Top 5 Antivirus for Macbook Pro

You must have seen on your web, google, and browse, many companies provide antivirus software for PC, laptops and etc. But few of the companies only provide antivirus software for Macbook, Macbook pro. Many people do nothing for their Macbook security and protection. A Mac antivirus and a Puck antivirus are quite different. Because a normal “virus” is not as problematic for Mac as it is for Windows. Many people tested lots of antiviruses software for their MacBook but they not fully satisfied. Here I will tell you Top 5 antivirus software for MacBook pro.

Our recommended Top 5 antivirus software for Mac list are:

  1. Intego
  2. Norton
  3. Mackeeper
  4. Total AV
  5. AiroAV


If you want to protect your data Intego is the best solution for you. Intego provides 360 online protection for your MacBook. Intego is the best option for saving your data. Intego is a worldwide famous antivirus software company and has many customers. Intego is great for value money that can everyone afford this software. If you still till searching the best antivirus for mac then Intego us the best antivirus for MacBook. Intego in the antivirus software industry keeps its place within the top 3 in the company. Intego also alerts you very quickly about viruses.


Norton is the best for extension browsers Norton protect you many features like protect your device security and quickly scan and give you live updates. Norton offers a good range of features and gives more longer Mac cleaning compare to Intego. Norton did a decent job and remove each junk file and virus. Give you Secure your VPN, parental control and, Cloud backup zero kb of GB used to give you overall protection. Norton provides a variety of tools for Macs, including:

Antivirus scanners (100 % detection)

All browsers security for chrome, safari, and firefox, etc.

Manage your password

Provide Mac cleaning tools.

Easy to use


Mackeeper gives its customer more powerful internet security features. Mackeeper has superb optimization tools with the best security features that give your Mac protection. Unlimited VPN with decent speeds, this feature is included all Mackeeper plans. If you use Mackeeper antivirus software then you don’t need to pay some extra features like ID thief Guard and VPN. Mackeeper layout is really good but Mackeeper not cheap like other antivirus software but it’s pretty good. Mackeeper also gives great customer support and with live chat functions and it also good for pricing and terms.

Total AV:

TotalAV antivirus software provides great internet security and best Mac’s optimize tool. TotalAV is famous to ease to use and TotalAV dashboard navigation is too easy and pretty. It does not clutter any Mac dashboard. 100% malware antivirus protection and 100% antivirus scanner. TotalAV is provided amazing Mac optimization tools, including junks files removal, browsers manger, and program manager. TotalAV not provide extra features such as Intego and not offers Net barriers for users. But TotalAV’s the password manager and ad blocker are good. TotalAV pricing is okay and many people like its Mac optimization tools that very easy to use. 

Airo AV:

Airo AV is known for its lightweight name antivirus software. The only antivirus exclusively for MacBook, which gives you complete security especially MacBook users. Airo AV designed is very exclusive and it really a lightweight comparison to Intego. Many people really like its minimal design Airo AV software is very easy to use. AiroAV gives 100% dedication and the security of its browser extension is superb. Airo AV uses machine-learning algorithms to target threats so that your MacBook is not attacked. But Airo AV offers still powerful and 100% malware protection.

Note: Never use public Wi-Fi, because my friend used public Wi-Fi and the hacker had hacked all data his MacBook. And all my friend’s data was lost.  So always use brilliant antivirus software like these top 5 Softwares which always protect your data.


Best Apple Laptop for College Students

When is Apple Company launched and what it is?

Apple is a leading hardware and software company best known for its range of computers, iPods, and innovative marketing strategies for its products. Introduced in 1976 by Steve Jobs, and today it becomes the most well-known company across the world. Apple is an American multinational technology company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

Why to choose only Apple?

