How to Secure Your Computer from Virus – 5 Important Tips

How to secure Computer from Virus

Your computer contains a lot of useful data that includes your private pictures, your login credential, bank details, and much more stuff. But when you make use of the internet on your computer or use an external drive then there’s a high possibility that your computer gets attacked by viruses and other malicious programs. You must know all the possible ways to secure your computer from viruses that are built by hackers.

When you install unprotected & hoax programs that contain viruses then you are inviting viruses to your computer (directly or indirectly). That’s why you must check the threatening level and program ownership.

Underestimating viruses and hacking programs can lead you into big troubles and that’s why I’m going to tell you some best ways that help you to protect your computer from malware, virus, Trojan, and other scripts.

The Effect of Virus on your PC:-

  • It can be lost your necessary data.
  • Hanging or slow your computer system performance.
  • Crashed your Operating System.
  • Showing crashes or error messages, repeatedly.

That’s why you have to secure your computer from viruses.

Let’s begins to secure your computer from virus

secure computer from virus

1. Up-to-date Operating System (OS) & Other Programs

you should update your OS & other system programs (like software, drivers) because:

  1. Automatically OS and Other systems are creating bugs and this minor update is most important to fix the bug and prevent the virus. That’s why your PC gives you a hanging problem & slow performance.
  2. Updated OS and system software can improve your PC performance. This updating reduces the problems in your system.
  3. Due to Unused Softwares are creating bug which is changed into the virus and slow down the PC performance.

2. Install, Scan, and Up-To-Date Antivirus

Antivirus is necessary to protect your Computer because:

  1. First of all, Install recommended free antivirus on your PC, you need to computer operator’s suggestions because many antiviruses are available in the market. But, I recommend, you should use Avast, Kaspersky, panda, and more. You may choose according to the features & price. If you get more features in any antivirus, you’ll have to pay more money.
  2. You should scan manually with antivirus inserted every external device like USB, External Hard Drives, and various types of storage device and you must enable the automatic scan.
  3. You need to more care about update your Antivirus because it fixes the creating bugs also.

3. Network & Browser Security

Network security is everything when you surfing the internet because:

  1. You must use a secure network because a secure network helps to suffer the internet and use the Anti-spyware plugin to make secure your browser from spying.
  2. You should not open a fake and trolling website that offers you a gift because it can be harmful to your PC.
  3. The firewall has a more useful feature of the Operating System. They are available for windows and macOS. A firewall is designed to block unauthorized access to computers and networks. If you are using Google chrome. So, you must install the All in One WP Security & Firewall, this plugin helps you protect from hackers.

4. Protect your Emails & Prevent Spam Mails

You should install the antivirus first. Your PC antivirus helps you identify the virus that comes from email. Before open emails must scan through antivirus.

  1. If you enable the email previews that you can make sure, what email you should not open. This will help you in huge protection.
  2. Never reply to fraud emails, these emails attract you through offers & deals invitations. These emails harm your PC from viruses.
  3. You should not submit your email address on an unsecured website. An unsecure website sends you fake emails that are unprotected.

5. Backup your Data

Unfortunately, if you use public Wi-Fi, so windows corrupt due to public networks and lost your database through cyber-attack.

You should back up the important data with an external hard drive, online storage service or cloud storage like Google Drive, Dropbox. They help you to protect your important files from the virus. Your data will never be lost unless.