Will My Galaxy S5 Get Corrupted After Unlocking?

galaxy S5 unlocing

Have you considered unlocking your phone, so as to have a greater flexibility of choice while choosing your phone’s network carrier? A lot of us have been there. Phones that come locked with a network provider often have certain disadvantages – plans for calling or data are sometimes higher, bad network in your area etc. In such cases, you can decide to unlock your phone which will enable you to m,mport your phone to any network of your choice. There are a lot of methods to unlock a phone. But 3 ways, have found more prominence than others, because of their success rate, safety and results.

The first way to unlocking your samsung galaxy s5 is by contacting your network carrier. If you have spent some time in the network, do not have any pending bills, you have an option to request your network carrier to unlock your phone. This does not always work as network providers do not have an obligation to unlock your phone. Therefore, it might not always work out for everybody. To find out more about the unlock process, keep reading. These methods are relevant for all variants of Samsung Galaxy phones that come locked

The next way to unlock your phone is through software unlocking. This method requires an user to download a piece of software from a website or a third-party application. On downloading the software one can install it on their phone and unlock it. The success rate of this process is estimated to be 10-20%. In other words, unlikely! This method used to work well for older phones that did not have as many security features as today’s phones do.

The last and the most effective way to unlock your phone is through IMEI unlocking. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identifier. Every phone comes with a unique IMEI number which can be found on the backside of the phone, or behind the battery. One can also find the IMEI number by dialling #06# on their phone’s keypad. This method of unlocking places your phone in a global database and lets you access any network you wish. A number of third-party websites offer such services.

Be astute while making a choice as a range of options are available and their services differ. Some providers take about 2 days while others take about 7-10 days to unlock your phone. Some providers do not provide assistance in the form of customer care, thereby dulling your experience, please read through their offer before going through the process. That being said, you can easily judge the credibility of a website by researching on it. Most of them are completely safe and secure. On deciding, go to their website and make the payment for unlocking. Your phone will be unlocked in 2-10 days. The unlock code will be mailed to your email address. You can run the code on your phone and unlock it. Restart your phone and the samsung unlocked phone can be used with any network carrier you like.