimizing your brand reputation with customers. Below is how.

Answering all calls

People usually call customer service for various reasons depending on the nature of business. However, putting them on hold for ages is a bad experience that dents brand reputation. Customers look forward to talking to a real person but not a robot. This makes them feel satisfied at the end of the call. With a virtual receptionist, you have a dedicated person to handle all calls to your office.

This eliminates putting a caller on hold for extended periods. It also saves potential customers from listening to pre-recorded messages. Talking to a live person significantly enhances customers’ experiences with your brand. It encourages brand loyalty and sending referrals while giving your business five-star reviews. Sooner than later, your brand reputation is likely to shoot through the roof because of your exceptional customer service.

More customer time 

Business startups usually lack appropriate resources to finance all business operations. Additionally, large business owners understand the importance of cost-cutting. Usually, the customer service department falls victim in form of unanswered calls leaving customers not satisfied. These obviously will never come back to your brand. This usually happens during peak periods like holidays where the phone is always buzzing. A good idea is to hire a virtual receptionist to meet your call needs.

Additionally, this receptionist allocates more time to each caller. This significantly enhances customer satisfaction. Not rushing callers during a call allows gathering all appropriate information and responding to their issues more professionally. All this happens without having other callers on hold for too long. Virtual receptionists allow callers to take their time before appropriate responding to their questions in the best way possible.

Better market segmentation

Market research is very important when expanding into a new geographic location. This exposes your products or services to different cultures than those in the original market. It is harder for in-house receptionists to understand the nuances of the new cultures. This is because they spend all day in your office complex. Your brand might become inefficient at connecting with new customers.

A virtual receptionist works remotely and more knowledgeable about diversity in cultures. This equips the receptionist with a better understanding of market demographics. Assistance from a virtual receptionist makes it allows connecting with different market segments. This allows solving their problem by offering appropriate products or services. Apart from encouraging more brand exposure and sales, it significantly enhances brand reputation to make you a market leader.

Pursuing potential clients

A virtual receptionist is dedicated to handling all issues regarding calls in your business apart from call answering. This includes calling clients and potential customers. The ideal virtual receptionist makes and receives calls to promote further customer engagement. This is through appointment reminder calls to avoid appointment no-shows and following up abandoned shopping carts. Reaching out to customers at various levels through different channels motivates customers to make purchases from your business.

Gives your brand an edge

In the highly competitive market, only smart and resilient business owners survive. Having a dedicated virtual receptionist gives your brand a more professional appeal. This makes your business stand out from competitors to enhance your reputation.  A virtual receptionist scales to meet your business requirements. You can have a virtual receptionist any time need arises. This includes in situations of high call volumes to back up your current receptionist, for emergencies, or during staff shortage.

Handling administrative tasks

Apart from call related issues, a virtual receptionist helps in handling various administrative tasks. You can always trust this receptionist to manage contact lists and customer spreadsheets. The virtual receptionist maintains your calendar for efficient appointment scheduling. Additionally, the receptionist manages all correspondences to your office and transcription tasks.

You can always have peace of mind that the virtual receptionist is handling all your travel arrangements. The receptionist also sends out all appropriate information requested by customers. This enhances customer engagement with your brand and gives customers a positive experience. The receptionist all handles all customer inquiries on the phone and through email.


The best to do to make things easier in your office is hiring a virtual receptionist. This ensures that all calls are answered professionally while allocating callers more time. The receptionist understands diversity in cultures better for appropriate market segmentation to give your brand an edge in the market. Implementing a few touches goes a long way to enhance your brand reputation and attracting more customers.

Kaspersky vs. McAfee

Kaspersky vs. McAfee | Which Antivirus Is Better?

This blog post is the way to understand about Kaspersky vs. McAfee differences because many users have queries regarding this. I make sure this blog will help you with a comparison between both Antiviruses.

Globally, Kaspersky Lab is a multinational cybersecurity company located in Russia and it created in 1997.

In 2019 (Jan-Oct), 550 million users purchase Kaspersky products.

Whereas McAfee is a global computer security software company of America and it created in 1987.

In 2019, 622 million Users purchased their products yet.

