Clip Studio Paint vs Autodesk SketchBook

Clip Studio Paint vs Autodesk SketchBook

If you’re a digital artist, chances are that you’ll benefit from good digital painting software. While there are many good softwares in the market, there are some which are always considered the best. If you’re looking for one of the best painting softwares, then you should definitely check out clip studio paint vs Autodesk. This softwares are surely capable of supporting the entire artist population. It doesn’t matter what your needs are when using clip studio paint & autodesk sketchbook as they offer everything an artist needs to make art.

While you’ll definitely benefit from using these softwares, you can only use one at a time. Making a decision from clip studio paint vs Autodesk sketchbook is a difficult task that requires a certain understanding of what an artist needs & what can these softwares provide to their users. This may not be possible for you, but you will be able to choose one as below in the article we have figured the winner of clip studio paint vs Autodesk sketchbook. Along with your main question, we have also answered some necessary questions for your benefit.

Which Is Better: Clip Studio Paint vs Autodesk SketchBook?

Answering this question is not at all easy, as every artist & art piece is different, the ideal painting software for them is also different. Since artists all over the globe have different needs their ideal software also differs. This brings the battle of Clip Studio Paint vs Autodesk SketchBook to a whole nother level. Now what we need to answer is multiple different questions related to these softwares. Is clip studio paint safe? Is Autodesk sketchbook easy to use? Is clip studio paint free? What advanced features does Autodesk sketchbook provide?.

Answering these questions can greatly settle the debate between these two softwares. 

Apart from covering the topics below, we will also include an FAQ section to help you better choose a software between clip studio paint & Autodesk sketchbook.

Do Professionals Use Autodesk SketchBook?

Because it is a beginner-friendly painting software, Clip Studio Paint is widely known among the art community. The market is familiar with the compatibility of clip studio paint, this greatly enhances the use of clip studio paint among the artists. While Autodesk sketchbook is equally preferred, artists aren’t usually aware of how much it can do for them.

What you need to know about Autodesk SketchBook is that it is compatible with both amateur & professional use.

Tools offered by Autodesk SketchBook are diverse in nature, through these you can create a wide array of art. Features offered by Autodesk sketchbook are designed to help you finish your art faster and better. Suitable for professionals who want to finish their work quickly & beginners who want to get more experience in less time.

With its comfortable interface, users will not be stressed & distracted by all the extra tools which they don’t need.

Both Clip Studio Paint & AutoDesk SketchBooks are versatile as painting software, their users can always find what they need & create what they are capable of because of all the functions these softwares provide.

While both of these softwares are preferred by beginners & professionals, you can figure out which one is best for you after reading the below-written sections which cover other aspects of clip studio paint vs autodesk sketchbook. 

Comparison Between Clip Studio Paint vs Autodesk SketchBook

Both Clip Studio Paint & Autodesk SketchBooks offer features that correlate with each other, this makes these softwares pretty similar & difficult to differentiate, but when it comes to choosing which is better, it can be done. While they may offer similar features, the area in which they differentiate differs, this can make it easier to figure out which software is better or artists can just choose one according to their needs.

Clip Studio Paint offers

Multiple color mode option, correction/cloning option, advanced background blending, able to apply complex colors & shapes, advanced brushwork on photographs, collection of professional effects, easy interface.

Autodesk SketchBook 

Customizable color/shape, adjustable layouts, easily flip formats, multiple options for file shapes & adjustable zoom in/zoom out options.

Comparing these features, clip studio paint appears to be the superior software to us, but if you feel like you’ll make better art from Autodesk sketchbook then you should use it as it is all that matters when it comes to artists & painting softwares.

Interface Between Clip Studio Paint vs Autodesk SketchBook

An interface is something that alone can affect how the software performs, even good software can fail if it is not easy to access & even a bad one can get liked if it is easy to use.

Clip studio paint is known for being beginner-friendly, its interface can make any well-made interface look bad. It offers neat & comfortable options through which artists will never have to worry about anything other than making art. Clip Studio Paint also offers a dark theme which takes its interface to a whole another level, making clip studio paint one of the best painting softwares for artists.

While Autodesk sketchbook also has an easy to understanding & comfortable interface, it pales in comparison with clip studio paint. 

If you’re looking for painting software with the best interface then you should definitely purchase clip studio paint.

Pricing & Subscription – Clip Studio Paint vs Autodesk SketchBook

There are two versions of clip studio paint, users can purchase either one according to their needs. The pro version is around US$49. You can get the best discount on the ultimate software by using Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code, you can save up to 50% off.

Autodesk SketchBook also offers two versions. The individual subscription for Autodesk sketchbook costs around US$29.99 per year & the enterprise subscription is US$85 per year.

While we can’t say which one is better when it comes to pricing, you can decide it yourself according to what you can afford.

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Review- Clip studio Paint & Autodesk SketchBook

If you are still unsure about which software to use, then you should take your time and keep searching for more reviews online, or look for some artist communities which can help you better. Type clip studio paint vs Autodesk sketchbook Reddit to see one of the most detailed and helpful discussions online. Hope this article can help you in your quest for making art.

Is Clip Studio Paint free?

Clip studio paint is not free, there are multiple versions available which all have a different cost, but if you want to try it for free then you can download the trial period which will be available for a certain period of time after activating it.

Is Clip Studio Paint safe?

Clip studio paint is extremely safe, it is one of the easiest softwares to use, even beginner artists are able to create art that they couldn’t have dreamed of. We are sure that you’ll enjoy your time using clip studio paint.

How is the Clip Studio Paint feedback?

Clip paint studio greatly focuses on its customer satisfaction. While using this software you can find multiple tutorials to make your experience better & you can also reach out to the customer service which will surely help you.