Apple Company is such a big company at the present time that Apple products are being used in every house in every corner of the world. Apple has earned this name due to its good works, which no other company has earned. No such company has been able to beat the Apple Company till date, nor will it ever come forward. Whoever uses Apple’s laptop once, then does not feel like using any other laptop because Apple laptop has a lot of features and advantages which generally other companies don’t have. There is a lot of difference in using other company’s laptops. Everything in Apple laptop runs differently and its features are also different and if we talk about the laptops of other companies, then they all run in a simple way and same way, which anyone can run. Nowadays, there are students who are studying in college, it comes to the mind of all those to take that type of laptop which can provide them everything they want. Let us find Best Apple Laptop for college students

Which MacBook is best for college students?

First of all, we’ve made you clear about this that Apple is the best and now we tell you that which MacBook is made best for college students. MacBook Air is often named the best laptop for college by students because it’s light and portable, allowing for an effortless transfer between classes. Given the substantial power of its processor, this Mac laptop is almost unbeatable in terms of the price-to-quality ratio.

Apple Highly Reliable Products

See there are many apple MacBook’s which are all right and good. It is up to you, who do you want to take, and every other product of Apple is very good and it is fantastic that no one has a complaint about its products till date. We have already told you what is best for a college student, but if you want to see something more alternative then this is it. For better performance, you can also check out the 13-inch MacBook Pro, which is a smaller one than the MacBook Air and weighs a bit but includes much more powerful dual-core processors, including a beautiful retina display. It includes and provides Thunderbolt 3 port for charging and expansion.

Customer Support 24/7 – The Apple Company

Customer support is always ready by the Apple Company, you can call whenever you need Apple assistance. Even in the middle of the night you can call Apple Company Support Number and tell your problem openly. Apple is always ready to help its customers and solve each of their problems and fulfill them completely. Apple understands how much trouble a customer has in using other company’s products, but trust the Apple Company that it won’t be that much. Apple is somewhat different and some good from other companies. It provides you only the best products. In addition, you now have some Apple Deals that will help you buy MacBook. So, now even a normal person can buy these exciting MacBook’s. The fun you get by using Mac products is truly undefinable. Apple products are really very trustworthy and reliable. Remember, about its specifications and features and buy one for you rapidly or harshly.

Which imac should i buy 2020

iMac, Apple Inc. designed and built by is a family of desktop computers. IMAC also includes a dual microphone setup and includes solid-state drives (SSDs) or hard disk storage, or Apple Fusion Drive. It consists of a hybrid of solid-state and hard disk drives. The iMac is also a very good value, as it comes with that high-resolution screen. Moving to the iMac is a perfect choice for everyone, as much as the iMac gives you all, no one else can give you so much in this value. The features of iMac and its reliability are very good, which is generally discussed by all the people. IMac has earned its name due to its good work, whatever iMac is on today’s date is only and only due to its good works, iMac has always made all their customers happy. The iMac was created for individuals who spend most of their time working with computer software. The world is full of brilliant colors, and iMac brings more of them to your screen. Let us discuss which iMac should I buy in 2020.

Why is iMac so successful?

In ancient times, the computer will be simple to use and will connect easily to the Internet. But no one else has been able to launch the products like iMac that Apple has made till date. That computer, the original iMac, became Apple’s most successful product over the years. That’s the main and biggest reason behind its big name.

How long does an iMac last?

See, with proper care and maintenance, your iMac can last for 7-8 years as well. Although this is a very rare case, but it is not impossible. Apple does not compromise on the quality of its devices and that is why your iMac can last for a minimum of 5 years. Apple products are really better than any other company’s products, and we all know about its specifications and other company specifications. There is no need to tell that Apple iMac is far better than all the other companies. So, iMac lives long, once you purchase it. It also gives you a guarantee and warranty that also gives you hope for having iMac for a long time. The iMac runs macOS, which is undoubtedly better than Windows. IMac also comes with best-in-class apps for video, music, presentations. People complain that Macs are expensive, but in fact, the iMac is tremendous for the money. Just go for only and the only iMac, there is no comparison of it.

Which is the Latest iMac?

