Which RAM (Random Access Memory) is best for iMac?

Which RAM is best for iMac

We all use Computers in some or other ways to perform our daily tasks and when we talk about computers there is one name that provides the best quality devices and services – Apple. Apple makes some of the best daily drivers and gadgets. iMac is also one of the best products of Apple that most of us use to perform our different work. But like every electronic device there comes a time when your laptop, Desktop, or iMac starts to slow down. To give a new life to your aging iMac or Computer there are two very common upgrades that you can do to add some more life to your device and make them snappy. Either you can replace your hard drive with Solid State Storage (SSD) or you can add more RAM to get a faster user experience.

Random Access Memory (RAM) helps your iMac or Computer to Run Smoothly and without sufficient memory in your device you might experience significant slowdowns, crashes, hangs and a lot more things. Having a good amount of RAM is very necessary otherwise your iMac will struggle to keep up with today’s memory-intensive soft wares, applications, and System Services. If you don’t know about RAM then to give an idea there are two types of memory in iMac or Modern Day computers or Mobiles. One is for storing different things like Operating systems, Photos, Videos, and Files all that and another is RAM which is the working memory of your device that performs any task or runs any application. And Without enough of that, you cannot open multiple tabs, you cannot run multiple applications or play video games properly and many more problems.

Where to buy iMac RAM?

Just like all the Apple products upgrading or adding new hardware to your Apple device is quite expensive if you buy it from their website and it’s even more expensive if you take your iMac device to Apple Service Centre. But in recent times things have changed a lot and prices of some computer hardware products are decreased due to the introduction of new companies who are providing the same Products with the same quality at lesser prices. In this article, I have mentioned some of the places where you can find the best deals on All Apple products especially the RAM. You can buy it from anywhere and upgrade your iMac yourself easily without spending extra bucks.

Buying Advice for Choosing the Perfect RAM for your iMac

The thing you must keep in mind that always buy RAM from big companies or Manufacturers as they provide a high-quality product with a lifetime guarantee and there is also no point in investing in any local brand product that might fail just after some time of use. The second point which is the most important in choosing RAM of iMac and all other devices is to check the compatibility of RAM with your system and other hardware.

There are many different types of RAM available in the market but there are two factors to consider which make sure compatibility with your system and its resources – Speed and size of RAM. For size, you can check your system configuration and find out how much you can upgrade. You can also ask the company or do a quick search online to find out how much your system can take. For speed, you can check out the type of memory your system have such as (2666MHz DDR4 SDRAM). Only compatible RAM will work properly with your device so make sure you get the perfect combination for yourself

Where to Buy Best RAM for iMac at Best Price?

There are not many but a few websites or places from where you can get the best deal for yourself. Most of them are mentioned below:

  • Crucial

Crucial is one of the most genuine and top-rated websites for all Mac products. You can visit Crucial.com and find out all the mac products, RAM, Motherboards, SSD at the most competitive prices.

  • OWC:

The Second place you can visit for RAM is OWC. They deal with all apple products and deliver them in most parts of the world. They also provide refurbished or Second hand Apple gadgets at a really good price.