Corel Painter Essentials vs Clip Studio Paint Pro

Corel Painter Essentials vs Clip Studio Paint Pro

When it comes to the digital painting software industry both corel painter & clip studio paint are at the top. The reason for their popularity is their effectiveness. For an artist, it is extremely important that they are using good software for making their art. What they are using acts as a key to how much of their potential can be unlocked. Both corel painter & clip studio paint are capable of offering advanced features which can support the vision of its user base.

If you are thinking about who is better between corel painter vs clip studio paint pro, then you shouldn’t just put these two in your wishlist as there are softwares available which are even better than corel painter & clip studio paint, & these are Corel Painter Essentials & Clip Studio Paint Pro.

Both of these softwares are extensions of their previous versions, launched & distributed for the artists who aren’t satisfied with the previous versions. While these versions are obviously better than corel painter & clip studio paint, before you choose one you should know which one is better.

It is always a lot of work when it comes to comparing two softwares, with this softwares it is even more difficult, but not for you as the only thing you need to do is read this article & you’ll know the answer to corel painter essentials vs clip studio paint pro.

What is The Difference Between Corel Painter and Painter Essentials 8?

Corel painter essentials 8 is the latest iteration for the corel painter essential series. Launched in 2020, Corel Painter Essentials 8 is a better version of corel painter. 

Corel painter essentials 8 is an enhanced version of corel painter, with more & better features are provided in exchange for a premium price. If you’re looking for one of the best painting softwares, then you should definitely check out Clip Studio Paint vs Autodesk SketchBook. While corel painter as software is capable of providing enough features for professional artists, the essentials 8 version appeals to the exact same group of artists in the form of more advanced features.

There are a number of things corel painter essentials have done better than corel painter.

  • New easy to access drawing & painting layout
  • Optimal tools for creating from scratch
  • 23 new brushes
  • Enhanced smoothing for buttery strokes
  • New harmonies & colour set
  • Create balanced colour swatches from a chosen colour
  • AI auto painting with a new algorithm for better portraits, still life & landscape type paintings.
  • 10 new AI styles
  • Improved contextual menus, informational dialogues, layer adjuster options
  • Easy to access commands
  • Enhanced customer support

These are some of the improvements which have been made by Corel Painter.

What Are Corel Painter Essentials Used For?

While Corel painter is more suited for professional use, Corel painter essentials are more of a beginner-friendly tool. Also suitable for professional artists, Corel painter essentials are software where multiple barriers have been removed to make the art-making process easier.

With more features introduced, you will be able to make better art & raise your skills.

Something which is absent from the software is the learning curve that artists often have to go through while using other softwares. Corel Painter vs Clip Studio Paint essentials is an easy-to-use software through which you’ll be able to make better art than any other software.

To know more about what this software can provide to you, make sure to read the Corel painter essentials 8 reviews or ask someone you know who is using it. If you’re skeptical about spending your money, you can always use the trial version which is easily available on the official website.

Is Clip Studio Paint Pro Good For New Users?

Clip studio paint was already a beginner-friendly software, its pro version is just like the previous version but better. You don’t have to worry about whether you will understand it after paying for it. Clip studio paint pro is reliable software to use if you are just beginning to start your journey as a digital artist.

If you’re unsure about being able to use clip studio paint pro then you should take your time watching some online tutorials or download the trial version.

If you have many options for video softwares Corel Painter Alternatives helps you to decide which software is the better option for you.

Brushes Comparison – Corel Painter Essentials vs Clip Studio Paint Pro

Both Corel painter essentials & clip studio paint pro offers a tremendous amount of brush options & art tools. Targeting a wide range of digital artists, both of these softwares offer more tools than an artist needs. Apart from brush options, artists are also given access to customizing how their canvas looks, they can edit the toolbar, colors and put new layers over their art.

When it comes to brushing comparison in Corel painter essentials vs clip studio paint pro, there’s no need to figure out a winner as both of these softwares are doing what a winner is supposed to. 

Easy Installation – Corel Painter essentials vs Clip studio paint pro

Installing Corel painter essentials depends on your internet connection. It can range from 5 minutes to about half an hour, while installing this software make sure that your device and connection is ready to support the process. Something you need to be wary of is how much it costs you. If you want to save some money, take your time online & search for some coupon codes.

Corel painter essentials is an easy-to-use software, installing it is not something you need to be worried about, just make sure to use this software up to your full potential.

Installing clip studio paint pro is also an easy process, you just need to go on their official website, & choose the upgrade option, after that you only need to fill in your preferred plan (single device plan, dual-device plan, premium plan, or smartphone plan), software grade(pro or ex), payment schedule (monthly, annually or one time), your country and then put in your online banking information for the payment.

Both of these softwares are considered good because they are easy to use, their installation processes are also easy to do.

Better Interface – Clip Studio Paint vs Painter Essentials

When it comes to a better interface, both of these software provides you with an easy-to-use interface.

Corel painter has kept its focus on the user experience, in the essential version users can quickly learn how the interface works, while the abundance of options can be a bit much for some beginners apart from that users will not have any problem while using Corel painter essential. Users can also activate the dark theme which will only make this software easy to use.

When it comes to the user interface, clip studio paint is quite similar to clip studio paint vs painter essentials. With clip studio paint already a beginner-friendly software, its pro version further expands this feature with a dark theme which can make the art-making process way more comfortable than it is without the pro version.

While both of these softwares are pretty good when it comes to the user interface, clip studio paint pro is the better one. As its users are able to customize their toolbar. While users of Corel painter essentials will be bombarded with an excess of tools/options, users of clip studio paint pro can just put these options away and focus on tools they are comfortable using. There is also an essential toolbar in clip studio paint pro to make it easier for artists. 

Better features – Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Corel Painter Essentials

Another area where these softwares excel is in providing better features to its users. Both clip studio paint pro & Corel painter essentials contain features that are designed to benefit artists all over the world. Both of these softwares provide animation, AI features, advanced control over brushes & categories/capabilities on different tools. Both of these softwares are able to make it easier for artists, with not just making art but also managing it, these softwares contain easy-to-do sharing options through which artists can manage big projects with ease.

Since both of these softwares are advanced it is difficult to choose which is better, but when it comes to better features, Corel painter essentials is better as it offers better features and also makes it easier to manage art alongside making it. 

Pricing Of – Corel Painter Essentials Vs Clip Studio Paint pro

Both of these softwares are equal in a lot of ways when it comes to being the best. While their qualities make it harder to choose which one is better, what their cost is can definitely end the argument of clip studio paint vs painter essentials.

  • The one time purchase for clip studio paint pro is US$49.99 & the monthly usage costs around US$2.09.
  • The one time purchase for corel painter essentials also US$54.98 & its monthly usage plan is US$20.75

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Out of all the discussion and information about Corel Painter Essentials vs Clip Studio Paint Pro comparison, we found that both of the software are best in their field. But Corel Painter Essentials has more features or options compared to the Clip Studio Paint. However, there is one more truth Corel Painter is a professional software and on the other hand, Clip Studio Paint is best for beginners and new learners.