Why Free VPN Is Dangerous?

Free VPN Is Dangerous

With the increasing rate of cyber-attacks, day-by-day people are becoming more conscious of their online security. This results in tremendous growth in the VPN industry. A free VPN sounds great and for some, it can be like a golden ticket.

You will get dozens of options of free VPN if you look out but are they really good in keeping your online data secure. With this article we will discuss why free VPN is dangerous and why should you avoid using it.

Are Free VPN Any Good?

Using VPN is one of the great ways to secure your online data from data hackers and cyber-criminals. VPN encrypts your data so to make it difficult for data hackers and cyber-criminals to look into your data.

Talking about the free VPN then there’s a catch, a free VPN is not as good in protecting your online data. Moreover, the VPN which is free does not provide you enough features and this makes it really dangerous to use of your online data is very important for you.

5 Reasons You Should Avoid Using Free VPN

reasons to stop using free VPN

There are some of the disadvantages of using the free Virtual Private Network. Below are some of the reasons for avoiding the free VPN for your online security and privacy.

    1. Monitor & Sell Your Online Data

The free VPN with the least security and privacy policy can log into your online data. You may have seen that the best VPN has a no-logs policy but not with the free ones.

By collecting your personal information these they can sell your data to a 3rd party for some good reason.

    1. Least Security

VPN that is free provides you the minimum amount of security and can’t even protect your online traffic. So, it better to use a good VPN that assures your online security against cyber-criminals.

    1. Limited Amount Of Data

This is one of the biggest drawbacks of using a free plan of a VPN that you only get to use the VPN for a limited time. As you cross your daily data limit you can’t use it anymore & have to till your account is restored.

    1. Internet & Connection Issues

You will face many troubles by using the free VPN like it can slow down your internet speed. More than that your connection will be interrupted as the free VPN can be disconnected occasionally.

    1. A lot Of Annoying Ads

There will be a time when you may get fed up with the dozens of advertisements with the free VPN. Free VPN providers bombard with annoying ads.

So, the better approach is to use a VPN that is paid and you can easily afford it. With the RusVPN Promo Code, you can make the plans this paid VPN pocket-friendly.

Why Free VPN Is Dangerous – Conclusion

Perhaps you know what is VPN and how does it work. If the user is just looking for a VPN for occasionally and for general use then it’s OK to go with a free VPN. Free VPN is limited to the security and privacy policy and is dangerous.

However, you know how important is your online data and the value of it. So it’s better to get a VPN that good enough in protecting you from the prying eyes and data hackers.

The free VPN can also be limited to unblocking the content on some of the streaming channels. So if you want to enjoy the full benefits of VPN then we would recommend you to invest in a VPN that is best for you and live on your expectations.

I hope that you now got to know the reasons that why people avoid using the free VPN for their online security.