Servermania Hosting Review

Servermania Hosting Review

Are you among them who want to switch from one hosting provider to another in search of features? Do you feel that there is something missing in the features provided to you by your provider? Or are you new to hosting and searching for the best available features given by them? Need not worry you land on the best place to get all that information in terms of Servermania. Here in this Servermania Hosting Review, you will get to know about the best features provided by this firm.

How the Servermania is different from others and much more. Nowadays there are many providers having various features. It is really hard to choose among them. Hence, we include the server’s details in this article. So let’s get started with the review of Servermania. 

About ServerMania

Servermania is one of the top Canadian hosting providers. It was founded in 2002 with an aim to empower hosting. They have an aim to provide all those required things that are needed to make clients ahead in their fields. Servermania has a powerful surge platform, they believe that their hostings and cloud solutions can be employed within 5 minutes. 

Servermania spread across the 4 major areas i.e., Europe, United States, New Zealand, and Canada. They have some of the best rapid response teams that work through all year day and night 24x7x365. It has a wide range of services and that too in multilingual support. It has the best uptime SLAs in the market. This provider has a best-in-class team of experienced personas that are working constantly on improving the service quality to clients. 

Features Provided By Servermania Hosting

Features Provided By Servermania Hosting

There are many things present in the servermania or can say features that make them stand out in the competitions. Let’s take a dig deep down to all those expectations and inspect what those things are. For knowing the features of servermania have a look at the ServerMania Hosting Review Features.


As we all know this is the most important highlighted part of any provider. It has dedicated database hosting that provides seamless performance to the customers. Since the right server plays the main role that is the same case with servermania. Whether we talk about its storage or NvME drives that have RAID redundancy. With the latest CPUs (Xeon) to RAM everything’s ultimate goal is providing high performance to users. 


This is the thing on which we are talking about from the start. Since uptime is the critical feature for remaining ahead in the competition. A poor uptime is prone to loss to more users as the site will remain unavailable for a long time. And so on the site rank by the search engines. Sercermania has a 100% network uptime guarantee. And the most important catch is here you will get compensation if the network is not provided to you 100% of the time.

Speed Test Result

There are a few tests done by us as well. We verify the performance of the server, the download speed. And the amazing results are quite surprising. The loading speed is fascinating, hence, the best search engine rankings as well. All these wonderful things you will get at such a low price. What else does a customer expect! 

Server Response Time

Server Response Time is among the major factors while choosing an ISP. Servermania uses Bitcatcha service for making their server response time faster. Even the users can use this service on their own to check the various other servers. Servermania loads in less than 5 ms anywhere in the world.

Site Migration

For all those new users who are unaware of site migration, it is the process to switch between the providers. Generally, most of the providers have charges for this service. But if we talk about servermania, this company provides this service free of cost. It means you need not pay any amount for transferring your website from one provider to another.

Servermania Server Types

Servermania Server Types

Servermania provides hosting in three ways: Cloud Server Hosting, Dedicated Server, and Hybrid Hosting. It all depends on the need of your website which server is best for you. There are a few things that make these things apart from each other. You can analyze by yourself considering the Servermania Hosting Review of plans.

  1. Cloud Servers: These provide the high-performance and best for those users who are evolving in the business. This is the affordable range for those who are new and want to tackle workload or projects.
  2. Hybrid Servers: If you want a virtualized platform that is hosted on physical servers of enterprise-grade. This is the best fit for you. Any project from testing servers to web hosting services will work well with this.
  3. Dedicated Servers: Many clients demand whole access to its resources for themselves only. Dedicated is the one for them. The heavy-duty processing, large memories, optimal IO performance and much more make it expensive as well.

Pricing of ServerMania Hosting

To find the best services at a budget cost of ServerMania explore the pricing plan. Explore the ServerMania Hosting Price Review to find the appropriate plan.

Cloud Servers

S1-25125 GB1 GB$5
S2-50150 GB2 GB$10
S4-80280 GB4 GB$20
S6-1002100 GB6 GB$30
S8-1604160 GB8 GB$40
S16-3206320 GB16 GB$80

Hybrid Servers

E3 VM SSD L12120 GB SSD8 GB$30
E3 VM SSD L22250 GB SSD8 GB$40
E3 VM SSD L32500 GB SSD8 GB$50
E3 VM SSD P14250 GB SSD16 GB$60
E3 VM SSD P24500 GB SSD16 GB$70
E3 VM SSD P341 TB SSD16 GB$80

Dedicated Servers

Intel E3 1270 V64×3.8 GHz2×500 GB SSD32 GB$129
Intel E3 1280 V64×3.9 GHz2×500 GB SSD32 GB$139
Xeon E-2146G6×3.5 GHz500 GB SSD32 GB$159
Xeon E-22366×3.4 GHz500 GB SSD64 GB$169
2x Intel E5 2680 V220×2.8 GHz2×500 GB SSD64 GB$199
AMD Ryzen 3950X16×3.5 GHz1 TB SSD128 GB$209
2x Intel E5 2620 V416×2.1GHz2×500 GB SSD64 GB$209
Intel Xeon Silver 421010×2.2 GHz500 GB SSD64 GB$219

Servermania Hosting Pros and Cons

If we are going to talk about the ServerMania Hosting Review then knowing about its pros and cons is a must for you. After knowing about its benefits and drawbacks you can easily decide whether it is the right option for you or not.

Pros of Servermania

  • Best customer support team in four different languages
  • Unmetered Bandwidth
  • Availability of enterprise-Grade Hardware
  • The best Custom Hardware Configurations
  • Global Data Center Locations majorly in four different regions
  • The Dedicated KVM for Instant Reboot and Custom OS Install provided by servermania.
  •  Network Speeds up to 20 Gbps

Cons of servermania

  • You will not get shared hosting packages. 
  • The payments are non-refundable.
  • The price of renewing the pack is high.

Conclusion – ServerMania Hosting Review

From the above-discussed points and the heading of Servermania Hosting Review, we can conclude servermania is one of the biggest hosting providers. In terms of great features and services, there are a few exceptional factors you will get. The fact that there is a compensation provision in uptime speed by the provider is the most promising thing. There are various plans in different server categories so choose the one that suits you and the requirements. 

Is servermania available in multilingual? 

Yes, this form strongly supports the different languages. Hence, there are specialists in four different languages in the servermania.

Which servermania plan is best? 

It totally depends on the needs of the client or customer which plan is best for you. Suppose an initial stage business will choose a cloud plan and that too of his budget range. Similarly, a big firm will choose a dedicated plan that will provide it with a big space and dedicated features to it.

How good is the customer support of servermania hosting? 

They provide 24 days of online support through all 7 days of the month throughout the year.