Apple refreshed its iMac lineup on March 19, 2019, after a two-year wait, introduced 8th and 9th generation Coffee Lake processors, and upgraded the Radeon Pro Vega graphics options for major performance improvements on the 2017 model. The new iMac is packing with 8th and 9th generation desktop-class processors, helping this stylish all-in-one reach 8-core performance. If you’re looking for an all-in-one Mac, the new 27-inch iMac may be the best Mac for you, at least it can come in your budget easily. We must say that for professionals who need a powerful Mac, then the right option for you all is choosing the 27in iMac model, the 15in Retina MacBook Pro with the March 2019 update. This must be an excellent choice for all of you. There is no better option, just choose the iMac and feel good to have its latest version.

About new iMac models

We know, that you are curious to know that when will be the Apple Company launch the newest iMac. The iMac may get a redesign in 2020. The Big Screen iMac may arrive in June. Users calling for larger screens and better ergonomics. IMac will definitely solve all their user’s issues in his new iMac. The newest iMac will blow your mind and you must feel good to have it in your hands. The new iMac takes will be of the next level, this is just beyond your expectations. This will gives you even more amazing tools to do anything. The iMac is packed with the latest processors, faster memory, and unprecedented graphics.

Best Replacement Battery For Mackbook Pro Mid-2020

For the best replacement of batteries as a search result nowadays, you can prefer for your MacBook any online sellers like OWC, Amazone, Ifixit, and etc. Or you can also contact your nearest Apple service center, you can get all the information about battery replacement from them. I used OWC to purchase my replacement batteries. If you also use like me MacBook pro-2020. As in your daily life, for business, and otherwise only for entertainment. This kind of problem keeps coming in the battery of Macbook, every battery does not have too lives, so every battery performs its job well for 2 to 4 years, after which its life starts to decrease. If you have fallen into this problem. OWC, Amazone Ifixit, and many other types of online websites where you can buy all Mac series batteries like Macbook Pro, iMac, Macbook Air, and more. Let us discuss about the best replacement battery for Macbook and the important thing for Macbook Pro Batteries.

Learn To Everything About Macbook Pro Batteries

You will get the same products at these popular three online stores, but some online stores give their customers some extra benefits such as-discounts, some free items, different rates, and coupons codes/vouchers which you can use to get a good deal. But some stores/websites have good customer service and some are better, some do not have much difference between these stores due to high popularity, reviews, and rating. OWC is the biggest computing company and it sale all Mac kit and accessories, That’s why I will recommend you OWC. If you want an increase in batteries life, So you have to pay attention to some important things. Such as

  1. Check the battery status menu
  2. Adjust keyboard and display setting
  3. Cheak graphics setting
  4. Turn off all features, useless, and technology that absorbs too much battery power.

Pay attention to these basic points and increase your battery life because your safety in your hand. And the most important thing when buying batteries is to make sure that some important things, which batteries have higher reviews and ratings, which batteries are more demand, whose price is lower, and quality and warranty is better.

The Difference of, Removable Battery And Inbuilt Battery Life

About ten years ago, Apple began moving from removable batteries to “built-in” batteries, in this paragraph I will tell you about removable and non-removable/in-built batteries differences. Which battery life is long and safe. In earlier times, this facility was not available to the customers, but In this modern time, you will see this time every mobile and laptop company provides an in-built battery device.

Are you want to know about in-built batteries

  1. With these bullet batteries, the design of laptops and phones has improved a lot, which makes both these things look quite slim.
  2. The battery did not get much life due to the non-removable battery repeatedly, now this fear is also over.
  3. Due to these extensive batteries, now the SIM slot in the phones is given on the outside, due to removable battery problems is also solve.
  4. In the removable battery, devices have not proper and fit battery boxes due to which the batteries were shaken and the people had a lot of problems.
  5. There is no fear of battery theft due to these inbuilt batteries.

Are you want to know about removable batteries-

  1. The removable battery you can change easily
  2. The removable battery is at risk of theft.
  3. Removable batteries have more chances of getting swell fastly and blasting as compared to inbuilt batteries.