Similarities & Dissimilarity of Kaspersky & McAfee

Similarity & Dissimilarity of Kaspersky & McAfee

1. Compatible with Operating System

KASPERSKY SuitesMcAfee Suites
Kaspersky free (Windows only)-----
Kaspersky Antivirus
(Windows only)
McAfee Antivirus Plus
(Windows only)
Kaspersky Internet security
(Windows & Mac only)
McAfee Internet security
(Windows & Mac only)
Kaspersky Total security
(Windows & Mac only)
McAfee Total security
(Windows & Mac only)
-------McAfee Live Safe
(Windows & Mac only)

Note: Kaspersky & McAfee Company provides more products that also work with Android and iOS devices.

2. Protection with Smart home

Kaspersky & McAfee offers you smart home protection but there are some different means, Kaspersky gives you protection, remote connection with technicians whereas McAfee gives you also protection with built into routers.

3. Supported Unlimited Devices

Kaspersky has support only limited to 10 devices whereas McAfee has support unlimited devices but some products.

4. Enterprises Support

Kaspersky and McAfee both provide you with Enterprises support. You can get a solution easily and technical support related to Kaspersky or McAfee’s business products.

Now, we are explaining to you about Kaspersky and McAfee’s all antivirus suites and you can understand properly.

Kaspersky All Antivirus Suites

1. Kaspersky Free

Kaspersky Free provides you basic protection for your PC. This is available at free of cost. They protect from different kinds of malware like Trojans, worms, viruses, and ransomware but you can’t get advanced protection services.

Note: Compatible with windows.

2. Kaspersky Antivirus

This is an advanced version of Kaspersky free. They protect your PC from all kinds of viruses. They provide you services such as basic protection internet surfing, they give decreases the notification & messages to enabling Gaming mode.

Note: compatible for Windows.

3. Kaspersky Internet Security

This Kaspersky version provides you PC protection with advanced internet security. They protect from hackings, internet threats, firewall utility, and provide more security to web-browser. Protect from webcam & microphone spying.

Note: It compatible with Windows, MAC, and smartphone.

4. Kaspersky Total Security

This is more powerful with more effective for your PC. Kaspersky total security provides you more features such as :

  • Advance protection,
  • Privacy protection for webcam & track your digital activities,
  • protect your Safe payment with E-commerce sites,
  • Kid safety in the digital world,
  • secure your email account password,
  • backup & encryption for your photo music and other document files. They provide full security for PC, MAC and mobile.

Note: It compatible with Windows & MAC.

Kaspersky Product Plans

Kaspersky ProductsPrice (India)Price (United State)
Kaspersky FreeFreeFree
Kaspersky Antivirus₹479.20* (1 year)
Only 1 device
$23.99* (1 year)
Only 3 device
Kaspersky Internet Security₹699.30* (1 year)
Only 1 device
$31.99* (1 year)
Only 3 device
Kaspersky Total Security₹1396.85* (1 year)
Only 1 device
$39.99* (1 year)
Only 5 device

Kaspersky vs. McAfee

McAfee All Antivirus Suites

1. McAfee Antivirus Plus

This Product is an award-winning PC antivirus. McAfee Antivirus Plus provides you advanced protection with home network protection, security management console, Wi-Fi protection tools, Firewall, Anti-Malware, vulnerability scanner, optimization tools for PC and social media guard.

Note: compatible for windows

2. McAfee Internet security

This product gives you all advance protection with Internet security more feature like parental control, Anti-SPAM security, true key identity manager for 1 user. They also protect you from the webcam with the track of your internet activities.

Note: Compatible for windows & Mac

3. McAfee Total protection

McAfee Total protection gives you that all features are presented in Antivirus plus and internet security. They provide you full security in your Devices. They added one more feature of McAfee File lock and the true key identity manager increased with 5 users.

Note: Compatible for windows & Mac

4. McAfee LiveSafe

McAfee LiveSafe version has provided its customers all features with 1GB secure cloud storage to store their important data.

Note: Compatible for Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

McAfee Product Plans

McAfee ProductsPrice (India)Price (United States)
McAfee Antivirus plus₹1,299.00* (1 devices)
One year
$54.99* (10 devices)
One year
McAfee Internet Security₹3,499.00* (5 devices)
One year
$84.99* (10 devices)
One year
McAfee Total Security₹2,999.40* (10 devices)
One year
$44.99* (10 devices)
One year
McAfee LiveSafe₹4,999.00*
(Unlimited devices)
One year
(Unlimited devices)
One year