What Is Premium Domain?

Premium Domain

Generally domain registrar company identifies a few domains which are short, easy to remember and contain keyword as “Premium Domain”. Premium domains are more expensive than regularly available domain as they have more chances of getting used in day to day life.

How Domain Registrar Categorizes “Premium Domains”?

The exact criteria of how the domain registrar categorizes domain as “premium domain” is unknown. But as we explained above the domain names which contain keywords, generic day to day used words, easy to remember words, and brand names are the ones that have most chances of getting sold. And hence the registrar company categorizes them as “Premium Domains”

 So in a nutshell premium domain are:

  •  Those domains who short and simple, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce. Example – Shopping.com and flowers.com.
  •  Domain name which contains a famous existing brand or business name.
  •  Domains can be easily converted as business domains.

Why Are Premium Domain So Expensive?

These are the following factors responsible for Expensive premium domains :

  • Premium domains add genuineness to authority or website.
  •  Premium domains drive direct navigation traffic from google search.
  • These types of domains give extraordinary SEO ranking(for being generic) for example just type hotels in the google search panel and you get hotels.com at the 1st position.
  •  It gives the best brand value and one of the costs includes startups and business.  In the future, these domain names are beneficial for businesses’ brand value.

Pre-booking domain names become business and career both nowadays. Some smart people are always seeking some domain names which is profitable for them in the future.  If you don’t find your desired domain names, it doesn’t mean that your business is not going to run. Try to choose another domain name that is related to your business and startup or you try on other extensions. And try to search for other synonyms words that are relatable to your business.