If you have some computer/laptop skill, techniques, and knowledge then you can also change the Macbook batteries in three to four-step

  1. remove the back cover with a tool like a screwdriver
  2. loose/unplug up the connector
  3. Take out the old battery and put in a new one, correctly
  4. reattach the plug/connector
  5. re-screw the back cover

But don’t forget to recycle to your old battery and always check out battery exchange offers on online stores.

Get your Apple Laptop for the budget of under $500

Nothing is more pleasurable than getting a premium Device like an apple laptop under the nominal prices. Apple always comes under the list of most expensive companies for electronic devices. And if you want to own an Apple laptop under only $500, then you need to be very careful about the product you select for buying. You can expect features like full-HD displays, solid performance, and long battery life if you care about the model you select. But if you don’t care, then you will never found the premium apple laptop device which you can get at only $500. Now let overview some Apple laptop which you get around the price range of $500.

Apple MacBook MB403LL/A ($470-$500)

One apple laptop which you can buy under the price range of $500 is Apple MacBook MB403LL/A. this is one of the oldest apple models which officially comes in the market in 2008. In this laptop, you get features like 2.6 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor and a 13.3-inch screen. You can run the latest operating version on this laptop. So if you don’t care much about the age of the model, then you can give a try to this apple laptop. Even it comes with 1 GB & 2 GB version and there is not a lot of prices different between both of them. So try for a 2GB version is a great idea.

Apple G4 iBook M9627LL/A

If you want to get your apple laptop not only under $500 even in $400, then this laptop is for you. Apple G4 iBook M9627LL/A comes around the range of $300 and it comes in the year 2004. They offer a 1.33 GHz processor with this version of the laptop. And it runs on the OS X 10.5 “Leopard” operating system. So if you need a budget-friendly apple laptop for browsing and normal work, then this option is better than fine for you.

Apple G4 Powerbook M9110LL

Most people want a large size screen and if you are among them. Then Apple G4 Powerbook M9110LL can be another best option for apple laptops which you can buy under the range of $500. It comes in the year of 2003 and offers a low configuration of 1.33 GHz PowerPC G4 processor. So if you want a larger screen size then this option is good for you while if you want the best performance, then maybe you not get satisfied with this product.

Apple MacBook Pro MD313LL

If you want an apple laptop that you can easily carry and lightweight portable, then Apple MacBook Pro MD313LL can be an ideal option for you. This is a perfect option for apple lovers and wants better performance under the price of $500. It comes with impressive features which is much better than many other laptop options under $500.Some key features which are enough to increase your productivity and efficiency are, it comes with processor of Intel Core i5-2435M (2.4GHz), RAM 4GB DDR3, Storage 128GB SSD, Graphics Intel HD Graphics 3000, Display 13.3” display, 1280 x 800 pixels resolution, Operating System Mac OS, Battery Life 7 hours, Weight 4.5 lbs and Other Features Backlit keyboard, optical drive.

In short in our list of apple laptops under $500, Apple MacBook Pro MD313LL is the all-time best option for every need. Because of suit your budget as well as features and performance. Even on our recommendation, this apple product is best in the whole electronic market for various reasons.

Make your Work Efficient with Top Best Thunderbolt for MacBook

Thunderbolt is used to connect the Mac or PC to displays. It also helps in transferring data quickly among drives and your system. Devices with a Thunderbolt port are introduced and the powerful tool which provides high technology speed and great connectivity. Through a single cable, Thunderbolt offers you efficiency and improves your productivity to the next level. It comes with no need to install drivers or update any old one. For getting the best optimization of productivity and efficiency, having a Thunderbolt Support Mac is a must. Let take a look at different Thunderbolt 3 dock for MacBook.

Best Thunderbolt 3 Dock for MacBook

  1. CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt 3 Dock

With this thunderbolt you get 15 ports for connectivity include USB port also. It comes with a power supply of 85W laptop charging. Another key feature of CalDigit TS3 Plus Thunderbolt 3 Dock is that it comes with single 5K or dual 4K extended displays. In this, you get a fast SD card reader for streamlined data transfer. As it comes in horizontal stages which minimized desk footprint. It is compatible with both interfaces which are Mac and windows. You can easily access the front ports. It comes with a single issue which is high power demand. It comes with easy to set up and easy to use features which make it a much better product than many other Thunderbolt of this price range.

