Strong VPN Vs Express VPN – Which Is Better ExpressVPN Or Strong VPN

strong vpn vs express vpn

After this COVID pandemic, the demand for virtual networks is at its peak. As people can’t go to their work also they have to opt for work from the option that is why securing an IP address is necessary. 

StrongVPN and ExpressVPN are some of the best VPN service providers but which is better StrongVPN or ExpressVPN. To take the right conclusion we have brought you a Strong VPN vs ExpressVPN comparison.

In this Express VPN vs Strong VPN comparison, we will discuss all of those aspects which makes a better VPN. Let’s begin! 

What Is a Strong VPN?

Strong VPN came into the world of VPNs in 2005. Today, they have more than 950 servers across 24 countries in the world. It is the first VPN. Also, it offers Wireguard technology to its customers- a VPN protocol that makes the VPN connection faster plus more secure.

What Is Express VPN?

  1. Express VPN is a VPN with its providers based in British. This VPN is one of the most famous as well as reliable VPN service providers in the world at present. 

It has a low-cost plan as compared to its competitors, and provide great speeds of uploading. As well as downloading when a test is run amongst various other VPNs and its comparison. 

 Also has a wide arena of server locations spread in different parts of the world. 

We shall now make a comparison of StrongVPN Vs ExpressVPN, to help you choose the better option:

Express VPN Vs Strong VPN: Bandwidth Limit

Strong VPN promises you lightning-fast speed to watch videos back to back without the problem of buffering. It lets you use 12 connections simultaneously.

Express VPN on the other hand, comes with an unlimited bandwidth for its customers, which means there is no cap on the data used. 

It also has the feature of an in-built speed tester, which makes sure that you are given the best possible speeds according to the availability of your region. 

StrongVPN Vs ExpressVPN: Servers

The network of servers of Strong VPN is spread across 24 countries, in more than 950 servers, which is less as compared to Express VPN.

The reach of Express VPN is spread across 160 cities of the world, with 90 servers to provide its users with great accessibility of data. 

It also works in the countries that have censorship on the internet are governments with control on the internet activities

ExpressVPN Vs StrongVPN: Streaming 

Strong VPN helps you to browse global apps and websites, and also allows you to bypass censorship on any platform on the internet. You can visit and stream any site, without coming into the eyes of anyone.

Express VPN helps you to unblock sites on the internet such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Disney+ etc., irrespective of the fact that they are available in your region or banned. 

StrongVPN Vs ExpressVPN: Security

StongVPN collect your personal information, such as your full name, billing address, and credit card information if you provide it to them, but they never store the data that you are having access to over the internet.

ExpressVPN has an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) that makes sure that your data is safe and secure from anyone trying to have access to it. Its anti-logging policy makes sure that not even Express VPN can know what you are up to. 

ExpressVPN Vs StrongVPN: Customer Support

Strong VPN offers its customers email, live chat as well as phone support. 

Express VPN provides its customers with 24×7 to make sure that any problem, any time, is easily resolved.

Strong VPN Vs ExpressVPN: Subscription

Its subscription starts with $5.83 a month and provides you to use 12 devices at a time.

The subscription to ExpressVPN starts at $12.95 per month. It is one of the VPNs that also offer free services to its users.

ExpressVPN Vs StrongVPN: Ad Blocker

StrongVPN does not have an in-built ad blocker. Ads are also a means of having access to your data.

ExpressVPN has a built-in ad blocker that could have made it more efficient as a VPN. But without an ad-blocker, it fails to remove ads, and you have to buy a subscription for the purpose.

Other Features Provided By Strong VPN

  • IKEv2- Internet Key Exchange Version is a VPN protocol that helps users to establish a connection with VPN when their device is disconnected from the internet plus it is connected again.
  • IPsec- To increase the security of the connection, the IPsec feature creates a secure internet connection. Employes either the transport mode or the tunnelling mode, which encrypts the data for your security.
  • Other protocols- protocols such as OpenVPN, SSTP (Secure Socket Tunnelling Protocol), PPTP (Point-to-point tunnelling protocol), UDP (User Datagram Protocol), TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) along with L2TP (Layer to Tunnelling Protocol), help to make your connection more secure, and ensure its privacy.

Other Features Provided By Express VPN

  • Split tunnelling- With this feature of Express VPN, 2 tunnels of data exchange are created, one directly connected to the internet, and the other connected through VPN.
  • Trusted Server Technology- Express VPN makes sure that your data is not stored on any hard drive, using this technology. This in return, keeps your data safe. 
  • Network lock- The Network Lock feature of Express VPN blocks all the data from entering the device if in case the connection to the VPN is lost.

Final Verdict For Strong VPN And ExpressVPN

After learning about the basic features of both ExpressVPN and StrongVPN, we can conclude that the security provisions and protocols offered by StrongVPN are really strong, just as its name suggests! The paid version of StrongVPN is cheaper than that of ExpressVPN. 

Though ExpressVPN ensures no-logging, there might be chances that some of the user information is kept by them for basic purposes. StrongVPN, however, keeps a clarity here and tells its customer about the information that they store with them.