Sony Vegas Vs Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe Premiere Elements Vs Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas and Adobe premiere are some of the best video editing software. Both the software Adobe premiere elements and sony vegas come with amazing advanced features

As both the software considered as two of the best software it is difficult to choose one. Through this Sony Vegas Vs Adobe premiere elements comparison you will be able to take the right conclusion.  

What Is Sony Vegas?

It is one-of-a-kind video editing software that was earlier called Magix Vegas and was later acquired by Sony. It comes with powerful tools and features that help you edit videos to create dynamic versions of them. The latest version, Vegas Pro is an amazing pack of features that video editors may drool upon. 

It is a widely used software for content creators and can be later uploaded on various platforms such as YouTube in the form of videos, tutorials, illustrations, gaming videos, product reviews, or any other purpose. The main features of Vegas Pro are given below.

Features Provided By Song Vegas 

Features Of Sony Vegas (2)
  • You can create simple edited videos, as well as masterpieces with the help of Sony Vegas. Comes with a wide variety of tools for professional use, which are, however, easy to use. 
  • Provides support to a wide range of file formats, such as gif, way, mp4, etc. 
  • It comes with a feature that helps you in the synchronization between the storyboard and the timeline so that you can have perfectly smooth videos. It also has a scene detection feature that reduces your effort and time. 
  • You are provided with several tools for editing your videos, such as trim, slip, slide, shuffle, reverse, time stretch, etc., which can help in making your videos even more dynamic. 
  • You can save your video on your device, as well as can directly export it to various social media platforms such as Facebook, Vimeo, YouTube, and Instagram, etc.
  • It comes with a large package of over 390 filters and effects such as blur, glitch, mesh wrap, lens flares, etc, and various other tools such as crop, motion tracking, Bezier masking, etc. 
  • You can also add titles and transitions to your videos to make them more effective and dynamic. There are several transitions pre-stored in its library, such as wipes, warps, dissolves, reveal,s, etc.
  • There are other important features in Sony Vegas such as Colour correction, Video repair, audio editing, and mixture, etc. You can also record your screen and create a video out of it by compiling many videos and editing them.

What Is Adobe Premiere element?

Adobe premiere elements are one of the most widely used software due to its ease of accessibility as well as the name of Adobe connected with it. It comes with intelligent editing features and helps you create videos with no flaws. There is no limit to your imagination and content creation while using Adobe Premiere.

You can easily create amazing professional as well as basic videos with it with the help of its organized tools as well as a step-by-step guide. You can also share your videos on various platforms. The main features of Adobe Premiere are mentioned below.

Features Provided By Adobe Premiere Element 

Features Of Adobe Premiere Elements (2)
  • It comes with an Adobe Sensei Artificial Intelligence technology, which lets you convert your ideas and imagination into reality. This makes doing work effortless and time-saving for you. 
  • It comes with guiding videos that provide you a step-by-step guide on doing almost everything on this app. Thus newbies can also get handy to it quite easily. 
  • It is a much-organized app, with all the things systematically placed so that you can discover them easily and make them useful. It also provides automatic backup for your edited videos in the adobe cloud. 
  • You can create various types of videos such as screen recordings for gameplays, tutorials and teaching videos, a compilation of some videos, trailers, blog and content videos, etc. 
  • You can add from a big library of effects, transitions, texts, and titles and themes to your videos to make them more presentable, especially in the context of social media. 
  • It lets you other a variety of tasks such as creating time-lapse videos, slideshows, and collages, transitions such as fading, etc. 

To come out to a conclusion regarding which is the better option, we will now make a comparison regarding the basic features of both the software. 

Sony Vegas Vs Adobe Premiere Element Comparison

Now let’s compare both of the software based on some very important aspects. Lets’s dive into: 

Who Offers Better Pricing Adobe Premiere Or Sony Vegas? 

The cheapest package of Vegas pro which is Vegas 365 costs $16.67 per month. The other package which is Vegas pro edit comes for a price of $698, which is a one-time fee for buying its license. None of its versions come with a free trial, which is a drawback. 

Adobe premiere elements on the other hand come with a one-time subscription fee of $99.99. But there’s a catch in it. Every year, it requires an upgrade which costs $79.99 to the customer. 

Device Compatibility Of Sony Vegas And Adobe Premiere

Sony Vegas is a product that can work only on Windows Operating systems. It does not have versions for mobile systems as well as Mac OS.

Adobe premiere on the other hand comes with compatibility in Windows OS as well as Mac OS. Yet, it also lacks compatibility with androids or iPhones, or iPads. 

Who Has Better User interface Adobe Premiere Elements Or Sony Vegas? 

Adobe premiere is a good software for long-term use because of its workflow efficiency and recently added functionality, which is also added by its compatibility with a large number of media formats. Vegas is easy to learn in the beginning but is not so efficient for performing complex and professional activities. 

Usability Comparison Between Adobe Premiere Elements And Sony Vegas

The features such as effect modules which are quite likable by the professionals are more advanced in Adobe Premiere pro. Thus, it is widely preferred by professionals all over the world. Yet some newbies can also get handy to it.  

Sony Vegas on the other hand is a much easier program than adobe premiere and so is more preferred by beginners. However, it comprises all the features that are necessary for the usage by professionals as well

Who Has Better Tools And Features Sony Vegas And Adobe Premiere Elements? 

In terms of tools and features, Adobe premiere is a bit ahead of Sony Vegas pro, as it lacks Animation tools and Video transitions, which adobe premiere has on board.

Another feature that is missing in Sony Vegas but is present in Adobe premiere is the 3D editing feature. 

Final Verdict For Adobe Premiere Elements Vs Sony Vegas

Almost all the other features such as HD support, Chroma screen, Colour correction, subtitles, etc. are the same in both these applications. 

Therefore, we have read about the amazing features provided by both Sony Vegas as well as Premiere pro. 

their price and usability also differ. Based on your requirements, you can thus easily choose the better option for yourself.

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