  1. Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Pro

Belkin is a trusted brand in the industry of Computer equipment. Its product Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Pro comes with the key features of 40 Gbps data transfer speed. 2.6ft Thunderbolt 3 cable included, 12 x ports, Works with Windows & Mac compatibility. The pros you get in this thunderbolt model are optimal data transfer speed, Sleek design, and structure, comes with included Thunderbolt 3 cable & the best it has plenty of ports for connectivity. But if you have ultra-wide monitors, then Belkin Thunderbolt 3 Dock Pro can be not a good option for you. For MacBook, you can easily found Thunderbolt which works better than it.

  1. StarTech Mini Thunderbolt 3 Dock

If you are looking for a reliable thunderbolt for your Macbook, then StarTech Mini Thunderbolt 3 Dock can be a good option that you can try. It comes with great key features like – Dual 4K 60Hz display capabilities, 4 output ports including Gigabit ethernet and USB, Bus-powered design ensures easy portability, USB cable allows flexible setup. Plus you get extra advantages in this thunderbolt like easy installation and deployment, Compatible with a variety of computers, Cables included for convenience. You may be not satisfied with the number of ports it comes with.

  1. Cable Matters Aluminum Thunderbolt 3 Dock

If you want more variety and range of products, then here comes another Thunderbolt option for your Mac. Cable Matters Aluminum Thunderbolt 3 Dock is another most popular product launched by Cable Matters. In this Thunderbolt you get key features like AC powered docking station with 40Gbps Thunderbolt 3 cable, Dual 4K display at 60Hz, Compatible with Windows, Mac, and other operating systems & 5 USB 3.0 ports for multiple connectivity options. Some great advantages which you get in Cable Matters Aluminum Thunderbolt 3 Dock are it is ideas for MacBook device in comparison to other OS. Easy installation with true plug and play features. Get high transfer speed with high read and write speed. As if you need long able then Cable Matters Aluminum Thunderbolt 3 Dock because it comes with small and not enough supplied Thunderbolt 3 cable.



Best Place to Buy Refurbished MacBook

When we are talking about the best Laptops to use, then apple’s products come on the first choice. MacBook is one of the finest examples. Apple’s laptops are looking cool, and the compatibility that you need? Only get through MacBook.

Apple is the most successful manufacturer in the world. Peoples are just crazy to use their products because they give you the best quality and products that value for the money.

As you know apple is the Number one brand in the world, so their products are totally expensive. There are lots of peoples who want to use their products but through the lack of budget, they don’t.

Here we are going to share the Best place to buy a Refurbished MacBook. If you really want to use apple’s products then you must have the problem of budget. You can use a Refurbished MacBook instead of a new.

1. Apple Certified Refurbished Store: –

It is the world’s most popular and well-known brand. Now have the opportunity to buy Apple products that you want to choose on Apple certified refurbished store online store. Refurbished items are not a waste of money, even it is better that you have the same opportunity to explore those devices in an affordable and cheap rate. Refurbished is the part of the selling products, products which are used or, company has checked and gives them a new look to use.

Refurbished Stor

Benefits of choosing apple’s refurbished products

  • It has a low risk to select the product
  • You will get at the affordable rate
  • Products are tested and having a low risk
  • Replace the parts, if anything has defected
  • Buying from Apple-authorized store, you have the satisfaction to use the company’s product
  • It gives you one year guarantee with 90 days of technical issue support.
  1. OWC [Other world computing]:-

Other World Computing is an American computer hardware company that also sells Apple’s refurbished products. It has gathered its wings in the industry, by selling apple products OWC is the most demanding online retail store for Apple’s refurbished products. All the products that have been listing on the OWC have tested well.

