What Is Autodesk Inventor Used For? A Complete Inventor Review

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Having a design in your mind is just the beginning. You got to take your ideas to the next level with the 2D plus 3D model designing software. Well, that’s not all of it, but it got to be put to simple terms to get you going to the upper level of your imagination. Now, what do we mean by it? 

If you are into the engineering, manufacturing, or construction sector involved in designing, there is a high chance you have heard of Autodesk Inventor. For almost the last 21 years, Autodesk Inventor has been widely known in the market. So, what is Autodesk Inventor used for? Why it is this famous?

What Is Autodesk Inventor?

Autodesk Inventor is one of the best products of Autodesk software. It is used by many peoples for crafting their designs on the computer. Autodesk inventor is used for mechanical designs, simulation, visualization, as well as documentation. 

What Is Autodesk Inventor Used For?

Autodesk Inventor is a CAD (computer-aided design) software developed by Autodesk. There are many CAD software available in the market but Autodesk is the pioneer. 

With Autodesk Inventor you can make 3D designs for your projects. The main use of Autodesk Inventor is for making mechanical designs, products simulation, documentation, plus tooling. 

It helps you in the simulation plus visualization of your products even before their creation. Autodesk Inventor mange dimensions very smoothly. Moreover, it can easily connect the gap between your product design. 

Also, it provides you with a variety of file types such as IAM, DW, IPN, IPT, also it runs on Windows plus Mac operating systems. Just like Inventor, there is another CAD software that Autodesk provides which is AutoCAD. It is known for its marvelous features and you can get these amazing features at an affordable price by using the AutoCAD promo code while purchasing. As the Autodesk Black Friday sale 2024 is live that’s why it is better to make your purchase to get a massive discount on it.

What Are The Amazing Features You Will Get With Autodesk Inventor?

Features Of Autodesk Inventor

An advanced software contains many amazing exciting features which make your work easy. Is Autodesk Inventor provides you advanced features? Le’s find out! 

1 Good Collection Of Frames

Like last year, this year also the company laid a significant focus on frames as well as their names. The naming strategy is helpful on any occasion for better understanding along with more productivity. 

Frame filters plus presets are high demands all this while, especially from the organizational settings. So this time around, we witness a significant improvement in those parts as well. 

Next up comes the much helpful ‘reuse‘ feature that takes all your redundant effort away by simply letting you changing it once and updating all of them in one go. So what changed in the reuse feature that has been already there? 

Previously you could use that feature only when you find the first such changed profile and emulate from that. But now, you can use any reused copy to emulate. C and T sections are available to use now besides the circular part and the I-section.

2 Unwrap enhancements update

The unwrap enhancements introduced in 2020 to turn the design of the complex parts into the simple flat demonstration got new features this year. In 2024 it is now possible to align the unwrapped part with the 3D planes or the model.

3 Drawing front

Designing software needs a robust drawing feature for quality outputs. Developers know this better than we do, so they come up with modified drawing experience to further the growth of the software. 

2024 saw some handy updates on this front. The sheet format template is now more cleaner, better, and loaded with feature flexibilities.

4 User experience

The learning curve is no doubt steeper than you expect. But considering you are a seasoned professional who can work on traditional engineering designs, you will find the primary features impressive. 

The clean and fresh interface with promised frequent updates can keep you hooked with some expectations. Since the inception of this software, a lot has changed around it. 

The features and demands back then can’t match even remotely with the scenario today. Software mobility is mandatory now. Back then, no one could envisage what that would be. 

Now everything is related to looks, feel shape, iconography, themes, and of course, cross-platform portability holds great importance. With the panelized approach inside to multi-monitor support, our testing helped us believe that developers ticked all the right boxes in terms of user experience.

Its user interface is quite tricky or complex for beginners so they can use Fusion 360. Because it has a simple interface that can be easily managed by anyone. It is the major difference between Fusion 360 and Inventor. But for professionals, it is easy to use and they can easily manage it.

5 Tools and parts

Autodesk uses T-Splines Technology similar to what we see in Fusion 360. T-Splines Technology provides surface style and free-form modeling tools. Part modeling of Autodesk inventor includes face unwrapping tool which is distinct from the already existing unwrapping enhancements. 

The face unwrapping tool is majorly adopted to analyze the blank size to plan better for other operations. How does it happen? Well, you get to lock one or some contiguous faces of the model to make them rigid so that while moving along those faces, it discovers possible space allocation for other applications.

Pros And Cons Of Autodesk Inventor 

Every product has some positive as well as some negative aspects. That is why it is recommended while buying any technical software do check its pros and cons. Let’s find out the advantages and disadvantages of Autodesk Inventor. 

Benefits Of Autodesk Inventor

  • Autodesk Inventor has an easy-to-use interface compared to others. 
  • Its PLM system works great for engineers. 
  • Provides advanced features for high detailed civil, and mechanical drawings. 
  • It generates fine data with high accuracy. 

Limitations Of Autodesk Inventor

  • A little complex for new learners.
  • It consumes a lot of your RAM.
What Is Autodesk Inventor Used For

How Strong Is Autodesk’s Customer Support For Autodesk Inventor?

Autodesk takes care of their customers on a very priority basis their technical experts are available 24/7 to help their customers. It offers several technical support that varies on the plan and subscription you have taken. 

To get its full list of support options you need to go to https://www.autodesk.com/plans. Here you will find all of its technical help criteria. They have also given a knowledge base in which they covered all technical issues asked by people. 

Final Answer For What Is Autodesk Inventor Used For?

Autodesk is listening to the users’ feedback. The same got reflected in this year’s update. It is a good thing to see that the developer team is accommodating all the valuable inputs to make this software more efficient and user favorite. 

They are refusing to go with the flow to advertise feature-heavy upgrades. Big updates like a brand new technology or a complete overhaul of toolsets may look good but can also disrupt the workflow users are already accustomed to. Upgrading the existing tools, consolidating the workflow is on demand. 

If the team inspires confidence among users through adherence to suggestions, users embrace it more and help it grow bigger with time. Autodesk Inventor competes with its own younger sibling.

Fusion 360, which boasts fancy features, system enhancements while being on its way to become the next flagship. Inventor, on the other hand, is more traditional in its approach that attracts seasoned professionals who find it tough adjusting to any new set of rules. We believe now you completely know what is Autodesk inventor used for.