  1. Amazon Renewed:-

Amazon is the world’s largest retailer, seller, buyer shop online that peoples like to use. It has also renewed items that you can buy at a low cost. There are lots of benefits to having products from amazon, it is the most reputed company in the online world and serves you full guarantee about all the refurbished Products.

Quality of the products

These are the best products that are refurbished, pre-owned, Open Box. Products that are listed on here are totally tested and give you the massive range to select the product.

  1. Mac of All Trades:-

If you want to complete your office, or studio, or house with the high-quality equipment of the apple’s brand then here you go with Mac of all trades.  It is one of the best companies and the finest places to find a refurbished MacBook.

Here you can find all the products belong to Apple Company at a cheap rate. Refurbished items are not cheap, they give you the best quality as you experience in the new product. In other words, you get the best quality and the same quality and best price of Refurbished Apple Mac.

Upgrade your life with the best equipment of apple’s products. Also if you want to access the accessories of Apple’s products then you can also explore here.


Conclusion:-  In this article, we have suggested you the best place from where you can buy MacBook at a cheap rate. These are the best places which also authorized in the online world. So you can explore more.


Where is the cheapest place to buy Apple products

The company was established on April 1, 1976, by two college Dropouts in a garage. Those two Dropouts were known as Steve. Apple is a short history of your computer wizardry and marketing wizard quickly known as Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs respectively. Steve Jobs, who has been glorified in many of his films and documentaries since death, leaves the company but will return in the late 1990s to help save it. Apple honored the history of the entire computer industry to some extent throughout the company’s history: Apple has been instrumental in growing this technology in the hands of households and consumers.

Apple is known for a variety of hardware and software major companies, which is one of the best companies marketing their own computers, iPods, and innovative products. Apple Strategy Hardware and Software is one of the leading companies of its personal computers, iPod and Innovation of its series Are famous for Marketing strategy for your products.

Where is the cheapest place to buy Apple products?

Choosing a laptop requires reliability – especially if you plan to use it as your primary device. Apple is one of the world’s most successful hardware manufacturers thanks to its commitment to hardware design and user experience.

As a result, Apple Computer is known as the previous. However, Mac laptops do not come cheap. If you’re after the Apple experience without the Apple price, then you can opt for a refurbished Mac instead.

With that in mind, here are the best places to buy a refurbished MacBook.

  1. Apple Certified Refurbished

As a manufacturer of Mac laptops, Apple refurbish is best suited for them. The company has been recognized and quietly launched its online certified shop. Many devices refurbish returned through physical retail outlets and online companies. This can occur as part of a business program, as they are designated as defective, or returned after purchase.

Consequently, the various tools available may vary. Whatever the reason, the company inspects each product, tests, and replaces the necessary components with genuine Apple parts. In fact, you can buy a new device at a discounted rate. This is the only way you can save on your Apple device, though. You can avail other discounts on Apple hardware.


  1. Mac of All Trades

 There are many benefits to buying certified refurbished per Apple Store, but you will not get significant savings there. Reliable and respected option for Macs of all trades. The company also pre-dates the Internet era; in 2002, he set up the first store before going into online operation in 1995.

Although this information is interesting, you can have values that are not necessary. However, we have significant purchases refurbished reputation instruments including the background. You should be able to trust the organization that you purchased. Not only is it important to upgrade completely, but you also want to know when they are wrong they care.

  1. OWC

All trades have been called in computer retailing (OWC) for as many years as other world computing, as MAC; Companies Genesis 1988 offers it is mainly trading in components, so you can customize and upgrade existing equipment. However, OWC also shares a wide range of used MacBook and refurbished.

Unlike certified refurbished laptops, however, the equipment used is not subjected to a thorough investigation and testing. In most cases, you are “used to assume” such a device that is sold in the same way. It is also incorrect to say that the instrument is used. In fact, they are often available at a significant discount.

However, there is no shopping class with OWC to buy second-hand devices. As a company specializing in computer upgrades, you can choose to have your hands adapted to other MacBook’s. After selecting a model with both locations related to the size of your disk, memory, and hand condition.

  1. Amazon Renewed

By using the store upgrade, you are able to access a wide range of electronics and other home accessories, which include the updated MacBook. Not only is it a convenient place to shop, but you have to negotiate something wrong with Amazon customer service.

For example, the Amazon 90-Day Guarantee Increase allows you to return to the product if you are not happy with it. If you have technical problems, contact Amazon will help with problems. In this way, Amazon Renewed help store for a better deal on updated MacBook Pro or MacBook, while offering the most popular online retailer services.

List of products from Apple available for you?


  • AirPods
  • Apple TV
  • Apple Watch
  • HomePod
  • IMac
  • IMac Pro
  • IPod
  • IPhone
  • IPod touch
  • Mac Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • MacBook Pro
Apple MacBook pro-Charger-Review

Apple MacBook pro-Charger Review: Complete guide to get the best one

Apple MacBook Pro is a recently updated and improved version of the laptop launched by Apple. The demand and popularity of this version much more than any other laptop version offer by Apple. Even not only for laptops, but the demand for Apple MacBook pro Chargers is also high end. If you don’t know more about the chargers then there can be a chance that you are losing your game. Because apple officially launched many different versions of its Apple MacBook pro chargers for different prices and different voltage. So if you want to save your money by selecting the right product in a cost-effective way, then you must sure you go through this article to the end. Here you get some guidance which makes sure to provide you better decisions for your Apple MacBook pro charger selection.

What do you need to consider while buying Apple MacBook pro Charger?

As all are well aware of the value of Apple products that’s why buying its charger is not like buying any generic charger from our nearest shop or online. You need to care about some factor which filters your choice and suggest your best Apple MacBook pro for your apple laptop. Let take a look at those factors: –

Wattage: – The wattage of the charger which you choose is one of the most important factors which you need to care about. Because buying a charger which has low wattage than the requirement of your Apple MacBook pro then it never going to work. You get the result of slow charging or not charging at all. Or if you buy a charger that has high wattage than your laptop’s requirement, then it can make your battery destroy which you never want to face. So especially care for the wattage of the charger which you are going to buy for your laptop.

Model of your Apple MacBook Pro: – if you do not know the exact model number of your laptop then there can be up to 90 % chance that you buy a wrong charger for your laptop, which not only makes your money wasted even make your laptop damage too. Knowing the laptop model is the essential thing that you must have before buying any laptop charger. Because apple chargers were never used with any random model. So be sure you know the right model of your laptop. Some famous model and its charger wattage of Apple laptop are: –

  • MacBook (2015 onwards) which use 30W USB-C adapter
  • MacBook Air (2018 onwards) which use 30W USB-C adapter
  • MacBook Pro 13-Inch (2016 onwards) this model use 61W USB-C adapter
  • MacBook Pro 15-Inch (2016 onwards) use 87W USB-C adapter

Charging cable: – before you select any charger for buying, must sure that it cable is working right. You need to buy apple cable for your laptop because the main part of a charger is its adapter. But it is recommended to use only branded charging cable but if you have price issue, then you can try high-quality cable also which you get at fair prices. So these the points which you need to be careful while finagling any Apple MacBook pro charger.


Overall Review of Apple MacBook Pro Laptop Charger

RAVPower 90W is always the winner of this game when you ask for the best charger for Apple MacBook pro. You get plenty of trust and high-quality satisfaction with this small product. This charger can deliver up to 90w of power which is pretty enough for almost every apple laptop model. For example, it can easily fully charge a 16 inch Mack book pro laptop within 2 hours. This is a really impressive speed in comparison to any other charger for laptop charging. It comes with additional features like 2 port so that you can charge 2 devices simultaneously. So if you have an Apple Macbook Pro laptop and high wattage smartphone, then this feature is incredibly perfect for you. as you can charge both of them together. It is designed as portable and sleek so that it does not take too much space in your laptop bag. In its box, you get a charger and a USB-C to USB-C charging cable for connecting.



Macbook Pro 16 Inch review

Apple’s MacBook-Pro laptop was not seeing anything new for a long time. With the new Pro, this Capable company has tried to remove this complaint. Apple Macbook Pro 16 Inch 2020 is not just a laptop it is the most powerful apple product to date. Apple has manufactured a Macbook pro that upgrades almost every feature of its iconic workstation. Apple Macbook pro is a MacOS based product with 16 Inch 2560×1600 with the largest Retina Display in the Mac notebook lineup. The Macbook pro-2020 produces  500 nits of brightness for superb highlights, bright whites, and sharper screen with a redesigned keyboard. The new laptop’s 500-nit retina display attracts the eye a lot. Playing multimedia content or editing images on it gives a great experience. Its screen size is 16 inches. While the previous Pro had 15.4 inches. The new Apple MacBook pro looks slightly longer and wider. Apple has also increased its weight to 1.95 kg.

Redesigned Keyboard and upgraded processor

Other major improvements include the new Magic Keyboard. If you ask a pro user about the new redesigned keyboard, the answer will be mostly the same that they all are fully happy with it. Apple uses a scissor switch-based mechanism system in this new MacBook Pro lineup. This means that the distance between the two buttons is in millimeters. It does not look like a 15.4 inch old variant. Apple has given four USB-C ports in it. However, there is no card slot. This specification may disappoint their customers. The new Pro is equipped with six and eight-core with i7 and i9 processors. It can boost their speed up to 4.5 GHz. It has a more powerful AMD Radeon Pro 5500 GPU, which can be extended up to 8 TB. All these specifications together make it a very powerful laptop. It can handle even the heaviest tasks with great ease.

Best Speaker Ever in a powerful laptop

New Macbook Pro laptop comes with a six-speaker system, three speakers on the left and three speakers on the right vents positioned on the keyboard. The new six-speaker set offers better sound than any other laptop because these six speakers are equipped by Dolby Atmos sound. It is the actual capability of these speakers that will more impress you. If you are watching movies, web series, or playing some games of the day because the sound emanating from these speakers is the top class. It’s interesting. The MacBook Pro has really a good soundstage but they don’t give you the good bass that you got to your regular standalone portable speaker, it does not give you a shabby sound at all. The Apple brand gives a headphone jack with Macbook Pro.

Amazing Battery life

Apple claims that the new Pro gives up to 11 hours of battery life and we can say on the basis of our review that the company’s claim is absolutely true. If you are working on the laptop the whole day, so, you’ll need to charge it in the evening. This is for mixed usage. If you do video editing and some other heavy software, then you have to charge a little earlier. If you are doing only browsing and emails, report typing, and content writing so you will be able to manage every other day. Apple gives you it a large power 96w charging adapter. It is more capable of charging MacBook Pro 16 inches. It has 3 USB ports and it comes with support thunderbolt 3.


Value for money?

If you can pay around 2 lakhs for a laptop, it is perfect for you. The good thing is that the Apple MacBook Pro 16 Inches price Rs 1, 99,990. Apple presented two variants of Apple Macbook Pro – of the Macbook Pro 16 inches Rs 1,99,990 and get some discounts and software here. And the second variant costs Rs 2,339,990 and it comes with 2.3 GHz 8-core, Intel i9, turbo boosts up to 4.8 GH, with 16M shared L3 cache, 1TB SSD, and 4GB Graphics card AMD Radeon Pro 5500M. The rates of all Apple products are always very high, but this is the first time that Apple has launched a product at such a reasonable price with such a good configuration. It is a very worthy product for photographers, web designers, and those people who are using some editing software. It is really an affordable product according to its configuration display quality keyboard design and its brand value. If anyone is looking to upgrade their 15 inches Macbook pro with a 16 inches laptop for a long time, it has become the most ideal laptop for you.


MacBook Pro 16 inches is really a value for money products. It comes with a very reasonable price according to their specification, display quality, keyboard design and brand value. It’s bold configure change is its retina display quality and keyboard design.  It has a Dolby atmos six speakers which gives you better sound quality compared to other laptop speakers. If you are already using Apple’s product, then it is a very useful product for you.